Wednesday, October 6, 2010

black lipstick

randoms throughout this week .
black lipstick ? why not ?
my chanel illustration from high school
im preparing another question and answer post ! sooo ask me questions (via comments, emails, etc)! and i'll answer them appropriately in the future post :)


Aki No Yuutsu said...

wow!!! Black Lipstick!!!
You should do a gothic look!

cherie said...

the black lipstick look so cool on you. love all the other pics, the madame chanel illustration is just amazing :)

veronicaa said...

Gorgeous photos!
I love your Chanel drawing :)
Question for you:
Where do you draw photography inspiration from?
XO Veronica

janettaylor said...

I love that Coco sketch!

Melai said...

fierce black lips!

Melai of Style and Soul


I love the black lips!


great photos!
visit mine,


Bernadette Bianca said...

this post is amazing! you took great photos ci :D

The Coronet

collagevintage said...

Love black lips, i don`t if i be pretty with them... but sure i'll taste them :P

Big kiss sweetie!

A.Co said...

Black lipstick, sweet.

Love the shoe ring-holders.

I loooove your sweater in your last post, so fab. (what a creeper, too!!!)

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Leia said...

Michelle I love the black lipstick! I think it's a bit too bold for me to try myself though. And the other pictures are gorgeous, you are so talented :)


Rosa said...

Love the lipstick and your drawing its just super cute:)

Violet said...

love the coco drawing!

Whats in your bag?

Vi from Cali

Nana said...

that black lipstick is amazing said...

nice photos ci :)
love the black lips! <3


crazy pig said...

Such awesome photos! The red lipstick is damn cool, it really fits you ;) and I love the Chanel illustration :)
have a nice evening <3

alyssa said...

That is such a clever ring holder! I want to make one of those!

A Lot Like Fashion said...

Wow! You can so pull a black lip color! :)

Follow my blog at

chaoskontrolowany said...

Great pics!

Ashley said...

I *love* that Chanel drawing! And how you display your rings is too cute, where did you find those little shoe ring holders? Love them!


Angie said...

black lips are a staple for fierce high fashion. love them!

<3 angie

t a l i s h a said...

woooo, what an awesome set of pics.. cute illustration too. hahahahha nih gw sumbang pertanyaan:

Q. what's your fave resto/cafe to hang out, chill, and talk with friends in jkt? (let's go there the next time i'm in the city)

Catherine Au Jong said...

yaay black lipstick
where did you get it???
by the way I miss zenbu A LOTTTT

The Petite Blogger said...

love the goth look but dont think i can pull black lipstick off :(

btw nice knit in previous post!!! and so wish we cud swap weather!


FashionJazz said...

Love your post hun! Hope you have been well! I had no internet access last week at fashion week...but I am back now and catching up on your blog! Mwah xx

Anna said...

Love the pics!


Gina said...

i love love love your "shoe" ring holders!

sooo cute ;)


what can i ask??

what is the quality you like most about yourself?


Melanie said...

Your shoe ring holders are sooooooo adorable.


Sweet said...

I say go for the black look awesome and hot...if red is the color for seduction then black is for mystery, fierce and emotion...

love the first shows the real emotion in the photos...

amazing shot!!!!


Turquoise and Lily said...

michelle, black lipstick photonya keren,maybe next time you can wear gothic clothes and also the make up!

Joy and Amore said...

huaaa black lipstick keren juga ya :)
cocok di kamu michelle

Lussi Rahadian said...

I heart the shoes!!!!!

btd. said...

These pictures are inspiring! Definitely those black lips! Lol. :)

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

black lipstick never fails to give statement to anything simiple :)

Kalyana Dewi said...

wow, lovely ilustration michelle.
I'd like to ask you this (and I hope you would like to answer it:))
Did you ever wear wrong costume on an occasion?


bravegrrl said...

great post! love the photos, the black lipstick and best of all... the drawing!!!!

SOFIA said...



I love the first pic so much and the sketches are just so nice. it can tell that its Chanel you are drawing bout.

let me donate a question for you
how do you think the fashion in Indonesia nowadays?


HiFashion said...

The black lipstick suits you quite well.
And your illustration of Chanel is good!

Hana Fiona Tindjau said...

oii!!! i love the pics beb!!!

Tiffany said...

wow The pics are so awesome!!
I love the first pic! you look so amazing with your black lipstick!

misspinkles said...

Those jewellery holder/shoe things are AWESOME! It's so pretty and such a smart way to store them.
Where can I find them.

Marta said...

sucg fabulous shots! absolutely inspiring!

Q: who or even what is your greatest inspiration?

Lumpexoholiczka said...

I looooooooooooooooove so mutch 1 pic

ps. your blog it's amaizing and very inspiring

the psychotica said...

Why so great picts ?! haha ;)
and yeah i dont mind black lipstick, looks good on you though, not me ;)

Love Love Love <3

vivi said...

i totally love the dome shot! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous !
and yes you should try gothic look sometime hahaha

Diane said...

