Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fashion Bloom

found another boyfriend blazer to add to my outerwear collection ! i cant get enough of jackets these days. I even have 5 black blazers in different cuttings..
all these photos were still taken by my Canon IXUS.. I'm posting up all the photos from the old camera first before posting the new photos from my new camera :D

i loved the lighting flares from the morning sunlight here..
Zara beige boyfriend blazer, Miss Megala liquid leggings, Mango wedges, Prada bag.

so what is Fashion Bloom ? it's actually the annual event held for fashion business students who are going to graduate soon. These people have to create a whole line of fashion related goods and sell them at the event for the 2 days. They also have to create a fashion show showcasing the products. Here's the picts of the events..
Shoes from "In The Name of Fashion" (if you reside in Indo, they accept custom orders for shoes by the way.. you can follow their twitter on @ItNoF )
This is the Signee Locks booth . They sell all sorts of outerwear !
and last this is the Biretta booth which sells all sorts of hairpieces .

some photos of the fashion show.. sorry for the fuzzy images.. my old camera always had trouble shooting indoors..
dresses my Rebelle . loving the bow back details and the bodycon !
In the Name of Fashion show.. their show was inspired by the Christian Louboutin show at Buddha Bar awhile ago where the male models were fitting the different shoes onto the female model..
me and my BEST partner in crime, Ayu ! Do check her blog out for more Fashion Bloom pics!

ohhh not to forget my creation (or contribution..) for the fashion event ! me and Ayu made these flower flocked trees and bird to match the spring theme :D
i thought id save this fave of photo of mine for the last image to look at :D

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tywo said...

I love the blazer!
You are gorgeous!


Patricia S Boedidarmo said...

love the zara blazer :D and the pink bird very much!

beda sama melle skolah nya :) dia di fashion institute gt.. kalo gw college hehe

btw ive followed your blog, gorgeous :)


Love your blazer!

OneCraftyFox said...

The blazer is fabulous!

toxic disco boy said...

wow! i can't wait to go to fashion school next week! i wanna be a part of events like this. looks like fun.

and u look amazing as always. the boyf jacket is sexy.

t a l i s h a said...

Always love your shoes babe.. And the blazer is well-fitted too :)

Anita Putri said...

yes, i love your shoes michelle and the blazer.
perfect outfit :)

TARA said...

wow i like ur blazer michelle, love the color :D

Robyn said...

Great pictures, and I just love your outfit! You look relaxed and so so chic.


veronicaa said...

Such a great outfit! You look fab.
Beautiful photos as well from inside the store! New posts on my blog check em out -- follow!
Xo Veronica

Sherlyn Lavenia said...

ah the last pic is nice!

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

love your shoes and blazer ci :)
seru bgt fashion bloom
hhu syg kmrn ga bs dtg

xoxo nathalie

Margaret said...

gorgeous photos!!
i want to steal your blazer :D :D :D
<3 xx

Jane Reggievia said...

whoaa nice blazer anyway!
you look so gorjess in it :D
anyway, long time no see, chel!
have a nice day :DD

GB (:

liana said...

i love your bright creations!!

- t h a m i a - said...

nice blazer! :) great post :))

u-ung said...

gorgeous style chelle!!!!love that blazer..I'm dying..!!arrghh

Leah said...

I really love the last photo. It's so dramatic. And it's a very good remembrance from your old camera. xoxo

Nathalie Maggiori said...

Goodmorning my sweetheart! What's up?
I guess we have the same heels ;-)
What's inside your Zara purse? I'm so curious!

diana! said...

love your blazer!
yes finally i can back on blogger after my national exam
don't forget enter my giveaway:)

Kate said...


Talita said...

hawt shoes!! wow really wish I could go to that event. their products are awesome! :D

The Petite Blogger said...

love ur outfit! that blazer is gorgeous!!!! u look stunning! and gotta love ur prada bag... the nude shade of the leather is perfect with any outfit!!

xoxo jenna

Tifany said...

Love your blazer and your shoes...
pretty ...

Diana Ang said...

love your blazer :)

Kalyana. said...

super gorgeous . love your legging and blazer :)
and, love the fashion bloom too



In the name of fashion bagus bangettt!!!
bisa order punya yah c michelle?
wah wah wah
where is your creation?

btw, you and c ayu look so cute in that pic :D

not to forget what a super cool wedges and boyfriend blazer :)


Kirsha said...

This blazer is on my must have list ( or light pink ). It's gorgeous. I love your style!!!

