Tuesday, September 28, 2010

By the Sea

"we cant choose our family. that's why God gave us best friends" - I read this quote from someone's twitter and I can totally relate to this. There's nothing quite like being with the people I love which includes my besties, my boyfriend, and several family members. I don't agree with those who say that we should always stay with our family because they'll never go away or whatever because they have the same blood. I dont think this is always true. I've heard stories where the father has sex with his daughter.. or some even sell their babies for money ?!? how inhumane are those people ? I think that the best people in the world are the people who love you for what you are.. they love you for YOU ! We have like 6 billion ++ homo species on this Earth, there's gotta be someone who appreciates you even if you think you're the weirdest kid on the block. Sooo go ahead and start searching for the people who you like ! :D
This is also one of the reasons why i love blogging.. it's like like a little community of fashion-lovers where I can make new friends with the same interest. this post is dedicated to two of my best blogger buddies : talisha and stella. I cant imagine where I'm gonna get all those laughs without you two :)

little shout out to michelle, fhenny, and diana whom I wished you guys could've joined us in the little dinner by the sea :D
wearing mitchybelle top, gifted floral shorts, ebay-ed long skinny belt, charles david wedges. and my trusty Zara camera bag..
artificial photoshop makeup.. this is why i totally love photoshop !
shot this one with a tripod.. and suddenly pesky securities came by and told us no photos allowed (when we all have been posing for around 30mins).. in the end, talisha's driver found out from the security guys that we weren't allowed to take photos because of the TRIPOD. damnit.. a tripod doesnt do any damage to the floor or anything for goodness sake. security guys in indo seriously need more training and they should shrug off their "im an important and smart guy" attitude.. because the truth is they are dodos and they dont have any COMMON SENSE.
i really love this last photo of stella and talisha.




Everyone looks fabulous! I want to be there. x


michellehendra said...

huhuhuhu i really want to join you guys.. :( if only i were in jakarta.. :((( btw, you look pretty.. and i miss talisha and stella so much.. :( so do i miss fhenny and diana.. :((


Susan said...

all of you are gorgeous! Love all the pics :)) itu yang di depan cafe dermaga bukan ya?

Mesmerize said...

Ohhh all of you are so wonderful and beautiful!! I regret that I had no opportunity to meet you closer:(. But I'm very happy that i find your blog!! Stopping at your blog and reading your posts is a pleasure for me:)

vdcouture said...

lovely shots <3 and the photoshop make up editing is just awesome! and i hate all of security guards too!! they're just trying to look fierce and all well actually they're not. screw em!


joninel said...


alyssa said...

You all look oh so adorable and so fashionably dressed! I especially like your friends tiered skirt! Its very very cute!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous looks and pics, darling!
Love your shorts!


Tiffany said...

pretty pictures!!
besties are the best! being loved for what and who you are is something amazingly valuable. there is nothing better with being comfortable around people you love!

Psicodelia Loves! said...

Great blog and great photos!! Beuty!!
I follow you! Kisses!!


dyni.felicia.one said...

you all look so pretty! nice photoss :)
hihiy, thanks for you comment anyway ci..


A Lot Like Fashion said...

Hey, I just awarded you the Lovely Blog award. Please check at http://fortheloveoffashionandotherthings.blogspot.com

janettaylor said...

WOW! Great photos!

TheMadTwins said...

I love you styles so much, and the other too. The long dress looks so fabulous and the girl with the had is soooo cute ^__^
Lovely pictures =D


Alice said...

you all look so beautiful :)

costra y ampolla said...

AMAZING pics!!

did you know that ampolla means blister in spanish?? so funny that our blogs have the same word on it´s name!!!

fashionable palette said...

Love these photos...and that photoshopped makeup is amazing! Good work!

chaoskontrolowany said...

Cute shorts;)

More than Mode said...

You look amazing girls!!!!
Nice shoots! ;)

ediot said...

what a great full post.
i enjoying reading what you have to say.
i miss my parents so much though- and when I'm at home they're always my top one priority instead of hanging out with friends I had growing up.
I have a lot of friends where I live now that i value very high- almost like family.
These photos of you guys are fantastic- so much joy.
And the shots themselves are great


Aki No Yuutsu said...

couldn't agree more (about the family thingin').
I kinda like what you did, with the artificial makeup.
Cute shorts, by the way!

