Thursday, January 17, 2013


The Jakarta flood has been keeping me at home today. I am grateful enough that my home itself is flood-free, electricity running and my internet has just come to life this afternoon ! Since my appointments were all cancelled, I managed to catch up with a lot of browsing (for fun and work) on my phone and I just happened to take a look at See by Chloe's Pre-Fall 2013 lookbook.

I have no idea when this lookbook was first published but it did change my vision on the color red. I'm not exactly picky for colors, but I've never really been a fond of red throughout my life (except the good ol' red nail or lips). I have some red stuff in my possession, but they're rarely my favorite item. On the other hand, whoever styled the See by Chloe lookbook made me want to try to pile up any red pieces I got in my closet and create that monochromatic look. Many times I see the color being used in a sexy manner but this whole nonchalant french girl take is just refreshing.
photos via fashiongonerogue
Well, okay perhaps it is not exactly Crimson red (more like auburn? ginger maybe?) but you know, it's still based on that hot shade. below are two of my fave 'red' looks from the collection
the prefall collection also displays other color forms of monochrome dressing. It also reminds me of the longer sleeve shirt layering I worshiped 5 years ago.. perhaps I should start doing it again while the weather is giving me the chance..

I pray that there will be no more rain (please please please please dear God) tonight, tomorrow, and until this city dries up ! In the mean time, for those whose houses are not exactly dry, my prayers are with you :) God Bless Jakarta !

..and if you've got a day off, you can also shop/'windowshop' some of these items I've picked out inspired by the Chloe Pre-Fall lookbook itself. retail therapy is never bad idea right?



Sesilia Anastasia said...

love the collection :D
depan rumah cici banjir juga nggak? hehe

J. said...

I agree with you, red is not a very prominent color in my closet either. But these looks make me think twice...

John Marine said...

First off, I am glad you are okay with all the flooding issues in Jakarta. This is a very nice collection you're showcasing here. I really like the blouse + skirt + boots outfit the most of these outfits. Take care, Michelle.

Mei めい said...

cool collection :o

Adeayu Hadijah said...

red always looks good with red ^^
love the skirt from the first photo.
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Vania Aprilia said...

i want all of the items OMG :O

Pudding Monster

Evita Topan said...

what a lovely collection !

Bella Francisca said...

ahh I love red! and loving the red shirt <3

Missing Bee

Brenda evans said...

love! chloe is one of my top favesss <3


Clara Nugroho said...


Mitha Komala said...

lovely lookbook! they surely bring Red to a higher level ;D

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