Thursday, November 14, 2013


I think it has been a year since I was able to post every other day for the blog and it feels like it's a big accomplishment for me to be able to make TWO posts in a week ! Being behind-the-lens most of the time means that I rarely have proper pictures of me and my son together (except for poor quality front iPhone camera pictures..) so I was happy that me and Denzel had our proper photoshoot with a couple weeks ago. Very excited to share the great results as opposed to just posting on my Instagram account.
DSCF2065 a bw_resize
photographed by norman / moreno photography
makeup by jennifer chandra
accessories courtesy of Shill



Saiwai Crafts said...

You look amazing and he is adorable!! Love all the pics. Thank you for sharing =) said...

what a little cutie! and you look as amazing as ever dear <3

XO Sahra
Que Sera Sahra

Felicia Jesslyn said...

You look so charming and so is your son! <3

Spoonful Of Diamonds said...

beautiful photos


Sugar Bunny said...

Pretty mom. I love your headpiece♥♥♥

Schnappy said...

Oh, very sweet photos!!!!

Elshakrist said...

so happy and lovely <3

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Renny Ruth Roren said...

Okay I can see a chic baby there with a strong gaze as his amazing mom. He seems understand how to pose and the expression of you both are in sync!
great shots, always love your photo concept <3

Wulan Wu said...

the first pic and the last pic are the best!!
also, Denzel looks soooooo chubby!

­­Wulan Wu on

natalia wijaya said...

gorgeous mum with her cute lil baby <3

Vania Aprilia said...

the shoot is super duper stunning! I follow your instagram and can't stop saying "aww" to every photo of Denzel! :D all the best for being a mom ci Michelle!

Pudding Monster

Virginie Poetry said...

WOW! Look at that post maternity body! You definitely are my muse!

Sequin Queen

Nadia Dwifortuna said...

Oohhh you're so beautiful and I absolutely love your pictures & and your baby also cute ^^

Plum Pretty Sugar said...

Oh my! So beautiful!


Visceral Maze said...

he is beautiful! Congrats again! you look amazing too. I am so glad you are back posting, but I am sure you are plenty busy :)

Karina Dinda R. said...

WOW!! Love this post so much! You and Denzel are gorgeous!

Karina Dinda R. ♥