Monday, February 23, 2015


I have worked with shopatvelvet for a couple years, styling their campaigns & catalogs while also getting to know them as a brand & what their visions are. Designing my very first collection from scratch has been a fun, unforgettable, yet a difficult task for me.

My style changes from year to year and I wanted to reflect these feelings in the clothes I produced. The older I get, the less trendy I wanted my closet to be. So two keywords I kept in my mind was : timeless & effortless. Some of the pieces I designed were inspired from clothing articles that I can always count on when I have exactly 5 minutes to walk out of the door... And the rest of the collection? Simply things you can mix & match, create day-to-night looks with... All in a mix of neutral color palette & a dash of abstract floral prints for a wee bit (or a big bit depending on how you wear it!) of feminine vibe.

Here I am posting the full lookbook of the collection with myself as the model. You might have already seen some of the photos on Instagram, but a full view is always better right? Plus, perhaps you can pick an extra or two styling ideas from MY own version instead of the catalog version online.. Well, they are both styled by myself I hope you all will love my collection as much as I do.

shop my collection on or at The Goods Dept, Happy Go Lucky Bandung, or Widely Project Bandung.
and do not forget to tag me to your ootd/purchases with #shopatvelvetXmkoesnadi. I would be happy to check out what you got !

Georgina Top & Impressionist Longer Back Skirt (Available for Pre Order)
I only made 1 dress for this collection... the Blaire Dress that is.. complete with self tie straps you can just knot like I did here.. or tie it into a bow.. or even turn it into a halter neck...
Gabrielle Top.. even a pregnant women could wear this.. loose, light, yet not see through even with the white one..
Zenna Tweed Top worn over the Blanche Romper (comes in set with a white skirt, see above pic for detail)
Impressionist Floral Top (Available for Pre-Order)

photography by Raynata (@raynata)
makeup & hair by Camelia Sasongko (@cameliasasongko)


Vina said...

this is so stunning, chelle! super love the dress!!


Imogen said...

Long time, no speak Michelle. Glad to visit your blog against and see that you're looking as gorgeous as ever.

Phi Ward said...

Woa, the picture in this post is so cool! How did you do it?! The black and white is beautiful and by leaving the dress in color, it draws all the attention to the clothes, but still shows what the outfit looks like when being warn. Your blog is truly amazing.

E said...

Stunning photography. These clothes suit you so well!

Tiffany Ticonuwu said...

Hi Michelle,
Long time no visit to ur blog, I just can say one word "beautiful" !

anyway, love the collection<3


Life's a shoe said...

I LOVE the skirt in the first photo! and the black dress! the style and cut are gorgeous!


obat herbal paru-paru basah said...

very beautiful.. said...

You are so cool and truly amazing! I loves your collections. Your collections reminds me of dresses collection, it cuts and collors are beautiful, just like you did!