Friday, February 26, 2010

Jewelry Giveaway of YOUR CHOICE !!

check out these lovely Gold Earrings !!

Spring is in. Floral dress: check. Light blazer : check. Embellished flats : check. So what else is missing for you ?

Of course its the jewelry! Not to worry though, Naughty Bug online shop is giving away ONE LOVELY PIECE of jewelry OF YOUR CHOICE (indo translation: Naughty Bug memberi kamu SATU AKSESORIS yang kamu BOLEH PILIH SESUAI HATI) from their collection !
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
To enter all you have to do is..
1) Be a follower on my blog (via Google or BlogLovin)
2) Go to Naughty Bug's Facebook Online Shop. Choose one item you like (this item will be the item you will get if you're chosen as the winner)
3) Leave a comment in this post. saying:
- "Im a follower through (Google/BlogLovin)"
- the item you love
- your email address

For extra entries..
1) Tweet/Facebook/Blog Post this giveaway. You can do it as much as you want. Each tweet/facebook/blog post counts as one entry.
2) Leave a new comment everytime you tweet/facebook/blog post this giveaway WITH THE LINK. (No links, entry doesn't count)

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Winners will be chosen based on the HIGHEST NUMBER OF ENTRIES.
... so better start tweeting, posting, or whatever !!

Sorry, only open to Indonesian Residents (good news: Indos who currently reside overseas but have a home in Indo are WELCOME TO JOIN). Contest closes by Monday 1st March midnight (WIB).

Winner will be announced on Tuesday 2nd March.


Stella said...

It's so much cool!! :D
Nice to meet you Michelle! Hope we gonna be a great friends.

Hey, btw, wanna check out my blog and link? I Already link you.

BIG Thanks!

selly octavia said...

I'm Selly Octavia from butterfly on the move (
I'm a follower through Google
I love the bluebell ring from Naughty Bug.. It's so gorgeous.. It will be a perfect jewelry for my finger in every occasions.. Love it!
My e-mail is

selly octavia said...

I've tweeted the giveaway..
Here's the link

selly octavia said...

It's selly again!
I've posted the Giveaway on my blog.. please do a visit.. :))

Veren Lee said...

-i'm a follower through google friend connect
- (girlie pearl)

i ud post d blog sm tweet it too yak! :D

Sherlyn Lavenia said...


1. I'm your follower through google friend connect and bloglovin'

2. (dottypetite)

3. email addres:

I've tweeted it and blog ( too :D

xo, Sherlyn

Lovely Curse said...

i'm a follower through google and twitter.

the link :!/photo.php?pid=3770691&id=94439218456&fbid=332821848456 (dottypetite)

email address :

and heey that's so cutee :))

Pono Madison said...

hello there :D
I'm a follower through google
and I'd very much like to take part in this lovely giveaway
ummm, my favorite item would be wire fire, but as it's unfortunately sold I'll have to pick dazzle
and my email is

Jane Reggievia said...

First, thanks chel told me about your giveaway! :D
My first time join a blog-giveaway. Its gonna be fun!

Anyway, am a follower through Google. Woodiamond is totally lovely! I love wooden-made <3
My email:

I will tweet about this giveaway or maybe make a new blog entry.

Have a nice day chel!


Lovely Curse said...

tweet it in my twitter. here.

take a look :))

Lovely Curse said...

and i post it in my blog :)

click here

Schnappy said...

Hi! It's cool, thanks, that you spoke for me! :)

I'm your follower through google friend connect!

I would like to win this jewelry:
(fis'n chips)

My e-mail address:

Have a nice weekend! :)

kot-itsa said...

im a follower via google

i love this dotty petite!/photo.php?pid=3770691&id=94439218456

ill tweet about the giveaway

my email is

djhanq said...

you know i'm your follower already :)
(via google :))

definitely join the giveaway
will comment bout my post & tweet later ci :)

beingdena said...

Hi sweetie,

I'm following you on blogluvin.
My favourite's the redalert earrings.



Kalyana. said...

Hello Michelle .
I'm a follower through Google
I love the "Girlie Pearl" series . it's very pretty ♥
And here's the link!/photo.php?pid=3556869&id=94439218456

my email:

I'll post your give away :)


u-ung said...

chelle.."I already followed you by google" I guess.I forgot it was google or bloglovin' exactly..but,I already followed your blog..hahaha
I love the blue ring one..!!so cool..!!

u-ung said...

via FB:!/photo.php?pid=3768192&id=94439218456


u-ung said...

blog post:

Jane Reggievia said...

Posted already on my blog (:

Jane Reggievia said...

Share it on my twitter and Facebook :D!/reggievia?ref=profile

Jessica said...

hiiii joining this :)
i'm follower through google,,
and i lovee the bluebell ring, simply because i don't have any ring at all right now, and i think it will simply be my perfect first ring for me :D :D

my email:

am gonna share the link on my blog post :)

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

hello c michelle
i'm a follower through google
i love the bluebell item. that's very cool!
email me at

visit my blog :)

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...


Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

hii, it's me again . i already post this giveaway at my blog.

Nabila RH said...

cute shoes..pretty jacket..nice ring..fabulous girl!

djhanq said...

blog post :

tweet :

email :

i want : (bluebell)

i hope i win this giveaway :P

Josey Zheng said...

Hello, Michelle
I'm Josey Zheng from

I'm following your blog through Bloglovin'.

You can e-mail me at

I want!/photo.php?pid=3768192&id=94439218456 (Bluebell)

Rimma Izzaty said...

hey Michelle :)
I'm a Follower through Google
I very love DOTTYPETITE .
my e-mail :

check out my new post about giveaway :)


joseyzheng said...



