Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Antik Batik

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for the whole moment I've actively blogged, I've never really talked much about the things in my country. I mean I give some coverage of the bazaars and events that happen, but that's only when it's related to fashion.
Last week was an important national proclamation called "Hari Kartini". That day was dedicated for Raden Ayu Kartini. If you're wondering who she is, well she's one person all Indonesian women should thank for. So today, I'm dedicating this post to her deeds of women's rights for Indonesians.

**of course i wouldnt be throwing you a pile of history cards -ive had enough of history during my GCSE days anyway- the outfit and stuff im sharing is very much related to kartini**
i feel that flickr is making my photos not as good when i post em up..they look sorta cracked..anybody recommend me other good picture uploaders?
please dont say photobucket or tinypic.. i love photobucket, but their bandwidth limit will fuck my blog up and tinypic loads pics for centuries..
Batik dress from Bali, Zara grandma cardigan, vintage belt, lace skirt from Bandung, Louis Vuitton cup bag.
if you look closely on the right picture, you'll see that im holding something :) [this is sorta a lame guessing game.. anyway, its a clicker remote.. first time taking these pics with the remote.. must say its a GREAT buy !!]
the dress was like 20cm below my knees when i bought it.. so i brought it to the tailor and cut it cut off all the way to mid-thighs ! got this tiered lace skirt from Heritage outlet at Bandung for around $9..not bad at all..
still on Kartini, I went to a pre-kinder school above the supermarket I usually go when I'm short of food. Turns out they were having some kartini day event too.. I couldn't resist taking some snapshots of them in some of Indonesia's many traditional clothing ! hope it gives you a nice idea of the clothing styles we have here :)
sadly my brain lacks knowledge on where ALL (yes im that bad..) of these outfits are from.. so any indo readers out there, please help me out :)
i know this chubby girl represents Bali ! ha !

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Lemondrop Marie said...

That batik is just gorgeous! Love the whole outfit. What a sweet post!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Charmalade said...

D'awww, the kids are all so cute and confused-looking. :) The pattern of that dress with the really expressive belt is a match made in heaven. It's so colorful! and color is love.

Toast with Charmalade

Lucy said...

wow, tu vestido y zapatos son preciosos.


Clothes Coquette said...

Gorgeous gorgeous dress!

Tabitha said...

love your batik so much!
those photos remembering me when i was in kinder garten, they are so cute!
LOVE, beauty splashes

Violet said...

love the outfit! the kids are so cute especially the last little girl

love the new color of the blog... brightens things up

Vi from Cali

Melanie said...

The dress and belt are absolutely stunning. And the kids--how cute!

Don't forget to enter my custom elastic waistband skirt giveaway!

Melissa Tjioe ♥ said...

i really love the batik. it's so gorgeous. :)
and awesome heels for sure.

sii miemi said...

perfect chelle..

btw thanks for notice me yaa, u and talisha was notice me but i'm tired w/ my layout so biarin deh.. hehe
thanks anw..


Anita Putri said...

I also rarely talk about how this country, hahaha. I see what you hold in your hand mich, haha you're really creative,pengen deh punya alat ky kmu gitu, Kartini's day it always reminds me of childhood .. and last, as always michelle I love your style, nice batik :)

han q said...

cute dress ci :)

oxox, djhanq
tattoo freak

febrina utami putri said...

aaaahh bgs bgt batiknya dipake elu chel hahahha. dipakein lace skirt bwhnya jd beda yah bagus dehh. photobucket jg kdg2 bkin fotonya jd jelek gw sebel, tp plg mending sih gw rasa. klo gw ada 3 account photobucket. jd gw bs upload yg bnyk, maybe you should try it too. kebetulan gw emank bnyk email2 ga kepake hahah jd gw pake aja bwt bkin photobucket. emank kmrn ada urusan apa chel? gw lg libur smpe besok jumat masuk ujian. kmrn itu pergi makan sambil bahas soal ujian ahahah mknya simple2 aja lah bajunya pv ini lgian ntar kekerenan hahaha. iya tp enak yah pke yg simple gt comfy bgt jdnya ga ribet.

