Saturday, December 24, 2011

HO HO HO !!!

This was one of my last projects in 2011. There was one preview image that I posted here and these are the rest of the photos. I don't usually photograph kids commercially, but when one of the moms proposed me this Christmas idea, I thought I'd it a shot anyway. Tell you what, these four kiddos aren't super-easy to work as it seems. One cries, the other cries, and all four cries.. Then we tossed those tiny yellow and red balls, and the next thing we found out all four of them were 'fighting' for the balls. Nevertheless, it was a fun filled day at the studio with these munchkins and their moms & nannies.
to close off, I'd like to wish everyone a joyous Christmas !! If you celebrate it, I hope you're celebrating it with all of your loved ones :) Merry Christmas once again. May the Lord bless you all.


Stephani Janet said...

Theyy're so cute and lovely! You did a Great job michelle! Merry christmas to you too! Have an awesomee day! GBU! :)

btd. said...

I love the one with the older girls. Happy Holidays.

Angie said...

you did a great job. what talented photography with these rowdy kids :) they're adorable though

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Anya Sinta said...

cute!! the last photo is my fave :)
merry christmas too :D

AlvianaKalin said...

oh my God, these are such sweet photos! you are so talented, michelle! you def gotta have to shot my kids in the future! lol :p


Rebecca Clairine said...

awww !!
this is cutest <3
have a joy and beautiful xmas ! :)


Vina said...

cuteness overload!! i really like the last one <3

Audrey Subrata said...

merry christmas and happy new year for you. :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Great photoshoot! The kids are so cute <3 Merry Christmas! x

Christie Giovanni said...

aaaa sooo cuteeeee!! >.<
beautiful pictures <3

Merry Christmas :D


Belvin said...

merry christmas <3

Vivienne said...

They're all sooooo cute! And your photography is awesome!

Girlie Blogger said...

Oh goodness! These babies are adorable!

Bre said...

Such fun photos. I am glad you made it out alive with four crying babies.
Merry Christmas!

Fuchsia and Viscaria said...


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Fetty Asihta Kencana Putri said...

They're so cute! Love them! ;)
You're talented dear Mich!
Merry Christmas!

Elegantesque said...

Oh my god ! It's sooo cute love the first picture so so so so cute ! Nice project !!


btw, wanna follow each other ?

Stella Lunardy said...

They're all really cute and lovely<3 you're so good in photographs:)

Girl With Plastic Camera said...

can i have one of them? they're UBERCUTE babies!

Merry Christmas!

Karina Dinda R. said...

Cuteeee! Itu ada yang mewek hahaha ;D lucu!

Karina Dinda R. ♥

Closet Fashionista said...

Aww, the shots came out so cute though! :D
Happy Christmas!!!!! :D

Ali said...

Oh gosh! These are such cute pictures, you're great at photographing kids! Adorable. :) Have a wonderful Christmas, lovely!

Sidney Salim said...

Kids aren't easy to work with, but you did a great job! These pictures look fab. They are so adorable.
Merry Christmas!
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Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

OMG the babies are so cute !!! I love babies pic ;) btw the sotong pic in my blog is from penang bistro, enak banget :p

Mitha Komala said...

aww.. they are undoubtedly cute!! merry christmas ci mich, have a fabulous day <3 Godbless xx

Vero said...

Could be.. ^^ merry Christmas

putche. said...

Great photos! Oh, and Merry Christmas! Have a great one! :)

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

SO cute. I wish you a wonderful Christmas, dear! xoxoxo

Yasmeen said...

Oh my god :X They're adorable!!

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Sydney said...

the last photo is precious!!! <3

Nurul Aisyah said...

they're so cute!!!

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ms.sisca said...

it is not easy to shoot those little ones.. been in that situation mon-fri. but we had fun at the end of the day :D good job, michh!! <3

wine and cheese said...

they are so cute!!!! and
Merry Xmas to you :)

renny ruth roren said...

OMG they look so cute! cool photos! totally adore it :)

Michelle said...

Those kids are super cute! Happy holiday Michelle! Merry Christmas! :)

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

oh wow, they're so adorable!
you have really improved over the year since you've started photography! keep it up..<3

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Rehana Silver said...

Aw..they're such a cutie!
Merry Christmas then!

Stevia said...

They are just the cutest, Michelle!
Your eyes in photography really blows my mind :)

Merry Christmas!

The Sweetest Escape

M* said...

Merry Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Great pictures!

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hope you have an awesome day!
xoxo m*

MarieAntoinette said...

awww they're so cute & lovey! ♥

devishanty said...

awwww such cuties.. merry christmas and happy holiday :)


ilovebananana said...

merry xmas to you too :)

Tiffany Ticonuwu said...

Merry Christmas :)
and btw, the babies are so cute <3

Anaivilo said...

Merry Christmas dear! Hope you had a great day! :D

Fenny said...

Sooooo cuteeeeee,

Merry Christmas Ci :D

dred said...

they're too cute for words! nice photos, i especially love the last one. :)

Anastasia Siantar said...



Style Servings said...

Lovely photos! Happy Xmas!

pinkmate said...

Awww sooo cute!!!! Have a fun-filled christmas!!!