Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rewinding : Paris and Venice

I don't even know how should I begin today's post. So I'll start wherever my brain takes me to at this wee hour - it was 2am when I wrote this. And here it goes... As most of you know, I have a boyfriend. But, I rarely mention him let alone feature him throughout my blogging life. However for today, I thought that I'd dedicate my Sunday post to this specific "thing".

2011 has been one hell of a year. A lot of downs with a great deal of "ups" sneaking in between my dark moments. One of my "ups" took place in May. 3 months ago, I went for a three week vacation to Europe. Going from the top (London) right down to Venice, and a stopover at Dubai before heading back to Jakarta. Yes, it was a holiday filled with shopping, smiles, and culinary tours, but more importantly, the reason I actually went there was to have my pre-wedding pictures taken. There I said it. If you're thinking "did I read that correctly?", you bet you did. I've never got the chance to announce it and here it is... Four years of love and we decided to make it official.

All photos by Kay (Moreno & Co.)
Headpieces & Hair Accesories by Shill

Special thanks to Kay for taking all of these sublime pictures and ci Jo for accompanying me throughout the whole planning process even it means staying up until 3am. Probably the only people who can actually make Brian pose without having him moan beforehand and for him to agree to have gel in his hair for the first (..and perhaps last?) time in his life. Surely missed our 'konyol' moments and my african chicken dinner for 3-nights-in-a-row. I couldn't hope for a better photography team :')

Visit Moreno Photography's Facebook page (like it as well if you wish..!) OR drop-by their blog for more awe-inspiring wedding photos.. and if you're wondering, there's still more of my photos on their facebook album and blog post :)


g.ta said...

love every pictures!!! but especially the one with the black mask..=`) Congratz!!!

Caroline Robianto said...

weeee high-res pictures!!! yeayyyyy <33 congrats love! hopefully you and brian will live a long happy love together.. <3

Vina said...

congrats once again michelle!! i'm so happy and excited for you :D
great photos <3

Catherine Au Jong said...

congrats! I love the pictures. the headpiece is just amazing :D

Gian Aryanti said...

congrats Michelle :)
very great pic...I love the 1st pic ;)

mellisaphie said...

first time I saw the picture at moreno fb, I thought the girl looks like you. but then realized, it IS you!! very beautiful pictures! my favorite is the second one. congrats, mich :)

YUI said...

oh congratss chel! i'm so happy with the news! awesome shots, you are beautiful! <3


Jaqueline Holiyanto said...

Congrast ci michelle, such a beautiful pre-wedding shots :D

Jaqueline Holiyanto said...

Congrast ci michelle, such a beautiful pre-wedding shots :D

Karina Pricilla said...
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shinta hawa thandari said...

oh my God .. that was a surprisingly happy news.. :D I'm glad to hear that. I hope you have a great and long happy life together. Anyway, your pictures are awesome. great concept and you look stunning. I love picture number 7! It's perfection.!
Once again, Congratulation :D

Karina Pricilla said...

LOVELY pictures chellllll!!! and congrats to both of you <3 undang2 yah entar ;p

Pretty Muffin said...

whoa, congrats! you look gorgeous as always :)

Kristel Louisa said...

Oh God, these pictures are totally STUNNING. Seriously, you look real gorgeous! Gosh, I don't know what else to say, this is just too beautiful.
Congratulations both of you :)

en la moda

Prisilia Felicia said...

LOVE every single photos, they are just amazing! you both look great, the headpieces are gorgeous hehe:))

Silvia Saleh said...

OMG! Love all the photographs and can't be forget to say Congratz!!! Pray for the "happily ever after" life for both of you!

Silvia S.

Ice Pandora said...

Micheeeeeeeeelle!! Holy cow o:
I'm so happy for you ^___^
I'm so happy for you that you've found love!
The pictures are gorge! I don't tthink I will have a photoshoot of every places of the world haha
Yay for the UPS and keep them flowing!


Kiki's Book of Dreams said...

This is one of the best photo-shoots I have ever seen, and in this cases I call it: Breath-taking!
xoxo Kiki

Nicol T. said...

ooh perfect photos!!

greetings from Nicol, fashion TNT

www. fashiontnt. com


Vonny said...

WOW! you're 19 or 20 if i'm not mistaken and will get marry, cool! and i love the pic when you wear a black mask, pretty!

Coffee Cream and the Caffeine said...

The most stylist and epic wedding photos i've ever seen in my life ! congratulation and wish you and ur boyfriend a happy and magical life ahead...

irenefenia said...

congratulationssssssssss, please don't stop blogging after married! ;) really love your photo with black mask <3

The Fancy Teacup said...

