Thursday, September 1, 2016


I'm very much excited to announce the launch of these limited edition Bees ! Since I don't blog often nowadays, you can see in the previous post that I was still talking about this stroller ! (Ha ! caught you in blogging laze michelle... No, but really, blogging takes up so much time that I would loose those hours to play with my kids !) For those who aren't quite fond of dark colors for children, Bugaboo has launched their Bee strollers in two new shades : Petrol Blue & Soft Pink as part of their Modern Pastel collection. If only I had a daughter, I would get myself that pink one.
This time I collaborated with Benny Lim from Junia Pics and Kate Alexandra Ng for the photoshoot. Truthfully, it was rather nerve racking to shoot with 2-3 kids at the same time. I've styled a couple adult models at the same time, but telling kids to pose? That's a whole another different chapter. So, instead of stressing out, we just let things flow on the day! By the afternoon, we were blessed with beautiful sun and weather !
left : Kate & her mom with the Soft Pink version. Right : Devon and me with the Petrol Blue version
Photographed by Benny Lim - Junia Pics
Assisted by Shilvia
Michelle's wardrobe by shopatvelvet & byvelvet
Kid's wardrobe : model's own
Strollers by Bugaboo

The Modern Pastel Collection is now available at selected Mothercare stores in Indonesia.
For more information on the special edition Bugaboos, visit their site here.
or shoot me an email, and I will be happy to tell you why buy a Bugaboo !

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