Isabel said...

i love the floral shorts :)

collagevintage said...

You're gorgeous lady!!! this pics are great... In Spain weather is more cold now... and actually i need come back summer again (of course i'm impatient for wear some new fall clothes :P).

Love your photoshop make up, you're so creative with this program... hahaha!

Big kiss sweetie

PD: I hate too when blogger don't save messages... :P


Sanny said...

Awesome shoots, as always! You girls are so pretty, fashionable and talented! (: I totally adore your floral shorts!

And I couldn't be more agree regarding the term 'family'. I actually think that any individual that we let to be in our life or part of our life should be considered as family. Of course, it has to be worth it.

Have an amazing one, darl (:
Sanny's Head to Heart

Lucy said...

I looove your shorts!! Great colors.

The Owl's Closet said...

You guys looks great!! Love these shots, Michelle:)


Violet said...

haha really no photos because of the tripod?

i love the pattern of the shorts and the pink lipstick is perfect on you. and the photo of you with the phone and the last one are my faves

Vi from Cali

tiltumaria said...

What a lovely post! You look fab!

Cate.B said...

great shots!

Melissa said...

fabulous photos! you look great, and i lvoe your shoes!

Poison Wardrobe said...

Great photos! All of you look wonderfull:)

Jen said...

all of you girls are BEYOND gorgeous and i love how you all have different styles. :) if only i could fly over and join you guys for a day!

Sophie said...

This looks like it was a fabulous day! You all look so gorgeous, I love your outfit it is so cute. I totally know what you mean, there is nothing like spending a evening or a day or whatever with friends!

I have started a brand new blog and would love it if you had the time to pop by! xo


Phuong said...

you look great, love beach pictures

HiFashion said...

I definitely agree with that quote and what you said. You hear horrible stories about family. And I love the blogging community as well.

You look great here. Love the top.

Laura Tenshi said...

I agree, we should be able to choose whomever we want in our lives, not just settle with those who are nearby. Great floral print shorts and your pictures by the sea are amazing.

projectvee said...

the three of you all look so fabulous. your friend has really long curly hair! its super cute with the hat, haha.

BenchesandChandeliers said...

beautiful photos! the three of you look too adorable...


bee said...

You all look FAB! I adore your rose print shorts...

bee said...

You all look FAB! I adore your rose print shorts...

Trendy Gourmandise said...

it's look like a good day !

♥♥♥ http://trendygourmandise.blogspot.com/ ♥♥♥

My Republic of Fashion said...

Fantastic pictures and really pretty outfit. Loving the photoshop make-up!! :)SarahD

Puck Litaay said...

The shorts are rad!


Call Us Mesdemoiselles said...

you girls are so stylish! love you make up btw!

Style, She Wrote said...

Gorgeous outfits! You girls have such amazing style. Love the red woven bag and the floral shorts.

Charlotte said...

Looks like you had a great time - loving all of your SHOES!!

Charlotte xx

The Style Rail
Follow me on Twitter

dela said...

nice sea..

i love you here, but wow.. talisha is uber cute! XD kiss for her!!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Great looks on all of you, and loving the polaroid camera!

Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home
Daisy Dayz Day Zero Challenge

Turquoise and Lily said...

i love your photo with that artificial make up :) lovely

L1L2 said...

u guys look FABULOUS! and the shoes by the waters are so unlikely but looks perfect... and yep, need to learn more photoshop skills!
(love ur shorts too)

Diana said...

i love all three of these outfits! gorgeous


Dusk said...

These photographs are breathtaking. Seriously brilliant. You are a BRILLIANT photographer Michelle.

Tara said...

i love ur floral short !!!! simple, pretty and cute :)

E said...

Such beautiful photos! I love all of your shades!!

jemina said...

I TOTALLY agree with you darling, and I LOVE all of your pics

Keep in touch :))


Courtney Erin said...

Wow - gorgeous photos!!!!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Jennifer and Sherry said...

i LOVE your photos! they're so pretty! everyone in your photos look so chic. and I totally know what you mean about security thinking they're so smart. they act like we're gonna go kill someone with a tripod.

jennifer & sherry


you girls are so gorgeous!

love your floral shorts! i wish it was still summer here so i can wear maxi dresses and shorts.


