Friday, May 25, 2012


When it rains, I usually don't think twice to go for black or gray. However, this bright pink dress from Vobee (a local brand I introduced you earlier here) has been sitting on my couch for over a week and I thought that it would be a good time to wear it with tights to counteract the somber skies.
Even for those who shy away from colors on a daily basis (ie. if you plan to wear red pants and you start thinking what others will think of you, then you're on the 'color-shy' boat), try pairing bright hues with black pieces. or for the lazy dressers, simply purchase clothing items that have a bright color and a black detail on it like what I picked out from Vobee's webstore here.
a matching umbrella doesn't only keep you dry but also adds interest to the whole look
Scarlett Scallop Dress from VOBEE, Christian Louboutin shoes
visit vobee on their site at
or like their facebook fan page here, and follow their twitter @vobeewebstore



Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures and amazing style!

El blog de Monse
El blog de Monse
El blog de Monse

Jeline said...

Gorgeous!! Love the shoes and dress!! <3

Quinta FH said...

Fabulous as always <3

C. Belvin said...

loveedd yourr shoess <333

Meera said...

That dress is beautiful! I absolutely love your outfit.


Vania Aprilia said...

super love the dress ci! you look beautiful <3

Pudding Monster

J. said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love the color on you!

Estherina said...

Dying over those shoes!

Step into Estherina's World

Rohayatun Fatonah said...

Love the top :)

Hayley said...

Such a great dress! Love the color! and of course those shoes are amazing!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Such an adorable dress <3 X

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Michelle said...

The shoes! <3

Almeida said...

Most people look terrible in the rain (like myself).. but not you :) Lovely dress!

Closet Fashionista said...

LOVE this outfit!! And the umbrella is so cute!! i love wearing bright colors on rainy days :D

Bog-Bog said...

Amazing dress!

Reckless Rekha. said...

your heels are lovely! x

Style Servings said...

You look so pretty!

Fashion to Go said...

Love your shoes, they look insanely high

Fidelia Salsabila said...

nice top <33

stylewithoutstyle said...

Nice dress :)

obat alami kolesterol said...

thanks gan informasinya semoga bermanfaat
foto-fotonya bagus banget dan orangnya cantik juga :)

Christian said...

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fashiongamble said...

wow stunning outfit!

Calita Hin said...

cute dress! :)

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Sesilia Anastasia said...

I want that shoes :(

Anonymous said...

I want to steal your umbrella! It's too cute =3
Anyway, nice photos! You look so good in that pink dress :)

Indah Permatasari said...

I want to steal your umbrella! It's too cute =3
Anyway, nice photos! You look so good in that pink dress :)

Marcell Fortuna said...

that shoes is amazing <3 and bright pink really suits your skin tone, love it


Stella Lunardy said...

looks really gorgeous!

SparkleOnTheFloor said...

Amazing shoes! The outfit is really great!

Sparkle On The Floor

erin g. said...

one of my fav outfit from you, its great to see how your style developed so well !

Antonia said...

This look is AMAZING!


Caroline Robianto said...

yess!! i dont want to miss out on the funs :) kk~
WOWWW <3 amazing picssss :) looking good as always :))

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

those shoes are FIERCE! i love the mod look of this outfit…<3

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Stephani Janet said...

you look so lovely!
love how you wear the dress with the tights and high heels makes the whole thing look classy and elegant!

Catherine Au Jong said...

Your heels! Super Killer >.<


The Petite Blogger said...

gorgeous heels!!! are they comfy to walk with?

xoxo jenna

Kiki Janku said...

Hello there sweetie! Great photo-shoot, it looks fun raining like this, considering the fact that I hate raining! It ruined my weekend that was supposed to be photo-shoot one! Anyway I love the color combo and your accessories!
Check my new photo-shoot!
Hope to hear from you!

hope you're having a great evening!

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xoxo Kiki

rrobaTeen said...

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rrobaTeen said...

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A Fine Balance said...

those CL shoes are to die for!

Fetty Asihta Kencana Putri said...

I just love it. simplicity. :)

Mitha Komala said...

this post is like the best post from you!! the drizzle is just beautiful and give a theme to the post. you look incredible <3 xx

Letters To Juliet

Cupid Fazza said...

love your accesories :))

Karina Dinda R. said...

Nice dress dear! And I love your umbrella ^^

Karina Dinda R. ♥