Isabel said...

those kids are sooo cute! and i love your dress!

Walk of Fashion

alyssa said...

totally in love with your outfit and that gorgeous gorgeous belt!!

aww those kids look so adorable! kids are always cuter when they are in traditional clothing like that!


Your dress is gorgeous! x

Sarah said...

I really love the pattern and color of the dress! Thanks for the inside scoop on Indonesian culture! It's really really interesting!

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

beautifull batik michelle, nice combination with vintage belt and lace skirt...

cameraholic said...

Hi Michelle,
I haven't left a comment on your previous posts but I always visit your blog. rest assured!

Anyways, i totally love your outfits! and i must say I want to try that revlon false lashes.

Keep blogging. I love every bit of it!

visit and follow

lalita tian said...

awww very cute! i like the last pict & love the girl at the second from last, lucu banget! she's your sister ya? :D

Rimma Izzaty said...

sumpah cantik bgt mich, pake batik.
love love love. very nice.

t a l i s h a said...

mich clickernya merk apaa? i think i'll have to buy 1 too nih soon.. hiks.. T_T

ps: love your cardigan! the color looks a lot like mine.. myb coz we got it from zara hahahha

Marla Singer said...

such a beautiful dress, michelle! love the way you layered it with lace skirt! it's awesome <333
it's nice to see indonesian bloggers wearing batik ;D

kot-itsa said...

as always you look amazing!your style is my favourite through all the blogs i read!im so fond of your country!wish some day to visit!your trantishional clothes are sooo colourful and happy!!

Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

I love how you wear that dress! The underskirt really makes it pretty!

stellectism said...

i seldom talk about our country of origin mich and i'm surprise that you actually wore batik! the dress look so gorgeous on you, especially when you pair it with the lacey skirt.
itu foto anak yg trakhir super chubby and gendut. gemes banget!!

deekkyy said...

thanks for comment in my blog...

Stella Pacis said...

You look good in batik! And I love your belt actually, that makes your batik go beyond :D
I always love your style and your taste of fashion.
As for me, I have 6 batik dress. I love wearing it, because the pattern makes me look unique here ;)

And about those traditional outfits, I'm not really good either. The outfit from the different province sometimes is kinda similar into each other.
If I'm not mistaken:
The little boy on second picture: Batak
The little boy (right) on forth picture: Aceh
The little girl on fifth picture: also Bali
The little girl on second and third picture wore Bengkulu necklace (but I'm not really sure it, the outfit seemed kinda different)

If anyone knows better, please correct me! :)

Btw, thank you for your comment on my blog Michele. Thanks for reading it though it isn't a fashion blog as yours :D

The Petite Blogger said...

hey there!!
i use photobucket and i know the bandwidth thingy sucks but the trick is I opened two accounts!!!!! i have twice bandwidth now which is largely enough for a month of blogging!

xoxo jenna

diana! said...

love your style:)
nice skirt.
we must proud of our "batik" yaa.nice post!

u-ung said...

bagus bgt dress batiknya chelle!!!pengeennn!!

TARA said...

love ur batik dress and zara cardigan ..

My floor is red said...

Love the pattern of this dress and how you match that belt on it. And about the heels??? LOVE them!

Bohemian said...

I really love batik! looks great!

Riumni Oolya said...

i like your look in batik kak Michelle. you're so cute!

Biana said...

I really am so jealous of that dress! :D

I wished I could sew, because my grandma gave me a beatutiful batik cloth and I always wondered what I should do with it. Now I know! Thanks for sharing!

Merlyn Macella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Merlyn Macella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Merlyn Macella said...

bagus batikya =))
michelle fotonya pake slr ya? blinya brp duit?
lensanya diganti ap kagak?

janettaylor said...

