Thursday, September 18, 2014


I can't say enough thanks for my first few clients who trusted me in taking over their campaign and catalog stylings. I mean, back then... I haven't quite graduated from uni.. I had ZERO portfolio work. ZERO real-life sighting on how a stylist/photographer works (let alone being a stylist/photographer myself).. and Instagram might have existed but it was still the Blackberry age in Indonesia.. So, it was only my blog that existed. But yet again, a handful of clients believed in me.

SHOPATVELVET was one of those peeps (see my first work for them here!). I still remembered how awkward and nerve racking it was for me to meet them after I was recommended (yes !!! recommended !! such a 'jackpot' word and moment for me). Truthfully, I was scared. Thoughts scrambled through my head : "what if I sucked? what if they regret hiring me? what if I screwed up and everything looks shit? this is their promotional material girl !!! it's not school grades where you can retake any failed classes"... Yes, I am one of those panic peeps. But, I still took the plunge. and Guess what? Fast forward three years now, I am still rummaging through piles of their clothes before each photosession and dear Lord, I can't imagine having another job...

While I may only blog every couple of months, Glisters and Blisters is still my baby. I am not as excited to be infront of the camera as I used to be. However, this blog has bridged myself to the things I now do for a living. Blogging only started off as a fun thing but I never expected this. I do like to dream big but I never expected big things.. because, when you expect the rain to simply stop but you got sunshine and rainbow instead, you will be thankful instead of disappointed. slight pessimism? well, depends on your point of view.

So my 'lesson' for you all today (and tomorrow and whenever you read this), take that plunge. Believe in yourself. Work your ass off, have confidence and patience !! Remember that Nothing great comes for free. and if you feel like you're failing, take a look at babies and count how many times they fall and tumble while trying to walk/stand.

*ps dont forget to check the rest of the pics of the lookbook I style and photographed for shopatvelvet last month*
talent. elya - 21mm Management // makeup and hair. natalia tirtasaputra // styling and photography. by yours truly



Stephanie Evone Wichita said...

congrats ci and thank you for sharing your story & it makes me have a spirit again.

Avellia Anwar said...

deeply in love with this post

visit mine,
Miss Aa

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

its been a while since the last time you post, hope baby Dz is okay...
so Mom, these are awesome!

Wulan Wu said...

you are inspiring Ce!
great job and I love your works!

Wulan Wu on Bootsy Doopsy

Andra Alodita said...

Mich, hihihi aku masih suka buka-bukain blog kamu loh. Walaupun kamu jarang ngeblog. Dulu sebelum aku blogging kayak skrg, HARUS banget bukain blog kamu. I miss your outfit pics! x

little luxury list said...

It has been SO cool to see your evolution Michelle! You have always been a lovely person and I'm so glad you found your creative and professional calling! I still haven't posted outfit posts all these years, but still love yours when you have the time to do it!
I'm only transitioning now from mommy clothing to my regular clothing and it is great to start getting back to my old self and seeing other moms like you is an inspiration!

little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

Indri Tanny said...

well you earn it with hardwork so it's worth at the end and people never doubted you.
i've been a fan for a long time since 6 or 7 years ago and i know that every pieces of your photos always mean something even it's an outfit photos.
always so cool and you have a extraordinary taste in fashion world


ediot said...

This is so nice
well done shooting and styling
thanks for sharing

e d i o t

Einstein said...

I still haven't posted outfit posts all these years, but still love yours when you have the time to do it!
I'm only transitioning now from mommy clothing to my regular clothing

tukiman said...

nice artikel and keep posting :D

Outbound said...

I am confused whether to comment on your writing or your collection. From the pictures it possible. Because at a glance I can see that you are okay collections have. Nice!

baby tafel, baby taffle said...

ini fotonya ambil dari mana ya. yg psati yg ambil foto sudah pro banget.

dewitya said...

its wonderfull