Diva Putri said...

lovely shortpants!
love ur style a lot! :)

smooch, diva

Liana said...

these photos are absolutely gorgeous and you all look beautiful in them! it looks like you had a lot of fun shooting them..damn security guards though!
and i totally agree with what you said, it's about being around people who love you and accept you for YOU, it doesn't necessarily have to be family :)

stellectism said...

I LOVE YOU LOTS! *let's catch up soon and snap some photos again*

Liz said...

you girls look great :) are these pics shot in PM (pantai mutiara)? I used to go there a lot when I was in highschool. The shots with the polaroid cam makes me wanna have one :)



Grace said...

You keep very stylish company! Great shorts!

Love Grace.

(ps love the cross ring.)

bravegrrl said...

great photos! you and your friends look sooo cute!

Greer said...

oh darling, these photographs are just so lovely and they really capture the moments too.. how wonderful..


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

you guys are so cute!! i'm jealous, can i meet up with you guys when i visit indo? :) he he.


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Festy said...

Great pics. I love your short!


tessatham said...

Hey babe!!! Love all the outfits. You and the girls look so cute!! <3 I'm really digging the poloroid camera as well..

P.S I love the quote about why God gave us bestfriends :)

Beny Ricardo Sadewo said...

yang ini !!!! aduuhh.. dimana lagi sista??? how you could find some Fab place??? or it's just caused you there???? SUPERB!!! yes,, Bff's is next fam's it real!

Uh oh.. please link back or follow my blog again, caused i've change my domain, thanks, *smooch

Beny Ricardo Sadewo


I love those pictures of u all!
you all are so gorgeous!


Leia said...

It looks like a really fun day! You girls are all so cute and well-dressed :)

Oh and your photoshopped pink lipstick is gorgeous, you should try real pink lipstick sometime!


Emilie said...

You look fantastic darling!

agnes said...

vous êtes très très jolies toutes les trois, et j'aime beaucoup vos looks.
Ton short fleuri et tes compensés c'est super. Tu est magnifique.Très jolies photos

Dressing Up For Me said...

Yay! So loving that electric blue silky top of yours. :) You´re friends are gorgeous too.

I gave you an award by the way. ;)

Becky said...

Wow! Great pics! I wish I'd know how to do such gorgeous pics!
I love that flowery shorts


Annushka said...

i love your style!!!)))

Romany said...

Haha, you had me fooled with your photoshop picture there. I was about to inquire about the lipstick you were wearing! ;)
Seems like a lovely day. You all look so glamourous...

Abbey said...

Your floral shorts are amazing!


Tiffany said...

love all the pics.
you all look so pretty :)

Melai said...

Beautiful girls! :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Venn said...

beautiful :)) i love ur electric blue top!! all of u r gorgeous!! :D

isnt this pics takes like months ago?? i think i saw it before,, hmm,,


ailovesamore said...

i love those photos :))
really fab !!
love ure style in those picts :))

just love it :)) the beach :))



Winnie said...

These are gorgeous photos. Lovely bag too and I agree, our families and friends are super important in our lives!

-L said...

Love the outfits!!

I've also tagged you with an award! :)

-L said...

Love the outfits!!

I've also tagged you with an award! :)

Trend Steps said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

You have amazing style! You photos are lovely :)

I just loove polaroid cameras! so cute.

and btw, how do you get those octangonal sun beams on your pictures? did you photoshop it, or did you take it like that? :D

S + Y said...

Yay for artificial Photoshop makeup!!! Hehe, you look great with or without. I'm totally digging the floral shorts!


Fashion-Resort! said...

you are so beautiful!<3

Juliet said...

I love the photoshop lipstick! Gorgeous outfit also!

juliet xxx

clarasmiles said...

you all look so beautiful and cute!!
lovely, so lovely

The Trendy Fashionista said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I love your outfit. And your bag is gorgeous

-The Trendy Fashionista

Ayanna Michelle said...

that top is really beautiful! Such a pretty color.

Quench Fab

solene MeSt said...

great picture i like this
and good job

Katie said...

I love the pics - you look amazing! Beautiful blog!

