Tuesday, January 13, 2015


First post in 2015 ! Last couple years I usually do somekind of a recap post, but since I have not been blogging diligently, I think clicking the 'older post' button wouldn't be much of a problem for all of you (that is if you're still interested in my archives of course!)
What was interesting in 2014 was that it was one of those years I had a drastic hair change (only happened 3x in my life -this one included-FYI) Once I got I bob in high school, which I thought was horrific.. then a medium length cut in 2013, which grew out into my normal length pretty fast despite the fact I had regular trims. I don't think that I uploaded the 'change' onto the blog, but I knew I did on Instagram. you can call this as a late update I presume.. Midyear, I finally got the guts to color my hair after considering 'will it be brittle? will it look brassy?" for 100x at least. I hoped for a really soft ombre anyway, so going 1-2 shades lighter wouldn't be hair-treathening at all I thought. I sat down with a colorist my friend had recommended me one afternoon. I saw the oozing red cream as he squeezed it out of the tubes. I didn't panic because I trusted my friend and the stylist anyway. We both thought that my hair type wouldn't absorb color in easily so we left it in slightly longer and bam, when we washed it out, it came out Ariel Red.
Since I'm not a fan of those bright and loud hair colors, duh of course I panicked. I mean I liked it but it's not really me, and I wouldn't want it permanently. I know some people would be incredibly happy if they got that bright red (especially when no bleach was involved!) So, I sat again in my colorist's chair darkening my ends. At this point, I was pretty damn sure that my hair will be fried.. I thought it was just hair though I could just chop it off.. but I was wrong, my hair still came out healthy. but ! it still wasn't that dark.. and today's photos was where my hair was at that "middle stage".
if you're wondering, yes I finally reached the soft ombre I was aiming for in the beggining after another final session.. no hair breakage ! so if you're looking for a color upgrade sans the damage, I highly recommend contacting Jeffry Welly at @jeffrywellyhair on his Instagram !


Vina said...

Chelle keren bangetttt <3 <3


Michelle Lock said...

I love it!! The color is so pretty <3 And the photos are too!


Marla Meta said...

Gosh! I have had also that 100x consideration thoughts. And still am! Really want to make a drastic hair change this year. Was thinking to have white blonde color, but I guess I could go like yours now that I see it haha.

Thanks for the recommendation >> @jeffrywellyhair, Kak Michelle :D


Brautkleider said...

i love these photos,and i think that they are art

alikolo said...

i love your style , your fashion , hair , skin , face , intelligence , i love everything about you

punyapista said...

so beautiful :)

Alamanda said...

Whoaa, I like your style there. Keep on good writing and happy blogging ^^

Gabrielle Crystal RoseBonniee said...

Amazing photos ♥

✿ ℓα ℒιcσrηe - ℒa vie est ℓa petite ℓicorne. ✿

anggun love fashion said...

i like this picture, specially fashion and skin. wow... i must learn about it

darfin arifin said...

I love it :p

amazing photos :)

darfin arifin said...

I love it, is amazing photos :)