Friday, December 3, 2010

taste buds

I was invited to the Jakarta Culinary Festival Food Blogger's Dinner (yes food blogger.. i guess i'm sorta a food blogger as I'm a big fond of good food as well..) It was one of my the best dinner course I've had especially acknowledging the fact that I can't just order these dishes out of a regular restaurant. There were 7 chefs who each concocted a special dish for the course (more details coming along with photos). Not only that, the night was completed with useful tips on food photography and reviewing by
I'll save the rambling for later and for now, be prepared for some tongue worthy pictures ! :9
1# Cold Appetizer : Balinese Chicken Salad with Coconut Vegetables and Sambal Matah
By Fahmi Widarte (Corporate Chef of Rotaryana Prima)
I'm never a fan of spice-full Balinese dishes but this chicken had just the right amount of spices and chilly to jump start my late night appetite. It wasn't too spicy either so I could enjoy it without hitting the water glass too often. [for those who don't know, i DONT eat spicy at all except Indomie instant noodles]

2# Hot Appetizer : Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek in Sweet Miso
By Hugo Adrian (Executive Chef of Blowfish Kitchen & Bar)
Blowfish is one of my favorite spots in Jakarta and this particular menu represents how chef Hugo effortlessly combines Japanese and Western influences altogether. In a larger portion, this dish would definitely make an outstanding main course.

3# Soup : Authentic Sultan's Tomato Cream Soup
By Agus Ishermawan (Head Chef of Ismaya Catering)
The word 'cream' freaks me out in a couple of ways. One: it reminds me of soggy baby food. Two: cream simply equals to a dollop of fatty acids running through my intestines. Since this is one of those special nights, I decided to give cream another try. And this orange soup definitely turned my heads. It was nothing like the gross cream I had in my head. Plus, there was a bit of foie gras which just made the soup even more mouth watering.

4# Pasta : Red Shell Pasta With Duck Ragout, Pine Nut and Rocket Salad
By Gianfranco Beltrame (Italian Chef de Cuisine at Casa D'Oro Hotel Indonesia Kempinski)
There's a good reason why I'm not a fan of cream-based dishes (like the soup before). To add to my 'why I dislike cream list', creams make me full in a bad way at times. This pasta probably peaked out at the wrong timing. It is good on it's own, but not good after a creamy soup. It would be better if the duck ragout was served with a separate oil-based pasta on the side instead of having everything mixed in one bowl.

5# Fish : Chilean Sea Bass With Lee Kum Kee Ginger Oyster Sauce
By Sofyan Joshua (Technical Culinary Chef of Sukanda Djaya)
The sea bass is something my grandpa would cook on a Sunday so this definitely suited my taste buds. It was a nice alternative from the western cooking we had for the past 3 courses. A little bit of bok choy compliments the ginger oyster sauce very well. Maybe I should try sizzling my bok choy with Lee Kum Kee next time...

6# Meat : Short Rib, Truffle Demi Glaze, Charcoal Oil, Glazed Carrots, Potato Hot Foam and Nuts Fake Cous Cous
By Ignacio Virgen Jimenez (Chef de Cuisine of Potato Head)
Another favorite from the night. The short ribs were grilled to perfection. Very soft and succulent, and even better when eaten with the side dishes. I could see this as part of the menu at Potato Head>


I had to leave for the dessert, Green Tea Cake Ala Tropicale by Rinrin Marinka (Artistic Chef) because it was pretty late and I've already had a long day. I heard it was really delicious from the new people I met at the dinner (ivan, desy, ruby, astrid, marisa, adhi, and natalia *sorry if i left out any names from the people I met in the evening, my grandma has a better memory than I do*). My other highlights from the night were the free flow wine and the lychee martini. I find the martini really nice and sweet and a great way to finish up my late night dinner course.

special thanks to Ismaya Group, Ezra from The Jakarta Post, Himawan Sutanto from Foodtography, Ivan Sielegar : founder of and all of the skilled chefs who have created the menu for the wonderful evening. I look forward to the next JCF anytime !

for my fashion-enthusiast readers, i hope you all liked my alternative-to-fashion post today ! like always, constructive critics are highly welcomed ! have a great weekend :)


michellehendra said...

make my stomach growls. growls growls. hahaha


Arnold Martono said...

nyum nyum! I envy you....

