Sunday, February 12, 2012


Majorly in awe with the Dior Cruise 2012 campaign, photographed by Ellen von Unwerth and modeled by Monika Jagaciak. The cheerful and lighthearted images were a great contrast to the usual mature campaigns that Dior produces. Winged eyeliner, rouge lips, crown-teased hair, this cruise collection evokes that sexy pin-up girl look while retaining Dior's understated elegance.
2012 Cruise #6
2012 Cruise #2
these two photos make me crave for a new pair of sunglasses. white rimmed / oversized round ones to be exact. I found some great candidates from Illesteva at $295 or this $32 bargain from Vans.
2012 Cruise #1
2012 Cruise #14
2012 Cruise #30
2012 Cruise #7
2012 Cruise #9
a little surprised with the purple and jade green nail varnish color choice that were present throughout the tearsheets.. not quite the shade I expected, but I ain't complaining.. you can get the Dior ones here at $23 or Butter London has got an equally nice version of the purple above at $14.
2012 Cruise #10
2012 Cruise #12
2012 Cruise #22
2012 Cruise #19
(source. studded hearts)


erin g. said...

love the fact that it has became more youthful rather than the john galliano days.
Perhaps it's the marc jacobs thing to bring youthfulness to almost every brand he had his hands on.


Hana Fiona Tindjau said...

saw this campaign! love the film :D

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

She's so stunninggggg! <3 X

knk said...

she loooks pretty hot

Ballad of Seasons said...

beautiful! lovely sunglasses and the shoes!
Ballad of Seasons

beryl said...

ahhh these are all sooo beautiful and make me wish i was on vacation


Mani said...

So beautiful! She looks flawless and those pictures are just perfect! Woooow!


yes very gorg!

Kristel Louisa said...

Absolutely adore Dior's 2012 ad campaign!


stephanie gracia said...

love all of the pictures,and i like the red lipstick ;)

Anamarija said...

Oh summer, how much I miss it. Here is so cold brr. Lovely editorial :) Thanks for sharing

Heather said...

O gosh I love these shots, the model, and the clothes. I need to make millions. End of story.

Kathi Eric said...

inspiring photos! thanks for sharing.

♥ Chaos with a Capital K ♥

Closet Fashionista said...

Wow these shots are amazing *dies*

Putche said...

i gotta say, that is not the usual Dior. Too 'young' than what they usually do, but it's a fresh new take!



Julian Tanoto said...

I loveee this campaign shots a lot ! especially that bangles ! <3

Journal J

Z said...

Always in love with the era

Mitha Komala said...

what an amazing ads! Monika is a very gorgeous model <33