Personal Related Questions
Where are you from?
I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Where do you go to school?
I'm very sorry but this is a matter of a privacy. *update* I'm done with school and university now :)

Where do you live?
a matter of privacy.

How did you learn to speak English fluently?
*thanks* I've been brought up speaking English as a "side" language in my family. I used to watch alot of english cartoons back then as well. I also went to an international school for pretty much my whole life. So yeah, that's how I picked up the language.

Can you speak Chinese?
Sadly, no I don't. I've been taking mandarin lessons ever since I was small, but I still havent got enough basic conversation skills until today (and I don't think I'll ever will).

Blog Related Questions
How long have you been blogging?
My very first post was in february 2009. Then I blogged about random things I liked related to fashion until around March 2009. At the time, I was having a hard time with my school work and I didn't have time and the want to blog. So then I stopped. Then in late August 2009, it came to me that I want to keep my blog alive again. So then from there, I became a regular blogger until today.

How did you get into blogging?
I used to read a lot of fashion blogs everyday. I'd put them on my RSS feeds so that I stay updated whenever there's a new post. Then one day I went for my very first "blog-walking" and I came across several Indonesian bloggers that I can easily relate to. So one day, I thought why not start my own?

What are your favorite blogs?
To answer this would be like citing the whole sidebar link list i have ! My all time favorite blogs are Sea of Shoes and Fashion Toast, i also like alot of other blogs like Jak & Jill, face hunter, Style Bubble, Pandora, and sooooo much more ! I dont think I can type all of them here.

What does "Glisters and Blisters" stand for?
My blog name describes what I feel about fashion. To me, there's always some sort of pain, whether it’s mentally or physically, if you want to look beautiful. Take shoes for example. You'll look superb when you wear Louboutins, but you have to pay the pain when you walk in them. You can look cute in flats, but you won't get the tall and lean effect.

If you had to describe your blog in less than 20 words how would describe it?
a digital portfolio my daily outfits with hints of mouth watering culinary tours and my personal life.

What advice would you give to new bloggers wanting to start their own blogs?
Try to reply your comments whenever you can! They took the time to comment on yours and you should too. And don't tell other bloggers specifically to follow/link you :) I know several bloggers get irritated by that easily ! Just mention in their comments that you've followed/linked them and just see what his/her reaction is. Alot of new bloggers seem to be obsessed with their followers count. Believe me, if that's what you're after, you'll lose track of the blog's main purpose/topic/theme. Just write what you want and like, and stay true to yourself. Never pretend or even try to be like others. We're all created differently for a different purpose :)

Is blogging your full time job?
Definitely not ! blogging is only a matter of my leisure project and interest.

How many blogs do you have?
I have this one and my other photography blog called 2.55mm (http://2point55mm.tumblr.com/) I also keep a pile of images I like or I find inspiring at my tumblr (http://michellekoesnadi.tumblr.com/)

Photo Related Quesitons
What camera do you use?
Mostly shot with my Canon EOS 500D with Sigma's 30mm f/1.4 lens. Other lens I use are the Canon 50mm f/1.4 and the 24-70L f/2.8 lens.

**update january 2012**
- Canon EOS 5D Mark II with 50mm f/1.4 and the 24-70L f/2.8 lens
- Canon S100 point-and-shoot camera

What software do you use to edit your photos?
All my photos are editted using Photoshop.

Who takes your pictures?
Sometimes I set up a tripod and use a remote. Sometimes I get my friend, Ayu to take pictures.

Do you take photography classes?
No I don't :)

Who teaches you Photoshop?
My photoshop skills were mostly self taught. I was introduced to the software when I was in 6th grade and I fell in love with it. From there, I played around with the software on my own. Sometimes I also search YouTube videos for tutorials to help me out.

What tips do you have for taking good pictures?
TRIAL & FAILURE. whatever camera (mobile phone camera doesnt count) you have, always take it with you! Play around and get to know your camera features, even if it means that you have to read the manual. take lots of pictures, and study why you like/dont like it. Take pictures in natural light for a nice effect :)

Do I need a DSLR camera to capture beautiful pictures?
Yes and no. Depends what "beautiful" is to you. Compact cameras are good enough to capture clear photos. but if you want something "more than just a photo", then you'd want to get a DSLR.

Style/Fashion Related Questions
What inspires your daily outfit?
I usually pick one item and revolve around it, I don't have a particular inspiration when picking out an outfit. I just wear what I feel like wearing at the time.

How would you describe your style in 3 words?
Eclectic and mood-based

What are your favorite shops?
I  love Zara and Topshop the most. They have almost anything I need to get a certain look from the runway (minus the price tag). For shoes, I really love On Pedder. They bring the BEST brands from overseas into one tenant!

How many shoes do you have?
around 60-70 pairs but that's no where near Sea of Shoes' shoe collection ! she has around 100 pairs !

Are you a handbag or shoes person?
I'm a bit of both. I used to be fully a handbag person, but now I'm giving more respect to a beautiful pair of shoes. I just buy the item that I like better.

want to ask more?
just email me at ask@glistersandblisters.com and I'll my very best to answer them on this page :)