Wow, the picture with the jewelry shows got me dreaming :X...

Great photos!


Tara said...

u look mysterious girl with that black lipstick :)

Keith said...

Great photos. I love black lipstick. So ultra cool.

joanafaria said...

Great blog, actually.

sartob, si tobing, tobbily said...

great pics and looove the lipstick! uhm, i'd like to ask several questions then:
1. who inspire you the most?
2. why
3. kpn km pertama kali interested in fashion?

oh anyway, wanna join bloggers meet up? we'll be so pleased and glad to have you :)

Islandia Lane said...

the first two pics are great and I LOVE the last one! so dreamy.

Mademoiselle-marie said...

and the first pic is awesome !


ediot said...

hello darling.
i really do find your blog inspiring. especially because of the fantastic photography you provide.
i LOVE that first shot- it's so amazing.
hope youre having a wonderful week love

i wonder what youre currently doing- and what you would most like to work with.


Ali said...

I love that picture of the rooves-- so pretty!

cathy. said...

Love these photos.


Sanny said...

AMAZING shots!!!! And your high school drawing is superb! LOL it's like you were born for fashion and you knew it right away! The black lipstick is so daring, I envy that, hands down!

Have an awesome one, darl (:

Sanny's Head to Heart

tarida girsang. said...

Black lypstick is cool kak!! I'll wait ur new post always :-)

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

I especially love the photo with the pink shoes!
Take care, lovely.

michellehendra said...

great! not much could handle black lipstick like you do :) uber gorgeous! i miss zenbuuuuu!!!! :( but is it the one with those calories details menu? haha

joseyzheng said...

Wow, you can even rock black lips! Awesomeness :) Is that lipstick from Lime Crime?

Questions for you:
1. Besides fashion, photography, and food, what other things captured your interest?
2. Have you ever thought of doing a beauty blog one day? I've seen some fashion bloggers doing beauty posts, vice versa. I'm actually interested in seeing you posting one.

Have a nice day!

helena said...

The first pic is amazing ♥

The Trendy Fashionista said...

Your illustration from Coco Chanel is great!
Here's my question: Where do you get all of those amazing bags? Do you know of anyehre where they cost less?

Thanks :)
-The Trendy Fashionista

AttemptingStyle said...

i love black/purple lipstick, have been searching for perfect shades in both. whats the one youre wearing?

Juliet said...

How beautiful photos!

juliet xxx

Sarah M said...

LOVE the pictures!

my question: how is ur hair so amazing and volumized and healthy? :)

-sarah m

Zarna said...

black lipstick?

so bold! i love it!


Carrie said...

You are an amazing photographer, Michelle. Great pictures!

Owen said...

a very nice sketch ci michelle! and lovely photographs as well. especially the engraving on the building


black lipstick! WHY NOT! and your Chanel illustration is purely awesome.


Tesa said...

great blog!

MissNeira said...

I wish I could pull off the black lipstick! and that Chanel illustration is great girl!

Miss Neira

Ashley said...

I like the black lipstick! Gorgeous blog, as always.

Here's a question: how long have you been interested in photography?

lauralu said...

the black lipstick is so cool but i dont think i could get away with it :) theboyfriend would be incredibly confused.. haha!


lilAY:) said...

The pictures are stunning (: What camera do you use? Love your style ♥

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Great photos!

Maryam, or Mayo like Mayonaisse said...

nice pict of Coco Chanel! love it! mind to visit my blog? :)

menina elegante said...

beautiful photos!!

how do you know when there is going to be a beautiful shot?? or do you just.. know???

menina elegante

E said...

Your Chanel drawing is SO AMAZING! I love it!

Elena from

Lisa! said...

Do you think that more often than not, the greater the style/fashion is, the more you have to pay for it.

What is your most prized possession? What was your most expensive buy?

If you could wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Do you think you classify yourself as a fashion blogger? Or are you more of a lifestyle blogger?

FLoRette said...

Hello michelle, I'm happy to hear that u allow us to ask u questions.
Please answer mine:
1. What program did u use in editing all those gorgeous pictures?
2. U look sooo rich. May I know what ur parent's jobs?
3. Where do u live and what college do you attend?
4. What is ur dream job?
5. If u meet ur blog readers in the street and they greet you, what is ur response in return?

Thank u for answering my question. Have a nice day :-)

marina said...

nice pics:)

u-ung said...

keren bgt photo editing nya chelle...!!! cool...!!!!

Bionica said...

I really enjoy coming to your blog
it's always nice to see how you work with the pictures
they are fabulous =)
btw that is a cool illustration!!!


jamie-lee said...

loving the mix of pics - that shoe with the rings in it? super cute!

Hmm... where is your favourite place to shop? And where do you draw your inspiration for your outfits from? x