So happy for you, sweetheart!! Those photos are fantastic, you and Brian make such a beautiful couple. Super gorgeous as always, girl!

♥, Jamie

Mei めい said...

Congrats ci Michelle <3
So happy for you ! :)
I love your pre-wed photos . You're soooo beautiful !! :D

Audrey Allure said...


Wow, all of these photos are incredibly stunning - they look like they belong in a magazine fashion spread!

♥ joei said...

I love all the photos!!! :)

Fetty Asihta Kencana Putri said...

I love all those photos! You're so gorgeous! :)
That's really good news. Glad to hear that! Happy for both of you and congratulations dear Michelle! :)

janet said...

wow! you look so pretty michelle! awesome pictures!
so happy to hear the good news! congrats michelle!!

Flashes of Style said...

Seriously such gorgeous photography! <3



Selphie Usagi said...

oh my goshhh i'm very surprised!!
congratulation, chelle!
and congrats for your graduation from your college ;)

clarice said...

OMG MICHELLE! Congratulations and I totally didn't expect this!

been reading your blog for about a year now and you're such an inspiration for me to start again...

I hope everything goes well and thanks for the comments you leave on my little blog :) you look so beautiful in these pictures, they will be such great memories later on

gros bisous!
- LC.

ClosetCravings said...

Congrats!!!! Your photos are so beautiful. There's a lovely mix of flirty, fun and fashion in your photos. =)

Need it? Want it? Crave it? Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

congrats michelle! :) wow, i love your pictures. i think they're really different from the usual "pre-nup" pictures where they're both all smiles and cheeky. hehe, yours has a lot of fashion sense into it.

congrats again dear! :)


Choiii said...

love every of the pictures, amazing photography :)
Congrats :D wish you happiness

jos xx said...

my cat is fine, it's amy winehouse that is dead..

lovely pics

jos xx

Angie said...

congrats michelle! :) have the happiest lives together!

angie of pandaphilia fashion

Fivyolen Qiu said...

Omygod! Surprisingly a great news from you :) glad to hear tat


happy for you, and have a great life ahead. awesome picta xx btw and u look super abgondigfinutely gorgeous

Tamara S. Putri said...

Michelle!! Oh my gosh congratulations! You look fabulous in all of these photographs and so do your almost-hubby ;) Best wishes for the both of you :)


Patricia B said...


ahahah and yes i purposely dropped this comment just for you;)
congrats to both of u! :)

emily said...

CONGRATS!!! This is so exciting :) The photos are absolutely gorgeous (and very fashionable of course)! Best wishes to the both of you!


OMG Congratulations!!! You look so wonderful!!! So exciting ! you are so beautiflu:D!




These photos are sooo beautiful!

Rosa said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT... amazing pics.. my fave is the one with the cotton candy


My Stylish Little Secret

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

omg congratulations!!! what an amazing step, and these pictures are perfect.. def to be treasured!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Tanvi said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! These are absolutely STUNNING pictures. You look great and very happpy!!!

♡ from ©

Ylenia said...

AMAZING pictures indeed!!
(and I am come from near Venice)

xxx Ylenia | Longuette
check on my vintage giveaway!

helena said...

Those pictures are so damn gorgeous <3

Violet said...

you guys look great. the outfits and accessories are perfection and you are a great model

Vi from Cali

renny ruth roren said...

congrats to you! and sure you looked super pretty there! <3 love the photos and my best wishes go to you both.

Ceciliaefendy said...

Congraaaats :D
I'm happy for you!!!
May you both always showered by happiness all the time.Longlast dear <3

**OnYxStA** said...

loving the pics hun
they really do say 1000 words x


Presticilla said...

wah congratulations Michelle. :)

Delvy said...

Very surprised that you'll getting married! Congrats! And your photo very stunning,gorgeous! :) congrats!

dela said...

oh my God, the last photo.. yes, yes, in front of Louvre! It's so breathtaking.. I am drooling to go there! Anyway, congrats for you both! may happiness always there, around you. :)

Yoanda Pragita said...

OMG! You're gonna get married! Congratulations, michelle! So happy for you two! You guys probably having the most beautiful pre-wed pictures :))

Candela said...

Congraaattts!!! This is one of the best prewedding photoshoot I've ever seen!!! Enjoy the preparation :)

Nidya Indah Utari said...

WOW!!! You're getting married! Congratulations Michelle.. I love the 2nd pic, You look so stunning and Brian looks cool. Longlast you two!

Ashley said...

Congrats!! These pictures are absolutely stunning, I love how they turned out! Awww you guys are an adorable couple! :)


Dewanti Primayani said...

