If you're interested in advertising or sponsoring my blog, there are a few different options available. Both small & large business are welcomed to sponsor me. However, I can only work with businesses that relate to my blog content and my interests. Basic advertising options are shown below. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email me at

1) Sponsored Item
Sponsors may choose to send me their product(s) in which the sponsor can choose or I can choose the item myself. I will then wear the piece as part of my daily outfit posts where I can link the sponsor's webpage in the outfit details section. All products sent to Glisters & Blisters will not be returned. (click here for the example)

2) Dedicated Posts
Same deal like 'sponsored item' except, the sponsor's brand and products will be reviewed furthermore in detail thus bringing in a more focused attention from the readers. charges apply. please email for further details. click here for example

3) Sidebar Ads (left & right columns available)
Please email me for the rates. Large ads are placed on the top, medium ones below large, and small sized ones below medium sized ones.

 All sponsorship methods in posts will have a hyperlink to the sponsor's website.

4) Photography Services
Sponsors who wish to have their products/lookbooks photographed by Glisters & Blisters may do so. Kindly me email me for the rates & types of services offered. (click here for example)

5) Styling Services
In need of styling for your lookbook, catalog, or other photoshoots? Glisters and Blisters can help you in coming up with ideas and looks for your products and brands. Please email me for specific and customized details.

Glisters & Blisters has the full right to reject any advertisement method if it's unsuitable for the owner & target audience.

Blog statistics are available upon request and my blog features can be seen in the features page here.
CONTACT ME for more information