Melissa said...

chel bagus banged sumpah!!
love ur outfit so much!! and that blazer is gorgeous!!

love your blog so much:)

Velvet Rose said...

love your look, nice blazer =)

sharonlei said...

Michelle! That is a great blazer to add to your collection.. and you and your friend made that beautiful tree!! Oh wow!! So awesome. :)

Hope you're having a beautiful day!!

xx Love & Aloha

Diane said...

You have a great silhouette in the pictures featuring your from behind. And must be so exiting going to fashion shows :D

hope you have a fun day!


Malu said...

I love the blazer! Great pictures, especially the last one:D


Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!
Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!
Click here to go to Malu’s Fashion!

Phuong said...

The blazer is gorgeous, you look fab!

Charly said...

Love the blazer, have been looking for a nude coloured one for spring for aaages!


snoblak said...

Love love love your outfit!!! You tights with those wedges is killer ;-)

F Blog said...

that is an amazing blazer!! great find! xx

Audrey Allure said...

Gorgeous blazer!

Sai Sai said...

love your blog...I'll follow you...great blazer btw!


Unravelled Threads said...

that blazer is lovely!

mom & son said...

Darling Michelle, that blazer looks great on you.
The color is too cute and looks like the fashion show was fun!

Karoline said...

The blazer is gorgeous!
Loved the three and the bird too, so cute!

regina said...

ooow! the shoes! love love love it!

E said...

I'm totally loving that blazer. The way it wraps is beautiful.

Mia Hyoosuke said...

Wow, Michelle...
did you really made that flower flocked trees and bird's decoration? It looks gorgeous!

I think you've made a great works and you're very talented in that kind of work.

Michaela said...

Your outfit is so pretty!!!! I love all the photographs. xoxo MM

FIAN said...

lovee your blazer color dear.. :D
and your shoes is great as well..

wow2, wanna to visit there too >.<
all shoes form inthe name of fashion aree very great..
i love all of the cutee Biretta hairpiece too

've a great long weekend dear,,
phie emotions.

Nabila RH said...

love the neutral blazer!!
great event! seems like so much fun.
miss hangin out with you btw..

check my newest post !!

Elaine said...

Cool blazer!

Enter to win a William Riera dress!

pensandlens said...

the last photo really did justice for saving it for LAST!!!!

love the outfit my dear, simple but it is still you...the signature Michelle....

I am excited to see your photos from your new camera...have fun!!!

Take Care


Jo said...

I love how you paired the fierce wedges with the tights and of coz the blazer. It's really cool and I love the last photo coz back views always give me a melancholic arty feel and I love the lens flare. (The circular effect, is that how you call it?)

In reply to my post:
I might help spread the peta fur video if I manage to do a post on it.
Yes I agree with you about wearing masks even in the simplest situation. It is inevitable. If we don't wear mask when the situation calls for it and instead reveal our true feelings, it's not being respectful or PR.

Jo said...

*sorry dear, i meant leggings. =)

yiqin; said...

You are always so gorgeous!!

Carina Joana said...

Omg, all those shoes, they were amazing!
You looked super cool, love the outfit!

Erika said...

Ooh, what a fun event to attend, Michelle; though I think you should have been on the runway yourself - you look amazing! I'm utterly obsessed with your blazer and wedges! So glad that you had a good time, my love!! :)

Carmen said...

I adore your blazer, its perfect on you!


Jess said...

Love the colour!

Love your shoes as well!

Jess x

Kallie said...

fashion bloom looks beyond interesting and fun! wow! I love the display on the white vanity table, its such a lovely touch.
ps-your leggings are fantastic and go so well with the blazer

Jesa said...

LOVE the boyfriend blazer! And your seriously gorgeous!!!

Following you-hope you'll stop by my spot!

Cheers, Jesa

Jesa said...

LOVE the boyfriend blazer! And your seriously gorgeous!!!

Following you-hope you'll stop by my spot!

Cheers, Jesa

Curiouser and Curiouser said...

great blazer! and your wedges are amazing - where are they from?! xx

Glam Girl said...

Thata nude blazer looks great!U look so beautiful

projectvee said...

i love that last picture :) amazing! great blazer

junghwa by Amy Stewart said...

I love the studded booties. Cute! Looks like you're having a lot of fun. Nice.

Valencia Lia said...

That boyfriend blazer is just perfect!! The length and color of it is just perfect!

I really do love those leggings too. That's pretty cool you get to go to a show meant for fashion business students and you both seemed to have lots of fun.

Ohhh the bird creation you both made is just so creative. heeee

Big hugsss to you and help spread the word to keep rooting for me! Thanks again!

fadetoblack said...

ga omg looke at them shoes dude!!