OMG, congrats michelle! :")
gorgeous photos! you guys look adorable together <3

Joie de Vivre

Tara said...

great pre wedding photos, love ur outfit ! so glam and luxurious :) , i can't wait to see u in wedding day ..

Julian Tanoto said...

all of the pics r stunning, and u look so pretty too <3
congrats!u must be really happy for this :)

Journal J

derek said...

absolutely fabulous!!! congratulations!!!
you guys are so precious!!!
I wish you guys a happy marriage and future!!! :)
great great photos
the most fiercest wedding photos I've seen hehe
work it girl

Eva Silviana said...

Prewedding?? Omo!! You both look so nice mich. Longlast with your bf, I know you guys will make it♥

cherie said...

this post just melts my heart.. congratulations michelle! the pictures are so beautiful!

Adeline Yang said...

i was surprised, didn't see it coming at all. but, congratulations! the pictures are amazing, loving the expressions on your face. love the second picture, and the mask, and the ones in louvre. and thank you for sharing shill's link, i thought they have no online contacts or stuff... congratulations once again :)

Vivienne said...

OMG! Congratulations!!! This is real good news. I've been following your blog for fashion inspiration for so long...!

You both make a good looking couple. And the pictures are gorgeous.

Take care and hope everything goes well for you and Brian (that's your fiance's name right?).

All the best~

Cheers from Malaysia. :)

Anastasia Siantar said...

OMG!!! Those pictures are AMAZING!! BEYOND AMAZING!! And you look like a goddess ♥

Anyway, congrats Michelle! ;)

Mita Adindayu said...

just love the whole picture! amazing!
that headpieces made you looks more awesome!

unitatan said...

These photos are so gorgeous, I wish you nothing but the best, Michelle!! I hope you guys always filled with bless and much of love!


the little miss jessica said...
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fhenny said...

ah these are stunning!! finally it is out (remember our convo at hahaha) you know how much i love looking at prewed pics and yours is absolutely breathtaking :) esp the one with the mask. looking at these make me happy

looking gorgeous as always and i wish you and brian a happy and long last marriage <3

style frontier

the little miss jessica said...

I've been a silent reader of your blog for as long as I could remember, and now you're going to start another chapter of your life! Congrats, dear! :)

Looking at the pics and see the intensity of your eyes towards your man..., that's love!

lisa and her world* said...

soooooo sweeeeeeet banget ciiiii <3 congrats ya:);)

Jane Reggievia said...

OMG chel, CONGRATS for you both! hihi
finally yahhh, after for a long love story, wish a very happy relationship for you and Brian (:

ps: you look so gorgeous in every pics!


ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

hi dear ! i've just give you an award :) check it out :

Nitya Krisnantari said...

I'm so surprised! Congratulations, Michelle! Hope you will be a great wife for your husband.
And the pictures are so amazing!

FashionJazz said...

These pictures are amazing and congrats to you honey!! I am so happy for u! Mwah xx

Ms.S said...

wow! congrats!
you really could keep a secret well haha..
stunning photos!


Kate L. said...

Congrats Michelle, I'm surprised and happy to hear the good news this afternoon when reading your post. You look gorgeous and absolutely beautiful! Those pics are amazing! Hope you'll have a sweet and happy life with your hubby.

Fashion Cat

Ariyanti Tjiang said...

Congraats dear!
what a great photos!
best wishes for both of ya'

Lorreta F. Michelle said...

whoa! congratulation dear!
happy for you!

the photos are great. the third photo is my fave :)


fallenmoon said...

wooooooooooooow!! these are amazing photos!! my wedding is coming up, i needed a few creative photo ideas.... hope you don't mind i use a couple of these as an example.

btw, where did you get that mask? i wanted a white one like that for my wedding instead of a veil, but i couldn't find one!!!

love your blog btw, following you. c:


Asher said...

oh my gosh, these pictures are AMAZING! You look gorgeous!

Congrats! :)

tell yourself to be myself said...

just beautiful


Anaivilo said...

That is soooo awesome! The pictures are sublime, I totally love them, and you look both so lovely! Congratulations, when is the wedding? :D

Christine said...

congrats!! that's so exciting :) these pictures are so lovely and you and your beau look great :)

thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :D

Cara said...

Wow wow wow!! These photos are absolutely amazing, you look gorgeous in every one, and I can't get over all of the outfits! Love the hat in the shot of you laying by the canal, love the mask, love the red dress, love it all!!
Congratulations on your engagement, so exciting!
xo Cara

the bolu dancer said...

love every pics!
as always.. no smile :)
but again, that's what makes you remarkable!
he's a very lucky guy!

Baby Budget Blog said...