Mei said...

-drools- great food pictures!

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arrghhh...amazing food pics!! hungry!!

febriani djunaedi said...

look so yummy. these are make me feel hungry :)

Lee Oliveira said...

Great photos.. and those food are amazing..
I am sure you also had a yummy wine selection

Isabel said...

um this looks amazing!

Tiffany said...

this looks great! like lots of fun!
great photos by the way :)

jacobian said...

wow...the food porn is amazing.extremely delicous.

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Man I'm hungry for that soup now!

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

wow! Well done! This photos are really beautiful :))
Your blog is the best :D

Rosa said...

Such a nice experience!!!! Now Im hungry at 10!!!!


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Diane said...

Michelle, I'm going to kill you! why do you post stuff like this? it's not fair :(( we don't have this food in Romania :((


Diane said...

Michelle, I'm going to kill you! why do you post stuff like this? it's not fair :(( we don't have this food in Romania :((


Diane said...

Michelle, I'm going to kill you! why do you post stuff like this? it's not fair :(( we don't have this food in Romania :((


Diane said...

Michelle, I'm going to kill you! why do you post stuff like this? it's not fair :(( we don't have this food in Romania :((


20 York Street said...

Oh wow, I don't think I will eat these, I'll just look at these beauties and take pictures!

Nah, who am I kidding? I will eat them all!

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i'm not food addicted at all,but i would really gladly enjoy in one (or 2,lol) martini!:)) anyway great pics!!enjoy your weekend too!kisses

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Absolutely exquisite photos, darling!

Delicious post!



mmm, everything looks so good!

Sweet said...

those FOOD photos are are totally getting good with taking pictures with food...the colors and the way it is presented is very my stomach is asking for FOOD!!!


VicissitudiniLombarde said...

thanks for your comment Michelle ^_^

Have a great weekend ;)

Fitri said...

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Oh my, oh my! Love this food post! This has me drooling on my keyboard right now... :P


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these looks soooo freakin delicious!!!! do you know how to make them? teach me!!!! rawrrr!!1 lol sorry that was my stomach

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that's awesome. I LOVE FOOD! after travelling and fashion, food is probably the next thing where my income goes to! hahaha


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Yummy food!

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i love your blog..and this post is great!!
looks awesome!!



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Im now hungry! Those dishes look so delicate and tasty, yum! XOXO

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wow i am so envious, every single meal looks so delicious! lucky thing x

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You're one lucky girl! :) Those look bloody YUM! :D

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omg all that food looked so amazingly good! makes the soup that im eating now look like crap :P you're so lucky to have been invited to such a great event! :)

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the food looks so delicious! :D
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im so glad you got to go ;) so you could bring us back thes YUMMY shots. such great photos. made me want tomato soup real bad actually.
hope you're having a great weekend

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Okay I am officially drooling!

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Yum! Great pictures :)

devilishlypleasurable said...

What an amazing spread! The belly rules the mind, indeed. And I was chuckling re your comments on cream. . my best friend would say "Everytime I see laksa or beer I imagine them as a pint of fats!"

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you got me hungry :9


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this looks like an amazing event! i am a big foodie as well!

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all of the food look veryyyy delicious and luckily when I open this page, I've just finished my lunch :P.

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Yummm! It looks like an awesome evening!


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Delicious! I´m having hunger pangs like now by just looking at them.


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your photography skills are damn good!

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This is awesome! What a cool event!


Sanny said...

I LOVE Culinary Festival! Food has been one of the things that got me up to cloud nine lol but it's true though! Now I'm all tempted to have some food midnight time here!

Have a delightful day! (:

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Ohh.. I'm speechless..Coz, I'm drooling as I read this. eeekk...
The food look so *blingbling* xp

Have a great weekend too(:

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

Dreamy Princess said...

Ohh.. I'm speechless..Coz, I'm drooling as I read this. eeekk...
The food look so *blingbling* xp

Have a great weekend too(:

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

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How lucky are you!! Delicious food pictures! I want to eat those short ribs! I don't eat spicy food either..I'm always afraid it'll burn my tongue! xoxoxoo

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