Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Playtime .

me want Friday please !

Had a little bit of fun with my outfit today.. went around in a tube playsuit.. I wore this at my holiday for a day of shopping in Seminyak . since I was too enjoying my shopping, I forgot to take shots during the day.. haha.. by the night, I was too tired to pose.. so here I am wearing it again with a different styling of course.. Added the faux leather jacket..

What do you think of the fringe wedges ? I decided to wear them in the morning, but changed my mind when I got in the car.. I was too shy, didnt have the courage to pull it off.. There's been nasty stuff going on at my college for people who wear "weird items".. Some students are making fun of the others who wear "funny stuff" using twitter.. its on the topic #cumadilasalle . i dont wanna tell much, but I think it's very rude to make fun of what others wear in public.. should be private stuff you know..

the playsuit on its own. I love the stripe print so much! good thing its not white and red or it'll look too cheesy..
bad face+hair day today that's why i censored it. haha
Clothes details: striped playsuit from some boutique in Seminyak, faux leather jacket from Wishdrobe, random bracelets, fringe wedges were a gift .

there goes the fringe wedge. the additional fur is my dog . haha
me with my friend Pao Pao . Love her 'holiday look' and she's carrying such a cute printed trolley. she has an online shop called FairyMuff (click here to go to her Facebook online shop). The trolley contained all new items she got for her shop. In fact, I just bought a cobalt blue cardigan from her yesterday !

Look at my swooshy hair ! it was a candid foto . oh and I changed my fringed wedges to these red canvas espadrilles from Country Road.

Which shoes do you like better ?


F i K a said...

haii michelle..how's your holiday?? it must be soo much fun :D..hehe

hmm..I think there's nothing wrong with the fringe wedges..it's a great shoes!! and, i agree with your thought, I think talking about others style in public is sooo not cool..
but, for this outfit, I think the red shoes is better :)..If you want to wear fringe wedges, wear it with a simple outfit :D..

anw, thankss buat komennyaa yaa..it help a lot..and, if you want to custom made your shoes, just order it at NABLY ;)..hehehe
thanksss a lot !!

michelle_ said...

@ Fika : hi to you too . sadly, my holiday is over :( tp i had such a great time last week ! i wish i could rewind the time u kno. hehe ..

thanks for the saran yah . I'll try that next time deh..hehe . kasian bgt fringe wedge nya di dlm kotak spatu mulu nga perna di ajak jln2 :(

ok dh . nnt ak order dari km yah kl ada request.. (kan lumayan buat bagi2 ide untuk online shop km. hehe)

Etrapar said...

haha, your friend's dress it's really cute ^.^

u-ung said...

aku suka yang spatu kedua..lebih cute!!hehehe

Valencia Lia said...

Your jumpsuit is really gorgeous !!! And those fringe sandals ?! Way way hot and beautiful:)

you and your friend look stunning together. And I love the hair flip girl <3

Little Bo Peeep said...

Heyy wow i think that is rude commenting on how people look on twitter when the "whole" world can see it, i mean if it's bad then just keep it to yourself. Haha i sometimes get comments from people in my school asking what the heck am i wearing. It's actually just normal things but it's like they've never seen it before! Haha let's just say they don't have a sense of fashion ey!

The fringe wedges is fantastic and so is the second shoes, ahh i can't decide! But i like the red shoes better with those playsuit <3

fashionable palette said...

Thanks for your comment and for adding me to your list! I just did the same for you :) You have a lovely blog. Oh, and I think I prefer the fringe shoes, though both are great!


Valencia Lia said...

Re:Hmmmm,maybe you could get it over at your side sooonnnn. heeeee

Do check it out for those Hello Kitty. Always so adorable !

Los outfits de Lorena said...

I love your shoes

Charlotte said...

Wow, I love your fringe shoes! Gorgeous!

Carissa said...

I love the shoeesss ;D

evelynpy said...

i choosed the second shoes with the red color....lebih keren aja keliatannya ^^
cocok sama jumper kamu...bukan berarti yang fringe jelek lho...cuman ga pas saja ^^

JHE'ANELL said...

I love those fringe shoes - super cute!