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Quirky Flares

While closing in 2009, I'm making an effort to have variety of posts on my blog. Just like being a magazine editor, being a good blogger means that you must be able to keep your audience interested (well at least to me it is). I did some blog giveaways, did some vlogs (both DIY tutorial and a music performance), and I've also managed to sit down and write a quality all word post. So what am I missing now? Of course, it's the blogger interview. And on this last Sunday of 2009, I'd like to introduce to one blogger I've loved ever since I started blogging. Hope you enjoy this first interiew :D

Tell me what do you see the most in this winter weather. I can quite guarantee that everyone is looking at BLACK (yes the color black). Not that I hate dark colored neutral outfits (i actually love them), but isn't it great to see blues yellows and pinks every once in a while? Well, I always go to this girl's blogs whenever I need a color pick-me-up. Let's welcome Lexy from Quirky Explosion! The Chinese-born-Canadian girl who has just celebrated her 16th birthday, never fails to impress me with her color mixing skills. No wonder she counts Blair Waldorf and Ugly Betty as her inspirations. Like Blair, she can pull off hot pink tights and a red coat at the same time without a single effort. Want to know more about this witty young lady? Read on the interview peeps!

*ps* the writing in the square brackets are my thoughts!
How old are you? What is your nationality and race?
Firstly, I’m so excited and honoured to be featured! When I got your email, I literally jumped up and exclaimed about it to my sister (she also said “hi” to you all - "hellow too!"). So thanks! I just turned 16 years old in mid-December. Both my parents are Chinese, but I’ve been living in Canada all my life, so I’m actually Canadian, ehh (har-har, I’m funny). I’m from a small town in Ontario.

How and why did you start blogging? How long have you been blogging?
I’d been reading blogs for about six months, but I never had the time or guts to start my own blog – especially as I was wearing my uniform five days a week. But it was always something in my back of my mind as a fun project. Finally, summer rolled along so I thought it’d be a great time to start a blog. I’m relatively new to the blogosphere, blogging since the end of June.

What impression do you want people to leave when they visit your blog?

Have fun with fashion! Wear what you want, be who you are, and don’t care about what others say! [..i agree that myself]

the lovely parade of bright tights!
When I first discovered your blog, it was called "The Girl with the
Bow Tie" and now it's "Quirky Explosion". Why did you change it ? I
see that you still wear bows often!

At first, I thought “Girl with the Bow Tie” was theeee perfect name. But after a few months, I kind of felt that it wasn’t the greatest; not too memorable, a tad too long. “Quirky Explosion” randomly came to my mind whilst dozing off in French class, and so it came to be! I think it reflects my blog pretty well… though I still love bow ties!

I see that you can withstand the snow without wearing anything on your
hand. How is this possible?

Some people call a machine, others say I’m made of steel. Really, I’m just a beast. Hehe, just kidding. I’m actually pretty good with the cold, but my sister and I are pretty strategic; on cold days we stay inside and look out our windows until we find a place to take the pictures. When we do, we rush outside and get the job done!

What inspires your day-to-day outfit?
Clothes, colours, energy… life! I’m mostly inspired by the clothes themselves and their textures, colours, and patterns. I just love mixing things together and seeing what works out. Of course, I love the style of many fashion bloggers and pop culture figures (currently: Blair Waldorf and Ugly Betty), so I think that they may have an indirect influence in what I wear. But my outfit usually derives from just the clothes that are laying in my closet and what I’m feeling/want to express that day. I like to portray uniqueness and stepping away from conformity.

How long does it take for you to put together an outfit?
Anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. It mostly depends on how much time I have or if I have an outfit somewhat mentally planned (though it rarely works out). I seriously love just drowning in my clothes and just taking time to put together an outfit (I have a life, I swear!) [..this girl is kinda like me as well]

What is your to-go outfit when you don't have time to choose?
Oooh, this is a tough one. I’m actually so terrible with “go-to” outfits, because my outfit really depends on my mood. I guess I usually just throw on a pair of bright tights, one of my DIY tights and a blazer. Something quick, but put together. But as I said, I’m so bad with go-to outfits! I definitely try to avoid them as much as possible.

Does your other family members dress like you?
My mum and my sister are both pretty well dressed, but their style is completely different from mine. They’re both more classic dressers with muted colours, simple articles of clothing. You know? I’m definitely more “out there.” As for my dad, he’s the kind of person that wears sweatpants tucked into work shirts whilst lounging at home. But I’m happy to announce that my sister and mum took on the initiative of giving him a “make-over” and he now owns his first pair of jeans! But, I’m definitely the most eccentric dresser of my entire family.

lexy on the left . Sister on the right :D
Does your other family members dress like you?
Do your friends/family comment your unique and outspoken style? Do you
care about their comments?

