Friday, February 17, 2012


Music : something that I rarely (or even never?) discuss in Glisters and Blisters and in real life. It's not that I don't enjoy a good tune or two but these days I just can't find a good song that I can listen to forever. Spinning through my iPod wheel, most songs you'll see in there are either original oldies tracks or newly improvised jazz versions of those old tracks.

This changed a bit after I first heard an Indonesian song, Serba Salah (wrong in every way). It's not everyday that I find a new Indo song I love. But this time, I was pretty hooked. For this past 3 weeks, I'd listen to Raisa's song at least once a day through various radio stations. But, like I always do, I never bothered googling or asking anyone what the title nor who sang it. Well, this week I found out. It was Raisa Andriana.

Apart from her music, I love the fact that Raisa keeps her style and stage outfits sweet and simple. A rare occurrence for Indonesian performers if I must add (not going to mention a list of names for now). Instead of putting her hair up in sky-high hair-dos, Raisa lets it loose with smooth and soft curls. Very au naturel indeed. Well, why hide under elastics and bobby pins when your locks are as thick and silky as hers?
Courtesy of Andra Alodita 2-resizeabove photo courtesy of Andra Alodita

Once I knew her name, I googled quite a bit on her and managed to find info on her haircare. With tresses like that, I'm not so surprised to find out that the singer (who's only two years older than me) is Sunsilk's newest brand ambassador. Raisa who once had brittle hair before, tried Sunsilk's Soft and Smooth range. Fast forward a week later, her tresses were noticeably softer and manageable.

And just like most girls, there’s nothing worse than a bad hair day. But all thanks to Sunsilk’s Soft and Smooth haircare, Raisa doesn’t have to battle with her frizzes anymore.
Musik: sesuatu yang saya jarang bicarakan di Glisters and Blisters serta di kehidupan nyata. Bukannya saya engga pernah menikmati lagu-lagu yang enak, tapi sekarang ini saya tidak pernah menemukan lagu yang cocok untuk saya dengarkan untuk waktu yang lama. Memutar iPod saya, sebagian besar lagu yang akan kalian temukan adalah lagu original atau versi jazz diimprovisasi dari lagu lama.
Ini berubah setelah saya mendengar sebuah lagu, ber – genre pop RnB. Saya selalu mendengar paling tidak satu hari sekali di radio. Tapi, anehnya saya tidak pernah mencoba untuk mencari tau atau bertanya kepada teman, judul dan nama penyanyi tersebut. Tapi, akhirnya saya mendapatkan infonya. Ternyata itu adalah Raisa Andriana dan judul lagunya adalah “Serba Salah”
Setelah tahu siapa penyanyinya, saya mulai mencari tahu tentang Raisa. Ternyata, Raisa wanita Indonesia yang sangat berbakat. Dan saya juga suka dengan gayanya, manis dan simple. Dan untuk tataan rambutnya pun simple, cukup digerai. Tapi emang, rambutnya indah, halus dan mudah diatur lohhh…jadi Raisa PD untuk menggerainya.
Info lain yang saya temukan di google yaitu rahasia perawatan rambut halus Raisa. Dan saya tidak terkejut ketika mengetahui Raisa adalah Brand Ambassador Sunsilk. Perwatan rambut yang dia lakukan hanya menggunakan Sunsilk Soft & Smooth mulai dari shampoo sampai dengan conditioner nya ditambah dengan Sunsilk 3 Minute Hair Treatment.
Rangkaian Sunsilk Soft & Smooth membuat kita tampil percaya diri sepanjang hari. Ga ada lagi tuh yang namanya “bad hair day”. Ayo coba rangkaianya Sunsilk Soft & Smooth, supaya mendapatkan rambut seperti Raisa. Halus, lembut, tidak kering dan jadi mudah diatur.



Eda. said...

Love these photographs darling - so pretty.

Eda ♥

pinkmate said...

She's gorgeous!



i love that song tooo..



kelimutu said...

I love her voice too. She's just beyond amazing! :)

bad hair day, yeah.. problem of every girl in the world. thanks for sharing this


Fashionista said...

I think I should dig more about her!

Antonia said...

She's so pretty! :)


Bre said...

Hooray I have new artist to check out this weekend. Thanks!
I have felt very underwhelmed with music and fashion lately. I have have been listening only to classical music in the car this week. It's very powerful and relaxing!

Estherina said...

Her hair is to die for.

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Sesilia Anastasia said...

omg I also use that shampoo! but my hair is not long enough.. :(

Mitha Komala said...

i also love her songs! you look pretty ci mich <3

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Anis said...

Raisa penyanyi indonesia baru tau aku, iklan tentang shampoo, hihi ok juga, slam kenal

Vani Sagita said...

Raissa is just amazing, a complete package!

Carolina Budi Suwandi said...

loving your photos.. and must agree with your thought about raissa.. :)