FaceBook: (latest status update)

Diane said...

International much?....:(

sii miemi said...

-i'm a follower through google friend connect
-!/photo.php?pid=3768192&id=94439218456&fbid=332271183456 (bluebell)


Talita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Talita said...

I'm a follower through google,
the item I want it the Bluebell Ring! it's just gorgeous.
my email address is
and I've tweeted about your givewaway on my twitter @taltalita

Vina Sagita said...

i'm a follower through Google
i love the bluebell ring
my email address

u-ung said...

hai are my tweets,fb link and blog..haha

twitter:3x for today..check them out in


Vina Sagita said...

i've tweet about this giveaway!

Veronica said...

hey, i'm a follower through google
o really love your blog
and, hmm, i love the sexy velvet one !
it's adorable :)

here's my email address :

- -

beckyxoxo said...

I'm a follower through Google
I like the dottypetite necklace

beckyxoxo said...

On facebook :!/beckyregina?v=feed&story_fbid=333837826766&ref=mf

beckyxoxo said...

Via twitter :

Veronica said...

i blog about your give away

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i'm a follower michelle...
and i'd love to have the 'bluebell'..
email add:

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

facebook :!/nathaliekartikaputri?ref=mf

Veren Lee said...

ci mich,
i tweet 5x about your giveaway
u can see at my timeline.

Veren Lee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veren Lee said...

i have posted the giveaway on my blog! u can see on that post, under my photos :)

Jessica Jeanne Simon said...

1. i'm a follower through google
2. (dottypetite)

and i've posted the giveaway on my blog too :D
thank you, you're gorgeous! xxx

Castor Pollux said...

hi, ci michelle

we've followed u thru google :)
we love the bluebell ring, it's so cute!

we've done some xtra entries too
P's facebook
C's facebook

hope we'll win . hehe

onic said...

ya olloh, hampir lewat! enter! enter!
i'm a follower through google btw :)

onic said...

post it on my last post :)
btw i'd love to win the bluebell ring. such a cyoootie :)

piping said...

of course i'll enter mich! wowowhwowhwowoh!!

check it on my blog!

oh, i've follow u dear since long time ago :PP

i've posted it on me blog!


and i'll post it as many as i can! whwwhwhwhwh!!

good luck for miself :)

piping said...

mich me already followed u via bloglovin too!

my email:

Veren Lee said...

uda aku publish di facebook juga!

di twitter uda 6 x ;D

Veren Lee said...

uda 7x tweet!

Veren Lee said...

ak printscreen nih twitnyaa
twitter (sampai detik ini) :

facebook (sampai detik ini) :

itung ya ad brp ;P

djhanq said...


(idk how much that is, that was so far)
i mention @glister_blister everytime i tweet about that

piping said...

hoahh! i've been spamming people home and timeline bout this giveaways!

check my facebook profile!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1785901912

and of course i'm spamming my own wall!!

and my twitter profile!

almost 20x ! wahahahahahahahahahahaahahahha!

craving for the bluebell somuch!

piping said...

even bbm and msn status! :DD

RiaTii said...

i followed ur blog since the first time i saw your blog dear (:
and followed your bloglovin too.
really starving for the bluebell ring >.<

my email address:

RiaTii said...

tweet the giveaways as much as i can. and my friends keep on complaining, but i dont care bout it. as long as i can win the bluebell.

will continue to spam the twitter in midnight !

also i write on my bbm status n msn n ym, just like piping do.

even i tweeet some friends by putting the link of this giveaways.

RiaTii said...

oh i also just wrote on my own wall on facebook bout this giveaway.!/riati.sanjaya?ref=profile

RiaTii said...

better check on my twitter:

and my facebook that it's true that i keep on doing this giveaway thing:!/riati.sanjaya?ref=profile

RiaTii said...

ups i did it again. spamming on my own twitter and facebook.


RiaTii said...

hmm.. maybe u read my bbm status too. hihihi. i will capture it just for prove that i really want this bluebell ring so much !

and check my twitter and facebook:!/riati.sanjaya?ref=profile

u-ung said...

hahahaha it's uung again..
FB: 2x

twitter: 4x

u-ung said... is via my last post in blog..

u-ung said...

FB: 1x!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1350531940

twitter 3x (yang dua kok ga ada link "myloc"nya ya?padahal aku pake twiiter..hehhe)

u-ung said...

FB: 1x!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1350531940

twitter 3x (yang dua kok ga ada link "myloc"nya ya?padahal aku pake twiiter..hehhe)

piping said...

almosy near 100 times maybe, via facebook and twitter, oh darn i keep spamming people home and timeline, real hope i can win.

mungkin abis ini follower gua bisa tinggal 5 orang, wahahahahha!

piping said...

hey chell, aku bahkan selipin url blog post ini tiap kali ngetweet, wahahahah!! Broadcast it through bbm! wahahahah!!!

piping said...

check check check! even u can't see the other post, it's all about ur giveaway mich!

dela said...

Hey Michelle, I am Dela, i follow you via Google account, and tempted to follow your giveaway!
I've already post in, please visit, and love bluebell ring!!

please contact me at, please, please...

tarida girsang said...

hey ... ms.michelle
im a follower through via google friend connect
i love the bluebell ... its so cute
my email : visit here !

lovey ...

u-ung said...

oh NO..I really shocked read piping's comment that said she tweets almost near 100..OMG...I give up..!!hahaha

twitter 2x


u-ung said...

uung again...
twitter 6x di

u-ung said...



amirsyazi said...

i love the bluebell...cwhere can a get more info about this..i want to share it in my blog..

troll beads