Friday, October 18, 2013


Honestly, not being over the top or anything, I was pretty shocked that my last update was exactly a month ago (I thought I was still in the two week zone). Time goes by quicker than ever since Denzel was born. In my head, I keep planning that I want to post at least once a week, but that plan always fails. One because I underestimated in the amount of time needed for nursing (apparently, it takes almost an hour for my son to suck the milk off the whole bottle, sometimes even more, and sometimes he refuse to suck and just smile at me!).. Two, whenever I'm done with nursing duties + putting Denz to bed, I need to catch up with my client's queries and emails.. That leaves me no time even for a short moment to get my eyes shut and by the time I finish Denz' last bottle of milk at about 1am, I don't even bother to wash my face and just doze off. I don't think I need another explaining why the blog is sorta abandoned.

I was waiting my late client the other day at my studio, so I thought why not play with some of the pieces from LOFT 20 and have it shared here ! If you're wondering what LOFT 20 is, please have a look at the Instagram page @LOFT_20 ;) [and if you're lazy to click the link, loft20 is one of my latest projects where I rent out dresses and props. mostly fro prewedding purposes but any event will do!) I haven't got time to set up a proper web let alone facebook for it. So, instagram will do for now !
Top : custom made, Tartan skirt : LOFT 20

captured by SAMSUNG NX2000
ps. dear sponsors, thank you for being very patient with my lack of updates ! I will do my best to get things uploaded!


The Fierce Berry said...

u look vey pretty! the skirt is amazing!

John Marine said...

I know I haven't been a regular to "Glisters and Blisters" as I once was, but I must say that I didn't know you've been a mother. Baby Denzel is immensely handsome. As for you, Michelle, you look as lovely as when I first followed "Glisters and Blisters" many moons ago. Great outfit here.

Ore Ai said...

beautiful <333
loving the skirt!!

Raquel T.G. said...

Gorgeous!!! love the top with the skirt, looks fab :)

natalia wijaya said...

you look gorgeous <3

Wulan Wu said...

great to see tartan pattern become a formal dress!
you are gorgeous ce!

Wulan Wu on

robiah said...

nice post

Danny Suyandi said...

OMG this skirt is beyond amazing
super love <3

trinity said...

wow ci you look so gorgeous! your skirt soooo unique! you not put any makeup, rite? so natural but still beautiful ci :)

Ruby Rosa said...

lovely dress ❤

Gricia (Cia) said...

pretty momma! dan gue belum sempet kesana sampe sekarang! Nanti ajak tmn kesana ah

Cielo said...

This is absolutely amazing! :))


Sonya Thaniya said...

wow cantik bangeeett kak ^^
love your blog ..

Elshakrist said...

beautiful & unique dress xx :) you look more mature & beautiful, btw ;)

The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room

Fivyolen Qiu said...

Great pics. Stunning <3

Little Miss Olen.