Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I rarely update on my trips/holidays nowadays mainly because I don't have a shadowing photographer like most bloggers do. Despite that there are no usual outfits photos to go with this post, I still felt like sharing this Idul Fitri break holiday destination because I haven't seen such natural beauty in quite a time... I've been immersed in my city lifestyle for so long that I forget, just beautiful views of the ocean can make me smile at ease. This holiday season I hopped over to Pulau Peucang in Ujung Kulon. The clear blue waters and white sandy beach is still on the island of Java ! Yes, no need to go to maldives or whatever for clear blue waters and great diving spots... indonesia has got some of the best in the business!

finally utilizing my Peter Pilotto x Target scuba-material-ish top.. I had to layer it with another wetsuit because I didn't want the sexy hole in the back giving me an otherwise not-very-sexy 'masuk angin' (what is the english for this?? only us Indonesians use the term..) Excuse the non flattering baggy pants.. that was actually my husband's brother's training pants.. I didnt bring any pants/legging/swim leggings or whatever they are called.. so I borrowed whatever was available at my cottage..
wild pumba and monkeys came for a Hi as soon as we opened a pack of cookies..
click to enlarge the panorama view!
Despite the back and neck pain I was rewarded with after riding at the back my hubby's jetski (you can tell that I am not a fond of exercising by this lol), I felt very refreshed and very excited to see which island I might just hop to next !



heather epstein said...

BEAUTIFULLLLLLL! so so so beautiful. I don't know what I would do if a pumba and a monkey came over to me. actually no I think i would try to hug them and my husband would have to restrain me...lol Glad you shared these snaps with us. so stunning


Vania Aprilia said...

the view is sure amazing! Quite amazed that there's such a beautiful beach in Java! i'm sure you had a really great time there ci Michelle (despite the pain from jetski hehe) :D

Pudding Monster

Elshakrist said...

What a beautiful and exotic holiday getaway <3<3<3

The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

These photos are so amazing! The scenery is simply breathtaking xx


Wulan Wu said...

this is one of my travel wish!
visiting indonesia's islands!

Wulan Wu on Bootsy Doopsy

lorenabr said...

The water looks amazing!

Ario Achda said...

hahahaha ngakak banget masuk angin !

and the baggy pants looks just fine kok mikus !
the pictures are so beautiful! ngeri ga sih ada babi hutan liar???? mereka bukannya galak ya?

anyway, im craving for a holiday myself !

envy !

Stephanie Evone Wichita said...

nice view ci <3

t said...

Lovely photos!

xo T.

joycekartika said...

Bagus ya viewnya. Perjalanan ke sana berapa jam ya dari Jakarta. Jalanannya offroad kah ?

Evita Topan said...

What a lovely place


natalia wijaya said...

omg the sea is so beautiful..
seems like you had a great time there ci.
Anw I really hope I could see you in person ci, I'm your huge fans ><


Joana said...

This looks like paradise
I want


Herdiana Surachman said...

aaaa pas kesana pas lagi hujan grrr, tapi kalo lagi terang banget kaya gini deh bagus.

Nemu juga babi itu, mungkin babi yang sama hahaha tapi gak berani foto sih haha

chicklopedia said...

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joni said...

beautiful beach,,, hope will be there hehe