Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I've been having mixed feelings about Blogger's web redesign. Personally liking the clean & fresh interface with white background and pops of orange here and there. However, the site is total dope when I need to access the editing tools on my ipad/phone. Here's the story..
I've been learning to travel light and I've quite succeeded with that for this Singapore trip. One carry on luggage for a 5 day trip which includes 2 shoes and my huge amount of toiletries (*applause*). Now that the baggage is solved, I also try to reduce the stuff I lug over my shoulders (ie. bag, computer, airport duty free, etc). Usually this means that I leave my laptop home and take the iPad instead. BUT due to Blogger's uncooperative layout, I guess I will still have to take my laptop with me next time. Lucky I've got hubby's laptop for a couple of minutes here..here are some snaps from my phone and instagram for today.. I was going to upload them yesterday but with blogger's mobile-friendly-failure, I couldn't. I'm catching a plane back to jakarta in a moment. See ya !
Photo 30-04-12 17 50 50
trying out the scarf look... Photo 28-04-12 07 42 14
early morning walk while gazing at the sunrise Photo 28-04-12 15 07 42 Photo 28-04-12 15 08 14 for the bubble tea fanatics like me.. gong cha is the best.. Photo 28-04-12 15 13 27 Photo 28-04-12 15 02 55



Vania Aprilia said...

great pictures! :D seem you had a great trip ci..

Pudding Monster

sajuki said...

great photos :)

Zizi said...

Lovely photos X

Zizi: www.zizistyling.blogspot.com

Style Servings said...

Wow, stunning pics!

Chococcuro said...

I've actually been considering getting an ipad to blog on the run...too bad blogger's not fully compatible with it...isn't there an app that can make it much easier?!

Fashionista said...

Love the pictures!

Ana Paula said...

This blog was forgotten in my following list and I just thought about checking out what it was and then delete it.
It's rare for me to be into fashion blogs, but this one is just way too cool to be deleted. =)

sepatuholic said...

I love that part of Sommerset (H&M wink* wink*)


Bernadina Ayu Maharani said...

waiting for the next post, always be my inspiration :)


Heather said...

Beautiful shots! Especially the second photo!


Fidelia Salsabila said...

really want to taste bubble tea gong cha <3


Jeline said...

Love the photos! And I love Gong Cha as well!!! x


Gabriella Olivia said...

lovely shots!
i love gong cha! <3
did you try KOI and artease?


Miss Lia said...

you should go Taiwan, chelle.
you'll find a lottttttttt of bubble teas corner, everywhere! <3

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

Oh how I miss spore so much, can't wait to go back there at the end of the month :) I miss four fingers and artease...


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

I'm also not a fan of the new blogger layout... I love bubble teas to death!!! X


Bella Nastasia said...

aa love your photoss <3


flea market said...

Great pictures, it was surely a great trip :)

Adeline Yang said...

the last picture is just stunning!
ahh gong cha IS mouthwatering...missing great milk teas right now..

..: Curvy & Petite :.. said...

Hi just wanted to say that i loved your blog & style girl! :)

Following you in Twitter, Facebook & Bloglovin!!! :) feel free to follow me back..! :)

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Peace & Love,
Jimely Rosas.

Michelle Florensia said...

You should have tried koi cafe instead of gongcha ! koi cafe is the original milk tea from taiwan ! :)


Shinly Fransisca said...

it looks nice


Fenny said...

great shoots! always awesome

♥ Lauretha of Myrrh Goldframe ♥ said...

gorgeous photos. seems you had a truly great times there. <3

Myrrh Goldframe