Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Debuting the first set of images of my collaboration with (..... drumroll) LOUIS VUITTON and talented local photographer ADVAN MATTHEW. Yes, the project I admit that I secretly smiled for is finally now online on the blog (went online first on Instagram a few weeks ago because I could not resist sharing). I will not babble much, just hope that you all will enjoy this set and the next couple sets of pictures to come !
all outfits by Louis Vuitton
photos by Advan Matthew, Makeup by Selvira Karnadi


Thursday, April 17, 2014


Not sure when this goes online but I am typing this up on a Saturday night. I saw Captain America earlier today and kept thinking about Agent Romanoff's mid length hair and how did Nick Fury came back from the dead (I desperately needed to go to the toilet during that segment)..

Anyhow, enough on the Captain America random thoughts. FINALLY sharing my current favorite jeans on the blog today! I think it made a couple of appearances through my Instagram but  I never managed to get it on the blog.. 95%of My free time when I am not attending my clients or not replying my clients' queries is now for Denzel (the other 5% is doing random stuff like playing Cookie Run par example - hey! We humans all need some time for a little randomness that makes us happy). I was on the roof per usual doing my outfit photos and my son came with my helper .. so I thought it'll be nice to have non-iphone-front-camera shots together once in every while right?


Thursday, March 6, 2014


less is more when it comes to my daily beauty routine.. that includes the air dried hair & sleep in a bun type of thing.. getting stuff done or getting more sleep is much more on my priority list than looking like a doll everyday. But, when I do have the time (..and will) to put more effort in doing my hair, etcetera.. I like to pick up the curling thongs. A couple of weeks ago, I was sent this automatic rotating styling tool (click here for a video demo by me) from Beauphoria and I'm hooked on the bedhead curls they give to my locks! and if that's not enough to convince myself, took me a flat rate on 10 minutes to do my whole head.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Yes, I am still here and I am still quite active on my Instagram. I probably had the time to blog over the past two months but now that I have a son, I used those precious hours to be with him instead of dating my metal man (.. the computer that is). No, I don't even bother doing a blog post while I am in the car as I desperately need the extra minutes of sleep. I had several cancelled appointments due to the flood, so I managed to quickly edit, write, and wrap this post up. Despite all the things that are going on, I feel blessed that I am able to smidge quality time with my family and friends during the weekend !


Friday, November 29, 2013


To me, the journey of finding a pair of comfy denim shorts has been a long one. I've found my favorite distressed version, a light washed one, the tight fitted white pair.. but never have I thought of finding the perfect dark wash denim shorts. That is, until I saw these pair from Gap I'm wearing today and I immediately thought "ahh these will definitely come in handy in my 'daily drawer' section". and indeed.. I wore these shorts for the next few days! This last look for my collaboration with GAP Styld.by is one of the many looks I've already created with these shorts..