Thursday, June 30, 2011


Many of you have been asking about my hair.. some ask what I do to it, how I style it, and etc. Well, the truth is I don’t do anything other than regularly washing it (I’m not even that diligent with conditioner). No fancy salon treatments or anything. In fact, I’m actually one of those anti-salon person. Not that I don’t like being pampered, but I just don’t like having my hair look “too done”. But at certain times of the year, I might just say “yes” for a salon trip. One of this occurrence happened to take place on Monday. The Sunsilk Hair Studio had just opened a month ago, and because of its temporary existence, I decided to give it a go anyway.

What’s unique about this beauty parlor is that it’s the first Sunsilk salon in Indonesia. The concept is a collaboration between Sunsilk and Qiqi Franky, an established makeup artist and hair stylist. If you have no idea what to do with your mane, try out one of the hair trends that they’ve set up. From the Fierce Crop to the Retro Red Carpet, there’s something for everyone.

The futuristic looking salon is divided into two areas : Zone 1 and Zone 2. The first zone which measures 249.95 m² holds a reception, photo booth area (yes, photo booth with those fancy lighting sets), a lounge, and a cafe brought to you by Spinelli. For shopaholics out there, you can also check out product displays where local brands such as Petite Cupcakes have their pieces for sale!

Now, in between those 2 zones, there are 7 gorgeous creations by some of Indonesia’s leading designers. These designs all reflect the 7 hair trends Sunsilk Hair Studio offers.
gold ornament cheong-sam style dress by Sapto Djojokartiko for the Sunsilk Hair Fall Range
intricate sleeves and collarline by Denny Wirawan for the Sunsilk Straight and Sleek range

The second zone is where all the beauty magic occurs. 10 washing booths, 26 treatment stations, and a team ready to help you out. Although you can get some creambath, a haircut or even your makeup done, I just opted to do the simple wash & blow dry process. Since my hair was ‘normal’, the stylist offered me to use the Smooth & Straight range. She first washed my hair twice then applied conditioner only to the ends because my roots were oily. I then moved to one of the chairs were another stylist named Harris blow-dried my hair. I told him that I don’t want the “vavoom big hair” effect, just make it natural and he listened to my instructions carefully :)

Verdict : I loved the results! The waves were not “too done” and they looked natural. My tresses were also soft and they smelled nice. With the friendly staff and stylists, Sunsilk Hair Studio is defo worth a comeback.
Sunsilk Hair Studio is located on the 2nd Floor of Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, East Mall.
To book an appointment, call 021- 23581974.and remember ! it’s only open until 31 July. So, head there while you can
For more info, click on Sunsilk’s Facebook page or follow Sunsilk’s Twitter for updates or special promotions.