John Malvin said...

Great blazer! Thank you for sharing the fashion scene at Indonesia with us!

Winnie said...

You look lovely, what a great blazer! Looks like a great event too :)

Juliet said...

The blazer looks gorgeous!

juliet xxx

Kippi said...

Lucky you having such a cool event to attend and contribute to also! I love the blazer and your creations.. so cute

Take a look at my blog if you get a chance. Many thanks in advance!

AttemptingStyle said...

um, your wedges are amazing. like a mix between rumis D&G's and "thats chic"'s vera wangs.

♥Sisterhood♣ said...

the Biretta ada tokonya gak?hhmm i'm looking for those kind of hairpieces.
cool trees and bird!

i have 2 new blog post, leave us a comment if u stop by.


Polliani said...

you have such a great look

Panda said...

Beautiful shots as per usual!
Looks like such a great day!!
Panda x

Owen said...

im so in love with your blazer, i love boyfriend blazer too :)
check out my new post if you mind darla :)
have a great daay

Lenne said...

Commenting to say that YOU ARE GORGEOUS. Love your blog, imma link you up in a bit.

And I'm glad you liked my outfit! Thank you, I will work hard haha! :D

Lenne ♥

Night Watch

G.lam said...

Been buying loads of jacket too ~ Its definitely hard to resist :P

Cute blazer & heartz the bag ;)


apparellel said...

i love your blazer and that sounds like such a great event!


Romany said...

You and your friend are sooo cute! Oh, those shoes...*dies*
Wow that last image is...sutnning - could easily be from a magazine or something.

Cici said...

Fashion bloom looks really fun. Love the outfit, and zipper detail on the leggings.

Susan said...

love your blazer and the whole outfit :]
I'm fine. hahahaha..sama! wktu Earth Hour I went to Senci.

thanks for your comment!

5 minutes of fame

chaoskontrolowany said...

You look awesome, great blazer!<3

A.Co said...

Great pictures! Love your look here, fabulous wedges!

It's not very often I come across a blog I want to follow immediately, but your fits the description!

Keep up the great blogging :)

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

LumpexoHoliczka said...

Michelle, you looks like a model! so lovely, and I love your smile:D

ps. great blazer and boots!
xoxo sweety

Dian Prad said...

Your Outfit looks so stylish but in the same time i does very professional.. i think the Prada and the blazer takes it all..
I love it, chelle :)

Forever and Ever By Dian Prad
Comment-Follow- exchange Link ? said...

first of all ; hunky guy holding shoes?! lol


and i love your outfit:) very sophisticated.
do you want to exchange links?: )

Laura said...

love love love the pictures!! xx

Ladyulia said...

I love the welcoming tree,,,
is it difficult to make?
by the way
could u please tell me how to make a link "glisters and Blisters" when u give comment at others blog???

fhen said...

really love the blazer mich!
you did a great work for the fashion bloom event!


M. said...

love your outfit! and those shoes!

lovelove, M.

Tuesday said...

Stunning as always! I'm feeling thirsty looking at your starbucks rawrrrrrr :)

Got your query about the lens, I've recently purchased the 17-85mm lens which is good for travelling and in general. A very powerful lens which has USM ability. Will tell you more about it on my next post and will do a tutorial regarding the 'lens flare' especially for you!

Oh and please check my giveaway on:
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See you around!

FashionJazz said...

Gorgeous blazer hun!!! xxx

Eva Silviana said...

Adoooh gue sangat menyesal ga ke fashion bloom. Assignments' terribly freaking me out all the day huhu. Love your shoes anyways!

Rory said...

love the blazer, you look great :)

Nathalie said...

I love this blazer. Such a gorgeous colour and a great fit. You look adorable

Liz said...

Love the headpieces and ur wedge shoe. isnt it too hot in jkt to wear jackets though? I have a few pieces of nice jackets n coats here but whenever im going back to jkt I never bothered to pack em as it is so bloddy hot there. I'm gonna follow u, follow me back?

cheers, Liz

dred said...

i love your blazer! gorgeous outfit all in all!

Nora said...

nice spending time w/ you during fashion bloom! =))

great outfit. love the soft color of the blazer! and it suits you perfectly!

you look super tall at the last pic!


Diana Rikasari said...

i love that tree you made!! :D

xoxoKrysten said...

Ooh I LOVE that blazer! You look awesome!

F i K a said...