Coco said...

oh what a wonderful blog!!!
these shorts are gorgeous and all of your outfits look very stylish :)

Take a look at my blog, too, if you'd like :)

Coco said...

oh what a wonderful blog!!!
these shorts are gorgeous and all of your outfits look very stylish :)

Take a look at my blog, too, if you'd like :)

Charleston said...

this post exudes all the beauty summer should hold x


Melanie said...

These are some really fantastic photos. Great shorts and I love the shades!


KD faustino said...

i heard someone say that "friends are the family we choose for ourselves." i think i heard that from carrie bradshaw. i totally believe it! glad you have the best best best friends that you can run to :) anyway, gorgeous photos as always! im amazed with how you can do photoshop make-up :)

Bionica said...

you ladies look so fashionable =)
the hat
the red shoes
the dress
the indigo top
and the fun photoshop makeup
I luv it!!!!!!!!


cathy. said...

Gorgeous photos! I love your floral shorts!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Beautiful photos!! Wow!! And I agree with you about family because it's not healthy to stay with a toxic family member and sometimes it's best to let it go and be with someone who loves you no matter what. xoxoxooxoxoo

Zarna said...

beautiful photos! this looks like such a fun day!


dred said...

yeah i really hate when security guards do that. i mean i know they are just doing their job but there rules are just pathetic and plane insane.

you look gorgeous as usual michelle!

and oh, i'm in love with your friend's black camera. what brand and model is it? xx



kewl photos chelle :)


Sherlyn Lavenia said...

you guys look stylish as usual! where was it anyway?

btd. said...

I love those shorts! This scenery is beautiful to! It's like I wanna write a story to these photos. :)

vaniatrixie said...

Nice <3

Gina said...

i love what you wrote! it's so true, friends become your family when you love them unconditionally :)

you and your girlfriends are sooo pretty :)

i'm loving all of these photos

Iravirginia Komala said...

Fabulous as usual! :)

Cupcake vs Stiletto

Lenne said...

Love your outfit, love what you said about love! :D

Gita Ayunda Hasanusindhy said...

i think the security thought that you might took the photos for a commercial things, because with a tripod and a dslr camera, you look like you've been in some kind of magazine photoshoot, am i riteee?

lalita tian said...

i like your floral shorts
nice photos as usual, mich;)

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Pop Champagne said...

these are very lovely pictures! Though I have to say that I think family is worth more than anything. true, there are the twisted trashy families, but friends get jealous, backstab, sleep with your exes but your siblings will always be there and you can always count on your parents when you need support :)

Audrey Allure said...

Love your shorts!

Anna Leo said...

lovely blog and photos hooney! :)

Islandia Lane said...

so totally agree about family vs friends! It doesn't really matter if it's blood or not, it's the person. Here it looks like you have some amazing friends!
You girls are too cute!

And really LOVING that solo shot looking through the glasses. Great photo.

Poppy said...

Lovely photographs !
You always wear such perfect outfits. The shorts are really cute !

Hope you had a great day.

janet said...

you guys look gorgeous!
love ur shorts! :D

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

not only do you and your friends look gorgeous but the sunlight in these photos are beautiful too...

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Melissa Tjioe ♥ said...

loveing your outfit and great photos, kak chelle.
i adore your shorts. the flower print was too pretty! :)


Sweet said...

I love your shorts...and looking at your photos with your gorgeous friends made me miss mine as well...

OH dear the bondings and fun...gush!!!!

cute photos especially the close-up one...

have a lovely weekend dear!!!


Huda said...

discovered your blog 2 months ago and been a lurker ever since, love it. I agree with you completely on the bellow quote, true friendship is our own created family.

"I think that the best people in the world are the people who love you for what you are.. they love you for YOU ! We have like 6 billion ++ homo species on this Earth, there's gotta be someone who appreciates you even if you think you're the weirdest kid on the block. Sooo go ahead and start searching for the people who you like ! :D"

emily said...

wow, beautiful!

marina said...

i love the photoshop make-up:)


fhen said...

I agree with your statement, mich
sometimes those we meet as friends or even virtual friends can accept us better than ome of our own family member!

Anyway, everyone looks gorgeous in here!
fabulous photos and yet adorable outfit!
Ah how i wish i could join you guys :)
missing you all so muchh


KANI said...

hi! just wanted to say the photography on your blog is beautiful <3

kakang kokong said...

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