Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Patchwork Denim DIY Tutorial !

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Cheers to the my 2nd DIY tutorial for you guys :D My first one got great comments and am hoping my second one will do also. This time I won't be doing a full vlog (since video doesn't load easily for some readers with bad internet connection -that includes me myself-) but I only made a vlog for the sections that are hard to photograph :D
my source of inspiration. left to right : Sea of Shoes, Cheap Monday leather patch skinnies, William Rast patched jeans, Balenciaga S/S 2010
This DIY also falls into the 'temporary DIY' categories as the DIY isn't permanent and it won't destroy your jeans AT ALL ! in fact, you can use this project on ANY kinds of apparels (tops, leggings, scarves, etc.).. I've worn it with some navy leggins on my previous post here :D
hope you enjoy this ! feel free to comment if you've got better suggestions :D

before after

First off you'll need the following materials :
Jeans (you don't have to worry about ripping the jeans out!), scissors, denim or any other kinds of STURDY fabric you like, safety pins, needle & thread. Optional : lighter.

First step : cut off some fabrics into rectangles/squares/whatever shape you want. you can one, two, three, or how many ever you want.

Next, fray the ends by pulling it out on random sections.

If you want the patches to stick together, then sew them together now. I sewed mine using visible white stitching to add more interest but you can sew yours however you want !

to add some vintagy worn out effects, take a lighter and 'burn' some bits of the fabric in the center. careful not to burn yourself ! check out the video on how to burn it.

Final step : pin your patchworks onto ur jeans ! if you'd like it to be permanent, then simply sew it on :D you can always take the stitches out if you're bored.

check this video below if you want the fabric to look like this :D


since these patches are removable, you can try sticking them onto different mediums ! :D and be sure to check out my patchwork leggings on this post !
denim tops


Diane said...

Wow! You're so good at this! I love what you did, especially the burned material, it's a great idea!

Super fun!

Thanks for sharing this with us, I might just do it to :D

Have a lovely day!


stellectism said...
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stellectism said...
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stellectism said...

you're so good in doing those DIY stuff. ubber cool!

djhanq said...

so simple, yet cool. . .
thanks for ur tips

ryder said...

great tutorial. i love that because im one of those who would like to know "do it yourself" things, but have no clue how to do it, so this is great.

pensandlens said...

You are super good with DIY. I wish have the creativity to make a DIY for myself. I have one stuck in my closet and I can never find the time to finish it.

nice post!


beingdena said...

I declare you the queen of DIY. thank you for doing us. Lots of love x

AlvianaKalin said...

super creativeeee!

u-ung said...

keren chelle DIY nya...leather material would be give edgier look!!hihihi
btw,boots'ku itu aku beli di online shop FB namanya shuz parade..

Jacqueline said...

Wow, great job Michelle! I love this DIY and I will definitely try it when I get some free time. xoxo


kpeach said...

so fun-they look great love xo

MissNeira said...

Fun diy!
and yay for being featured!

Leah said...

This is another awesome DIY... you are so creative. I love this denim patchworks.

PS...prices of camera in the Phil is the same as in Indo. Get the 450D or 500D. But I tell you, the G11 is a great camera too.

Mrs.Zeus said...

That is AWESOME!!!

Looks great, good job!

Nahna said...

Thanks for sharing sweety! And the result is stunning <3

~kristie~ said...

a great diy!


Panda said...

Hey again!
Thank you so much for you lovely comment! (L)
Oh, and these are gorgeous. :)
The patchy jeans are killer, lovvve!
Panda xx

Tights Lover said...

Awesome job! Can I send you some of my denim?? hahaha.

Krimly said...

I like it! I wish I had some patient to do this things! ;P


issa said...

great tutorial! the dress looks good!

xo, Alexi said...

i love diy's!! you've got a cute one here


Erika said...

I absolutely adore your DIY's, Michelle; though the burning part terrifies me!! :)

michellehendra said...

i don't mind darling :))


Farahdiena Nf said...

hey fashionistaaa you got an award (I tagged you) in my blog. CHECK IT OUT!


Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

wow, will definitley be trying this out! looks awesome :)

♥ Hannah



Clochette said...

Nice, funny and easy tutorial! Maybe I'm gonna try on a denim top like you !

Gizelle said...

i remember being in college and cutting out my old jeans into different styles... i once made a long skirt out of denim pants!hehe.

u're doing a really great job here michelle! looking forward to more DIY projects from u...


Aney, said...

wow, love the diy's darling. Definitely going to save the tutorial for future references!

farisita said...

I like that idea... I just bought a size 16 leather pants and I might just have to update some skinney jeans with leather pockets... thanks for the idea!


daisymay said...

Love the idea, I used to pin my patches on when I was younger, because I couldn't stitch well!

Dane said...

