Thursday, April 17, 2014


Not sure when this goes online but I am typing this up on a Saturday night. I saw Captain America earlier today and kept thinking about Agent Romanoff's mid length hair and how did Nick Fury came back from the dead (I desperately needed to go to the toilet during that segment)..

Anyhow, enough on the Captain America random thoughts. FINALLY sharing my current favorite jeans on the blog today! I think it made a couple of appearances through my Instagram but  I never managed to get it on the blog.. 95%of My free time when I am not attending my clients or not replying my clients' queries is now for Denzel (the other 5% is doing random stuff like playing Cookie Run par example - hey! We humans all need some time for a little randomness that makes us happy). I was on the roof per usual doing my outfit photos and my son came with my helper .. so I thought it'll be nice to have non-iphone-front-camera shots together once in every while right?

lately I've been liking to knot my shirts again..
shirt : cotton ink, jeans : zara, clutch : hermes, sunglasses : miu miu, shoes : louis vuitton

we all wish you a happy easter weekend to those who celebrates !



Vina said...

ahhh, hello baby D! he's super cute, chelle <3
anyway, looking great as ever! and your body doesn't look like someone who have a baby. small waist omg
looking forward for your next post. ciao!


Vania Aprilia said...

looking so chic yet super comfy in the outfit ci Michelle! Denzel is so cute! Being a mom and to work at the same time is super hard but you're doing both greatly! All the best, GBU ci Michelle!

Pudding Monster

Stephanie Evone Wichita said...

I love your outfit and your baby is too cute.

Farah said...

your son's downright adorable!

x, farah

Sesilia Anastasia said...

aw Denzel is so cute! I love the classy outfit you put on :) knotted shirt and ripped jeans will never get old :)

Style Me Endless said...

How precious! And I love how well you styled this so simple yet chic look :)

Wulan Wu said...

Ciciiii! Denzel looks tooooo cuuttee!!!
the hair, super fluffy!
Lucky you gorgeous mom!

Wulan Wu on

Hina Naz said...

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Evita Topan said...

Love your outfit
you jeans and heels are just awesome

fhenny said...

very happy to see Denzel on your blog post Mich!
style frontier

Mitha Komala said...

ive always adored your effortless and chic style! Denzel is too cute omg <3

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