Miiiich!! the blazer is supeerrbb!! look really great on youu :)

anw,,just know from Nora's blog that you have a new DSLR now..woow..that's great!! I will see more gorgeous pic from your blog then!! hehe

and I love your new layout mich,,can you tell me where did you get the template? :D
pgn punya template 3 kolom yg kolom tengahnya ga kecil,tp ga me please..hehehe ;)
thankss before michelle!!

Isabel said...

i love the blazer!

Walk of Fashion

alyssa said...

what an awesome blazer! you can never have enough of them!
p.s. following! =D

heart charlie said...

I love your boyfriend blazer! So chic! I also love those amazing leggings you've paired with the blazer, so cool ;)

The Trendy Fashionista said...

Loving your blazer! You look stunning :)

-The Trendy Fashionista

princesspolitico said...

i think a chic boyfriend blazer is the best accessory to jazz up any outfit – you’ve got quite a lovely beige one. thanks so much for sharing! you look classic…
oh! and about the awesome event you attended – these photos are amazing, especially the shot you have of those stunning shoes!


Tori said...

Love the blazer! Such a great post, the last image is my favorite too.
Oh and I sent you an email about your banner, just to let you know.

Tori said...

(I just posted this, but sorry I was on the wrong account)
Love the blazer! Such a great post, the last image is my favorite too.
Oh and I sent you an email about your banner, just to let you know.

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

the blazer is fab michelle!
and you're right, the first and last photos are really good...

wish i could have been there at that exhibit...would love to check out the shoes...

♥ bags of love giveaway | vanilla ice cream ♥


loving your outfit!

febrina utami putri said...

ituu foto kyk gt caranya lu pake flashnya. trs set shutter speednya yg lama kyk 2 detik gt baru jepret. trs pas lg tunggu jepret itu lu gerak2in kameranya tp orgnya jgn gerak. ntar jdnya kyk gt chel. tinggal atur isonya. klo mw keliatan jelas cahayanya brati isonya jgn tinggi2, gelap2 aja tp jgn kegelapan gt. love your outfit here! elegant and classy bgt! hihihi

Jessica said...

Love your blazer and shoes!

knk said...

great pic, happy Easter..,

stylechanges said...

hey beautiful outfits , i ilike your coat

Veren Lee said...

enteng g11. uda ak praktekin lohh buat foto2in ccku yg narsis. lol
post dong our meet up. eheheheh

michellehendra said...

sayangkuu.. kangen.. kenapa kamu cantik sekali? :DDD love the color cappuccino on u! :DD mari mari mari. bentar lagi kita makin bisa ketemuu haha

Shanen Arantza Kurniawan said...

that's another cool outfit !
your blazer is <3

heheh have a nice day,

Jessica said...

keren sekaliiii :D :D :D

Castor Pollux said...

you've made a very nice tree!
btw, i think u mispelled our name in the link list, hehe

Castor Pollux

Becca said...

First, I adore this blazer and you look so beautriful :)

Fashion Bloom? It sounds great, it´s an action just in your city?

Abysm said...

hmm.. cool event, cool outfit, cool creation :)

visit my blog -->

CCWai said...

Your shoes are very nice and I love your blazer. Looks like you've visited quite a number of good stores.

Christen said...

That blazer is phenomenal! Great buy!

A N A S T A S Y A said...

the blazer is gorgeous, love the color at most!

CMA said...

love your new blazer
super cute!
thanks for sharing darling
and i appreciate your comments, it means the world!


Vicki said...

Love the blazer and the bag is lust worthy!!! :)
love your blog, happy easter!!
vicki xo

sharonlei said...

Happy Easter Michelle!! Check out my little giveaway if you haven't already.. Ends tomorrow!

xx Love & Aloha

Ire A said...

Cute blazer! And love your shoes!

ko0ty said...

Gorgeous blazer! I only have one dark gray boyfriend blazer and now you make me want to start a collection too. I def want a beige one and a pure black one next.

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

GIRL, I AM SO WITH YOU. Blazers are the best! That's one thing I'm not excited for about warm weather - it's ciao to my beloved blazers!

I love all your fashiony photos. The dress with the bow-tie is amazing and those FLOWER TREES ARE AMAZING. Slash it looks really time consuming to create, but the outcome is FANTASTIC.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

beingdena said...

cute blazer Michelle darling, and I love the shoes.


Anna-Lena said...

hello love!gorgeous your two different outfits...the first one looks so sexy and cute in the same way...very lovely...and the second one with the blazer looks simply great!wish you a wonderful day!

CĂ©line J. said...

Love the blazer :) Like your blog too..


iva said...

amazing look hun! ;0