Thursday, September 1, 2016


I'm very much excited to announce the launch of these limited edition Bees ! Since I don't blog often nowadays, you can see in the previous post that I was still talking about this stroller ! (Ha ! caught you in blogging laze michelle... No, but really, blogging takes up so much time that I would loose those hours to play with my kids !) For those who aren't quite fond of dark colors for children, Bugaboo has launched their Bee strollers in two new shades : Petrol Blue & Soft Pink as part of their Modern Pastel collection. If only I had a daughter, I would get myself that pink one.
This time I collaborated with Benny Lim from Junia Pics and Kate Alexandra Ng for the photoshoot. Truthfully, it was rather nerve racking to shoot with 2-3 kids at the same time. I've styled a couple adult models at the same time, but telling kids to pose? That's a whole another different chapter. So, instead of stressing out, we just let things flow on the day! By the afternoon, we were blessed with beautiful sun and weather !

Monday, May 2, 2016


skipping a little bit on my usual fashion articles into a mom-related blogpost for today! So, you guys know that I am a loyal Bugaboo user (see my previous post on the Dutch pram brand here)... Just a disclaimer, my actual Bugaboo unit was NOT sponsored (that would be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious if it was) , I bought the stroller before my first son was born and I am still loyal to it until now. Being a fan, I was very excited that their newest limited edition stroller is a another collaboration design with Diesel !

The new Bugaboo Bee 3 Diesel boasts same good compact but sturdy specs like all "Bees" do. (Trust me, when I say sturdy : I've shopped, chucked toys, diaper bags, groceries.... Plus with the kid on the stroller...) Except now... The Bee is adorned with cool studs, a screened tattoo inspired image at the back, special ed wheels.. All in a cool black color scheme.

I've always felt that kids are an extension of our style profile... well it doesn't hurt when that style profile is 'continued' to the gears we bring when we tote our kids around right?
along with the Mothercare Indonesia, Bugaboo team, and fellow mommy hosts of the event...

Monday, April 18, 2016


there's no doubt that Dior has been one of my favorite brands.. from the first time I was taught about the 'New Look' to Galliano's glorious days and even until Raf Simons left... there's not one collection I loath. When I managed to get a sneak peak of their new accessories collection, I was beyond ecstatic to be able to shoot with the products. Together with Advan Matthew and Jessica 'Meica' Makeup, we collaborated and created this editorial.

Monday, May 11, 2015


It's always exciting when a new creative director takes over a brand with such extensive history. Louis Vuitton for example. Just last November, it was announced that Nicholas Ghesquière was appointed as the new artistic director and boy I couldn't be any more in love with his collections. Marc Jacobs I loved your quirky charms, but Ghesquière was more 'me'. It was an honor to be able to continue working with Louis Vuitton over the past year. I really enjoyed the process of selecting the new clothes & bags I wanted to shoot with. Despite the fact that I had already grown some baby belly, with the help of correct sizing (it's not the end of the world if you have to wear Large ladies... you can even get compliments on looking skinnier!) and posing, we managed to pull everything off without me looking like a human kangaroo. Thank you for the terrific team !

Monday, April 20, 2015


Note to my Instagram followers, this was shot 2 months ago or something. So naturally the baby bump has not quite protruded yet. and Note to my blog-only-readers, yes I am pregnant again ! The light was beautiful on that particular afternoon... I remembered that it was hazy, soft amongst the occasional clouds.. and the wind was wonderful as well. You know, that kind of cool breeze that made shooting in a Jakarta afternoon a tad easier, and a tad less sweaty. and thanks to that weather, I actually have some content to upload for the blog ! Otherwise, it's another Instagram iphone OOTD...