Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Been searching for the perfect classic black belt for ages and I still have no luck! (or maybe I haven't really put in my efforts to properly search due to my crazy schedule) Ever since I saw Elin Kling's vintage belt, I've always wanted to replace my trusty overused Topshop brown one with something similar.. As I scrolled through bloglovin the other night, it came to me that I desperately need the perfect black belt now..
there's kling's western cowboy-ish detailed belt..
I've also seen Jane of Sea of Shoes wearing her Lucky Belt over and over.. don't worry Jane, I'm not bored of it!
Peony's got some fancier shiz there.. Sometimes I feel that the Hermes CDC belt is too much but Peony always manages to pull em of really well. There's a similar styled one from Etro the other day, and the only reason I don't want to get it is because it's a waist belt.... speaking of waist belts ,,,
well, waist belts look good. They give shape and a new life to loose pieces but I want a belt that will hold up my jeans. If I decide to get a simple waist belt, I'd buy these See by Chloe ones. the criss cross details are simple and pretty
MY PICKS (clockwise direction) :
1) See by Chloé Skinny Wrap belt (perfect for summer looks like the girl wearing red shorts)
2) Mason Martin Margiela Buckle Belt
3) See by Chloé Wrap Detailed Belt
4) Etro Metal Embellished Belt (also available in brown)
5) Madewell Perfect Leather Belt (and the $48 price makes it even more perfect)

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thepinkmateproject said...

Definitely i love Etro and MMM black belts!


trip and travels said...

is this dress for the upcoming season, thank for inspiration

Marcella Cornelia said...

cute belt :)

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Anya Sinta said...

etro is the most stunning i think.. :)

Honey from said...

love your posts!
new follower,

Mélanie said...

Thanks ! :)

Daysha said...

Love this post! Thanks for the sweet comment, I just started following you via gfc :) I would love to follow each other!

Liz said...

Ohh been searching for these for ages as well. I think American Apparel make pretty good ones too...

pengobatan alternatif kanker serviks said...

waw i like it

Butik Premium said...

very nice! i like it so much

evita nuh said...

yeay ! so glad you like the blazer that's my newest design for my upcoming new brand XD

by the way it happens to me too for couple times, I accidentally erased all comments :( maybe it's because the new form, still try to get use to it.

Yuliya ♥ said...

Great post !

Mitha Komala said...

black belt is always a help in emergency situation ;p great choices!

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