Yes! Some days my mum and my sister think they’re hilarious and they’re all, “you’re wearing… that?” My sister is sometimes so embarrassed; on dress-down days for school, she’s all like, “um, can you please wear something, you know, normal?” But, I think they secretly like it. My mum always forces me to tell people where I got my clothing (cough, Value Village, cough) with this weird gleam of pride, so I find it all rather humorous. As for my friends, they definitely note my style and a lot are actually super in favor of it. But I’m also used to a lot of weird looks and snickers. But, I really don’t take fashion too seriously, so I’m not affected by peoples’ comments. [I'm glad to hear girls who aren't afraid to be different!]

what are your hobbies/interests outside fashion?
I love art (which kind of falls into the same category as fashion) and I love to sew; I usually post what I’ve sewn onto my blog [she makes ammmazzzing DIY skirts by the way], and I’ve occasionally posted some of my “art” (I find quotes rather necessary, because I’m not really a real “artist” creating real “art”.) I also love to travel and I’d love to see the entire world. I love to volunteer and work with kids. I also play varsity field hockey and badminton, though I wouldn’t associate the word “love” with them; sports are definitely not a passion of mine! (Point: I dropped gym –arguably the easiest subject – as soon as I could!) Other than that, I like to bike around my lame town, people-watch whilst pretending to be studying at a local coffee shop, obsess over Gossip Girl and Project Runway, giggle hysterically at the Office and SNL, flip through old magazines, re-watch Little Miss Sunshine and daydream during, well, all the time… Wow, I really think I need to be more normal and say things like, “hang out with my friends, go to the movies, chill at the mall,” – I’m not anti-social and weird, I swear! (Well, okay, maybe a little…)

lexy wearing her DIY slashed tights in which i love sooo much .
what type of food are your favorite?
I used to be the pickiest eater ever, but now I’m pretty open! But my absolute favourite would probably have to be Italian. I love pasta and pizza and ice cream so much! And my second choice would probably be Japanese, solely for sushi. (Not to be unsupportive of my dear race and nationality of Chinese and Canada – you guys rock, too, in your own way!)

What do you see yourself doing in the next 10 years ?
In my fantasy world, I would have my face and clothes plastered all over magazines, being that I’m the freshest, newest designer of New York City. Or maybe I’ll be a huge stylist, associated with the likes of NYLON. Pretty much just workin’ hard, stompin’ down the city, and livin’ the dream. But, in reality, I’ll probably be slaying away at work, dying from lack of sleep and money, and hoping to find a way up the fashion ladder. But I definitely envision myself in a career in fashion; I picture my future everyday. I think it’s time that we add a little more youth, spunk, and quirk to the fashion world! It’s okay to dream big! :) [yes it's totally okay to dream big! the bigger the better!]
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Lexy in 10 years ? Who knowss..

all photos courtesy of Lexy @ Quirky Explosions. Nylon magazine background is courtesy of NYLON MAGS.

Have a great Sunday peeps ! Let's make the most out of 2009 !


F i K a said...'re always succeded in making me amazed while reading your post!!

Honestly,I didn't know this cute girl until I read your blog&I think I'll visit her blog!! She's so cute and really great on mixing bright color!what an inspirations!!

Thankss for sharing it michelle!! :) happy holiday yaaa :)

F i K a said...'re always succeded in making me amazed while reading your post!!

Honestly,I didn't know this cute girl until I read your blog&I think I'll visit her blog!! She's so cute and really great on mixing bright color!what an inspirations!!

Thankss for sharing it michelle!! :) happy holiday yaaa :)

Imogen said...

She is amazing. I enjoyed this post and thank you for sharing. I adore the colour in all the outfits and I would love to dress like that and be as inspiring as she is. Truly beautiful!

Leah said...

I love Lexy's style... her outfits are fun but not over-the-top. She puts a lot of thought in her ensemble which is good. She knows what's best for her. That's what I call style.

Great interview Michelle. Can't wait to see more of your featured bloggers.

FashionJazz said...

This is a stunning interview hun, its always great getting to know other bloggers : ) xx

Talita said...

Michelle ! thanks for your comment ! really made me happy ! :D
and thank you sooo much for posting this post. you post it in the right time, I really need something to read (or at least do) right now. haha

Happy Holiday Michelle ! :D

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really enjoy ur post beb :) i follow u beb.. don't forget to follow me back :) mwach have a nice holiday beb :)

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janet said...

owh. wow.! I like the interview. I enjoyed to read this post.. ! :D

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Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...


Okay sorry for the excessive Cap Locks, I'm a little excited. Great post and that NYLON cover is SO amazing. I LOVE IT. I love everything haha!

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