Thursday, September 18, 2014


I can't say enough thanks for my first few clients who trusted me in taking over their campaign and catalog stylings. I mean, back then... I haven't quite graduated from uni.. I had ZERO portfolio work. ZERO real-life sighting on how a stylist/photographer works (let alone being a stylist/photographer myself).. and Instagram might have existed but it was still the Blackberry age in Indonesia.. So, it was only my blog that existed. But yet again, a handful of clients believed in me.

SHOPATVELVET was one of those peeps (see my first work for them here!). I still remembered how awkward and nerve racking it was for me to meet them after I was recommended (yes !!! recommended !! such a 'jackpot' word and moment for me). Truthfully, I was scared. Thoughts scrambled through my head : "what if I sucked? what if they regret hiring me? what if I screwed up and everything looks shit? this is their promotional material girl !!! it's not school grades where you can retake any failed classes"... Yes, I am one of those panic peeps. But, I still took the plunge. and Guess what? Fast forward three years now, I am still rummaging through piles of their clothes before each photosession and dear Lord, I can't imagine having another job...

While I may only blog every couple of months, Glisters and Blisters is still my baby. I am not as excited to be infront of the camera as I used to be. However, this blog has bridged myself to the things I now do for a living. Blogging only started off as a fun thing but I never expected this. I do like to dream big but I never expected big things.. because, when you expect the rain to simply stop but you got sunshine and rainbow instead, you will be thankful instead of disappointed. slight pessimism? well, depends on your point of view.

So my 'lesson' for you all today (and tomorrow and whenever you read this), take that plunge. Believe in yourself. Work your ass off, have confidence and patience !! Remember that Nothing great comes for free. and if you feel like you're failing, take a look at babies and count how many times they fall and tumble while trying to walk/stand.

*ps dont forget to check the rest of the pics of the lookbook I style and photographed for shopatvelvet last month*

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I rarely update on my trips/holidays nowadays mainly because I don't have a shadowing photographer like most bloggers do. Despite that there are no usual outfits photos to go with this post, I still felt like sharing this Idul Fitri break holiday destination because I haven't seen such natural beauty in quite a time... I've been immersed in my city lifestyle for so long that I forget, just beautiful views of the ocean can make me smile at ease. This holiday season I hopped over to Pulau Peucang in Ujung Kulon. The clear blue waters and white sandy beach is still on the island of Java ! Yes, no need to go to maldives or whatever for clear blue waters and great diving spots... indonesia has got some of the best in the business!

finally utilizing my Peter Pilotto x Target scuba-material-ish top.. I had to layer it with another wetsuit because I didn't want the sexy hole in the back giving me an otherwise not-very-sexy 'masuk angin' (what is the english for this?? only us Indonesians use the term..) Excuse the non flattering baggy pants.. that was actually my husband's brother's training pants.. I didnt bring any pants/legging/swim leggings or whatever they are called.. so I borrowed whatever was available at my cottage..

Saturday, July 26, 2014


One blog post after my usual hiatus and before the much awaited Eid holidays! I am in Singapore as I am typing this up. gone are those days when I used to tote around my SLR during any travels, now all I am toting is my baby carrier, a bugaboo, and my diaper bag for all those baby needs. But I won't be discussing any of that for the moment. Let's jump to the actual 'thing' I want to share..

remember my collaboration with Louis Vuitton from a couple months ago? Last time we worked with bags.. Now we are working on Sunglasses! I was extremely excited because I think many of you know that sunglasses have always been one of those accessories I often wear to complete my outfits. Together with Advan Matthew 's eyes behind the lens and the magic hands of Andreas Zhu (those cat eyes and brows are too good to be true eigh?), I couldn't be happier with all of the pictures produced. Hope you enjoy these photos and I wish an early happy Eid Mubarak to my followers who celebrate the holiday.

Friday, May 23, 2014


*if you have seen this post, there was some technology glitch so I had to reupload it*

hands down to the 'color' that never disappoints : black ! I think I have said this on the blog, but I will say it again.. When in doubt, wear black (not red!) Black is classic, slimming, formal, chic.. everything really.. and you don't have to worry about finding the correct shade that suits your skin tone. This is the second last yet my favorite set from my Louis Vuitton collaboration..

NN 14

grey tulle, navy & white lace, and black sequins all in one outfit ? Well, I couldn't ask for a better texture and color mixture ! I've been eyeing on this Louis Vuitton NN 14 bag ever since the campaign with Fan Bing Bing was released. It is not because bucket bags are creating a storm lately, but it's the subtle monogramming and graffiti work by Stephen Sprouse that caught my attention. I don't usually aim for something monogrammed but when it's indistinct like so, defo a green light for me.