Thursday, July 8, 2010

Abazias Diamonds

Say hello to my recent sponsor, Abazias !
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Running Ahead Of The Pack
People who run ahead of the pack do so because they are leaders, they blaze their own trails. Maybe people think they're eccentric for a while, but there's usually some good reasons for doing what they do. People who are buying tungsten wedding bands fall into this category. It may not be the traditional metal to use in wedding bands, and they may be blazing ahead of everyone else choosing this metal, but there are definitely good reasons to run ahead of the pack and start creating new choices for jewelry designs.

Unisex Jewelry
Tungsten is a metal that is somewhat gray in appearance and can retain a high polish, when alloyed with other metals. It is definitely a modern look, and can appeal to men who don't want to wear yellow gold. In that respect, modern women like a sleek, silver, look too and the lighter hues make it a unisex choice, good for both men and women. Gender equality can now start with a choice that both sexes can agree on.

Great For Hectic Lifestyles
The average person today can go from the office to the gym to an after work party. If you have to remove your jewelry when doing sports or swimming, it can be a great way to lose something that's supposed to be around for a lifetime. People just don't have the time or the energy to care for jewelry, as in the past. They don't want to have to take it to get re-coated, like white gold, or polish it, like silver when it tarnishes. They want the light silver look without the fuss. They also want to wear it all the time. That's why more and more people are choosing tungsten wedding bands, to suit their more modern lifestyles.


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Ive never bought diamonds but its good to know. actually its incredibly interesting what you said about the tungsten jewlery. Its so true that people just dont care for their things as they did in the past. i really like the idea of the low key material.

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i like the idea of unisex jewelry.. this is great idea gift for me and my bf (we're in a long distance relationship). thanks for sharing! :D

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I did consider tungsten jewelry when I was shopping for a wedding band but in the end I went for a traditional wedding ring but with 2colors.

Nice post!