Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hello again everyone ! It's been awhile since I hit on my browser's most visit lists. I've had my delivery about 2 weeks ago and I am still trying to adjust to my new routines while having to swallow all kinds of weird confinement meals everyday (not the type of foods you'd like me to photograph nor discuss here). I've been meaning to write but just as I get myself settled infront of my laptop, there's always something that forces me to get away from it. Either it's feeding, baby poop time, some guests, or a list of other things that needs to be prioritized.

Like all expecting moms, I knew that I was going to be busy moments before and after my son is born (yes it's a boy even I've never mentioned on the blog before...) and I'll be on confinement and the only place I'm allowed to go out to is *errrrrrrr* the hospital... so I planned ahead and saved some of my maternity outfit photos in hand for this little photo absence days. not exactly sure when I'll be having the time to post again but hopefully I can get some of my little dude's photos on the blog! :)
love the personalized details of this clutch from Mnologie.. it's locally made in Indonesia !
dorothy perkins dress, ASOS bandeau (under dress), Mnologie Clutch, Repetto flat shoes



C. Belvin said...

as always you look pretty <3

Malu Swartjes said...

You look gorgeous <3
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MD Ayomi said...

nice clutch.. *Iwantit :D
black dress with the transparant clutch..perfect..!!


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putri soe said...

You still look chic as always! And oh, CONGRATSSSS FOR THE BABY BOY! Really can't wait to see the lucky boy! ;)

John Marine said...

Lovely dress, nice flats, and cute dog. Awesome! :)

myStorey (Paris) said...

This dress looks great on you! And I love your clutch, I've never seen anything like it. Would love to have you join myStorey and post a "storey" about this to share your outfit with my friends and the entire myStorey community!! .

Sesilia Anastasia said...

congrats on your delivery!! Cute dog and you have beautiful simple outfit too :D can't wait to see your son :)

Raden Ayu/MI said...

Always love your style, simple sophisticated chic :)

Anaivilo said...

I am so pleased to hear form you and I hope that you are doing well and so is your son! :D I am so excited, but I imagine it must be though..
Can't wait to see him on the blog :D

fhenny said...

congratulations for the baby boy mich!
i'm sooo happy for you
hope you'll be having some more free time for yourself and to blog

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rona m. said...

so simple & so chic! love it! that clutch is amazing btw!

PS, would love for you to check out my blog!

peace, love, & utter bliss,
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Visceral Maze said...

you look amazing. the dress works wonders on your body <3 hopefully you are doing well.

Adeayu Hadijah said...

Congratulation for you and your baby ^^
The dress is so cool!

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METROX LOVES YOU the blog. said...

we adore you cool momma :)

have a great day,

natalia wijaya said...

love the clutch !!

Karina Dinda R. said...

Congrats Mich!! :)

Karina Dinda R. ♥

Mitha Komala said...

ci Michelle congrats on your baby, he is so so cute! and i love this look so muchhhh, amazing clutch! xxx

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Gabriella Olivia said...

once again congrats ci~
ga sabar nunggu cici bisa post regularly lagi ;D

Sweet said...

How's motherhood darling??? I've been seeing photos of your baby so cute!!!


StyleGodis said...

Obsessed with that dress! Looks so chic!

Avellia Anwar said...

stunning look, as always

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

stay fab,
Miss Aa

Virginie Poetry said...

I've seen the picts of your baby boy in Instagram, he's super duper cuteee <3
Congrats anyway for the birth of your lovely baby boy! I'm sure you'll be a great mom
Bisous :*

Sequin Queen

Miss K said...

hello dear you're looking as gorgeous as always.. good to hear that you're doing just fine :) can't wait to see the little boy's face hehe

Mesmerize said...

Hello my beautiful mama!! You look so wonderfull:)! CONGRATS for the baby boy! He is so cute<3 When I was pregnant I did just like you with maternity outfits photos hehe:) I kept photos and added later:)

Outbound said...

Model looks. So beautiful ;)

Nessie Judge said...

Just stumbled across this blog and my mind is blown!
Absolutely stunning!

I just started blogging as well, your blog is quite inspiring! Amazing work!


Tren Fashion Selebriti said...

Nice photo. Gorgeous outfit. I also love the dog ;)

cintacha roselina said...

you have a son ? i have son too, 2 actually. hehe, young mommy same like you. nice to know you