Great tutorial! ;)


Uniqua said...

That top came out so cute ! I love it :)

em.me.ma said...



Indy said...

You are soooooooooo creative...and I looove this DIY! It's great!

Dylana said...

Awesome tutorial! I must try this someday! And thank you so much for the beautiful scarf! I received it in the mail just today and it is perfect! I cannot wait to wear it and show it off on my blog! THANK YOU



StuddedLilly said...

such a cute post! theres something about patches, they go away but they always manage to make a come back!


Bug said...

I'm digging that dress! Your diy are great. I might try this for a cute summer hippie look :)

Great post hun!!


The Owl Diary said...

such a neat idea! thank you for sharing.

Crystal said...

Cute! It's awesome that you allow for a temporary option. Fashion is oh so fickle after all.

¶ Michelle said...

ohhhh noice :) *thumbs up*
lovee it!

lovely blog btw, have a tea-riffic day!

ANN said...

Your DIY is so cute! More so than the originals actually :D

F i K a said...

I just see your DIY jeans from twitpic and now see how to make it from your blog!!

it's awesome michelle!! you do really a master on DIY thingy..you're soo creative!!!


Tiffany Ling Tse said...

Hey there!
Thanks for following my blog! I was already following yours actually! :) Awesome DIY... you're truly a genius! I don't know if I could do this!


FashionJazz said...

Luved ur DIY tutorial, about 3 months ago I made a pair of DIY jeans, simialr to urs but I used faux leather patches on my jeans and I didnt do a tutorial though.

Have a stunning day hun! xx

Juliet said...

I love DIYed jeans!

juliet xxx

ko0ty said...

Love this!

CC said...

Fab post! I'd try it out if I weren't so impatient, I'm pretty sure I'd end up burning my house down if I try. ;)

CC said...

Fab post! I'd try it out if I weren't so impatient, I'm pretty sure I'd end up burning my house down if I try. ;)

Imogen said...

I love your creativity with fashion and thank you for sharing how to do this. I really like it when you do DIY you should keep it up.

Fenny said...

nice post!
i love your DIY Jeans! how creative are you ;)

Ma princesse de pĂȘches said...

Such a cool idea! I'd love it if wyou would follow my blog too;
xx. Peach Princess ♥

marionette comes alive said...

creative, as always ;)


ariyani sukma said...

wow ure so inspiring, ill try it at home :)
nice diy love it !
anyway, ive link you michelle dont forget to link my blog too :)
and thank for your opinion ill change m layout hehe
kiss arin


Ashley said...

Gap has a really cool patched jean right now too!


Owen said...

i like this diy stuff!keep goin!

the gorgeous said...

awesome DIY! love love love the denim top!


xoxo, michelle

I am a newbie in fashion and hello do you mind to follow my blog too? and simply just link me!
I am from thefashiondreamerstories
i adore ur looks muchiess
u are such a super-cool one :)
i would give u four thumbs up if I really have a four thumbs :)


warm hugs :D

piping said...

GREAT DIY!!! can't wait to try them!! u always post something kewl!! i love ur blog!!!!! :DD

*smooch smooch

Pop Champagne said...

cute patchwork! haha the other day I went shopping with my mom and she was like "... why are these jeans $250? they're ripped already" LOL ohhh parents

Nathalie said...

This has been such a good idea from you. Looks so great

Polliani said...

great article.. I bought the cheap monday pants a while ago :)

LumpexoHoliczka said...

Michelle, fantastic post !!
you are so creative:D

Jen said...

love this diy, especially since it's not permanent! the burning is definitely my favorite part. i might just try this diy as well! :)

Missy said...

wow thats fab! great guide.

For all things fashion:

Ela said...

Great job, Michelle!!!

Christina said...

good job!

Nubia said...

wow great job.. I'll have to try this =)

Emz said...

This is really cool! I should do this with my old jeans =)

CDG *FreeLoader* said...

I usually hate jeans but I think patchwork jeans are great. I would totally love to try this diy. Great tutorial!

Hanako66 said...

this is such a great diy idea!!!

Sioux-San said...

It's such a great idea and it really makes a boring outfit look interesting and cute!

HARAJUKU on SPOT said...

KEREN BANGET chel, kita harus bekerja sama suatu hari nanti
eh iyaaa, jangan lupa ajak teman teman bloger mu dateng ke acaranya B'girl :) :)

Valencia Lia said...

Thanks so much for sharing it with us girl!!!

This is such a detailed tutorial that I must go try it too. You totally have changed my views on patchwork jeans because I wasn't really a fan at 1st. heee

And the burned effect,amazingly creative.

prashant said...

Thanks for sharing this with us, I might just do it to

cooking video

Behind The Seams said...

looks great!! thanks for sharing your version of the diy patchwork tutorial!