Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Babies and diapers... in our modern days, they're literally the 2nd most important item to stock up other than milk ! Otherwise, all the magic that comes out from the babies' bottoms will cause a severe mess. Yes, there has been a debate that cloth diapers are better, but for myself and Denzel more importantly, disposable diapers are simply more convenient. Plus, washing all that junk off in the laundry room doesn't sound appealing to me either. Therefore, even months before my son was born, I was fixed that I shall find disposable diapers that will suit my son perfectly.

I bought a couple of diapers brands ranging in all sorts of prices in the beginning to see which I liked most. But, the very first diaper my son's buttocks came in contact with were MamyPoko ExtraDry(s). My hospital just happened to provide these but immediately, I liked how they stayed dry for a long period and as a Disney fan, of course I enjoyed the Mickey Mouse prints as well (LOL.. well presentation is important!) ... Little D then came home, and I began experimenting with the other diapers I bought earlier, and I still liked MamyPoko Extra Dry the most. The sizing was perfect for my not-so-big baby, they didn't inflate much, and being reasonably priced was an added bonus. Fast forward one and half year later, Denzel is still a MamyPoko baby ! Only now, he has transitioned into the MamyPoko Pants Extra Dry as fastening tapes is becoming a chore for an active toddler. With a soft elastic waistband, my son's tummy is never irritated. In fact, he enjoys slipping his legs through the "pants".
Don't you love it when babies just wear diapers in photos? something innocent and pure about it....


Ollyvia Laura Arnold said...



obat herbal paru-paru basah said...

great picture
very fun..

Aul Howler said...

He looks happy (and comfort) wearing it

And yess, I love seeing babies in diapers.


Erress said...

so cute...he looks happy using that diapers..

Murah 2016 said...

love it..
babies in diapers are the cutest things i ever seen