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

WAOO!!! Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you!!! The pictures turned out amazing btw, simply amazing!

Kimberly Capeto said...

Hey !
I love all of your pictures, it's difficult to pick a favorite one, all of them have fabulous headpieces and clothes :)
By the way, Congrats !

Raspberry Jam said...

Absolutely beautiful!

ClouDesign said...

inspiring photo !

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Wow Michelle! I don't have enough words to describe how I feel about these pictures! They look so beautiful and romantic! Congratulations to you my friend! Cheers to you and your lucky fiance! xoxoxoxo

Miy said...

Oh, dear..

I'm so happy for youuu.. congratulation for both of you.. looking forward for the reception photos.. must be completely romantic as this ones..

The picnic girl

DEEvona's diary said...

congratz, mich! as your reader, I'm so happy for youu.. :)
you're super gorgeous in the photos btw.. ;)

Aina said...

the headpiece on 2nd pic is just WOW...

Sydney said...

words cant describe how beautiful you (and these pre-wedding photographs)look!!

congrats! but waiiiiit - how old are you again?? you look like 16 to me!! or is it just me??

anyway im so happy to hear this news. 4 years! congrats again michelle :)


Phuong said...

WOW congrats! You two look beautiful in the photos

Travel in Style

Mary ♥ Mur said...

Oh, you ve got such a beautifull blog.))
Love your post.)

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"What are your favorite clothing firms?"

Maria Giovanni said...

So sweet... <3 <3 <3

xoxo, MG.

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

oh my god! i'm suprised!
congratulations chelle, i'm really happy read this post. All the best for both of you :)

and the photos are beautifull, so romantic and fabulous! i love the white headpice! and the concept are really gorgeous :)

Closet Full Of Style said...

wow, congratulation!!
Beautiful photos, and the white headpiece with feathers is to die for!!

ko0ty said...

I LOVE THIS!! Your photoshoot looks like an editorial. You must recommend me the photographer!

Liana said...

omg congrats! what amazing and beautiful photos, im so happy for you! that's so exciting :)

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agnes said...

tes photos sont superbes, et je vous trouve magnifique tous les deux

pinkmate said...

congratulations! really awesome pictures! and all your outfits are just fabulous!


Deisha Tamar said...

OH WOW! I can't stand the idea of marriage at a young age. But i hope it will be an everlasting love for you. All the best <3

you're so lucky to have your pre-wedding photos taken at Europe!!! ((:

monica said...

congrats on the pending nuptials!

u two look fantastic. i hope ur wedding is just or even more beautiful than ur photos

Schnappy said...

Cool post, cool photos!:)

missroum87 said...

Im a great follower of Moreno Photography. And Im a great follower of ur blog as well.

Few days ago, Moreno upload some pre-wedding pictures of a couple taken in Paris. I showed to my boyfriend abt HOW the lady in the pre wedding shots look so much alike with an indonesian blogger named Michelle. But lil did i or we know its actually the SAME person until today you mentioned abt it in your blog.

I am still caught by surprised!!!!
What a coincidence to find out abt it like this!!

Congratulations to you and ur future husband :)

babalisme said...

Congratulations!! You look (and pose) like a model, so graceful, you nailed it on every pic. Too bad your husband to be is very stiff, LOL, Well can't blame him, I would look as awkward as he is too when photographed.

Wish you all the best!

Fuchsia and Viscaria said...

oh my! i am so surprised. you two, looks like born to be together. i am very happy to know that you'll getting marry really soon. you make me believe that there is something named 'marry' that exist in a young-lady. i am a way too happy. congratulation, michelle.

xoxo, diny

DailyGlamour said...

love !
pretty couple pics

Kim said...

Congrats! you are one beautiful catch~ ;)

Marla Singer said...

whoaaa just saw this post! congrats, chelle! love all the awesome shots! when is the date? so happy for you <33

elleandjess said...

OMG CONGRATS Chell!! We are so happy for you! ♥


Ordinary 90s Girl said...

i like this post a lot !!
So amazing pictures...

Which i like the most (i like almost all!)

pic no. 3
pic no. 7
pic no. 8
pic no. 11
pic no. 13
pic no. 14

i like the outfits and accessories. Very unique and different from usual pre wedding pictures i've ever seen before.

Last but not least, congrats!!

Meisha.Style said...

congratulations! beautiful pictures. i thought i was reading through a bride magazine! so sweet and chic!

nadyagita said...

omg chelle, I just knew that u're going married.. CONGRATSSSS <3 wish u a lot of happiness :))

<3 <3


all are so adorable pictures.. congratesss for both of you <3


Cynthia said...

awww hoooow cuteeee!