What a lovely dress!

hannahh♥s said...

awk! your shoes are too cute! ( :

Castor Pollux said...

nice batik! and love those pre-kinder kids, they're so cute :)

Castor Pollux

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

batikny baguss!! hihi duh belt cc lucu amattt, sepatuny jugaaa. ahah mau mau mauu

XD nathalie

V-6661 said...

to be honest, I don't really like batik, but you look gorgeous on it !

V-6661 said...

oiyam itu remote'y beli dimana + berapa?
gampang ga pake'y?

Minna said...

Love the batik dress, is just gorgeous!

Tifany said...

Like your batik...!!
I think... PERFECT
Look gorgeous too :)

With Love

Audrey Allure said...

It's such a gorgeous dress, I love the print!

And great pictures :)

Nora said...

what a lovely batik dress! and love how you pair it with the lace skirt!!
thumbs up chelle!

and the kids are totally ubercute w/ Indonesia's traditional outfit!

hugs and kisses,

Abbey said...

i want those shoes!! so hot!


those kiddos are really cutee but yeah! you are still.

and that batik dress wear with the lace teared skirt make a really great combi :D

have a nice day! :D


LumpexoHoliczka said...

omg! fantastic post:D cute kids...

and i like your orange dress, its so lovely:)

babyskiffie said...


why dont u upload photos straight from blogger? they even have extra large size feature now


Bea said...

This is really great!
Awsome pictures and a great glanse of your culture!
Thumbs up!

Felicia Marcellina said...

batik with animal print? awesome! =)
so cute. are they yer siblings?

Elizabeth said...

im glad we got to see a little more about where you come from!
your dress and belt is so gorgeous and i love how you put the skirt underneath! :)


Phuong said...

your dress looks beautiful! Love it

Maryn said...

the mix of prints from your dress and your shoes is daring but very pretty!

by Jessica Skeide said...

Love your shoes, so fierce:)

Meilinda said...

aww~~ baguusss bangeet batiknyaaa. . loveee it^^

Becca. said...

gorgeous photos,
thankyou for such a lovely thoughtful comment on my blog :)


Morning Cloak said...

Those little kids are adorable! I love your outfit too - it's a really cool print.

beingdena said...

lovely dress and I just realised what a fab header you have.


beingdena said...

lovely dress and I just realised what a fab header you have.


moochelo said...

omygosh chell, where did u got that batik from.. it looks really nice.. I've never seen one like that before honestly..

hahah makasih ya buat sarannya :) emang kadang banyak gw dapet banyak masalah gara2 height. my teacher always pick on me to take a book from his cabinet only because he cant reach it.. -_-'

haha untung kan 165, bisa pake heels sesuka hati (:

daisymay said...

Love your dress with the black tier underneath!

wulanasihsetyarini said...

awwwwww... i'm actually anti batic too.. but now i love it..
u wear batik so well..
it look great on u..

and the childres are so cuttttttteeeee

HARAJUKU on SPOT said...

nice batik dear, udah lama gak pake batik nih gw :) gara gara liat lo jadi pengen pake haha

thank u for comment di blogg gw yaa neng, eniwei bbm akuu blm di approve nihh hhuhuhu

junghwa by amy stewart said...

Such cute heels!!! I love animal print shoes. I get clothes tailored and I think it's so worth it. You can make some so-so looking thing look fab-o with the right tailoring. :)

Btw... I have a new GIVEAWAY!
cluster necklace giveaway

Jen said...

awww i'm so in love with the pattern of this dress with the cardigan! and i'm loving it at the new length. i definitely need to get some of my dresses hemmed.
and how adorable are the last few pictures?? :)

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

I know who she is, so influencial! And love your DIY dress, the color is really lovely!

sharonlei said...

Cute outfit Michelle. :) Hope you're having a fabulous week so far.. come stop by and enter my Misikko giveaway, if you haven't already.

xx Love & Aloha

**Stop by to enter my Misikko Flat Iron Giveaway!!

AlvianaKalin said...

g suka bgt chelle sama belt lu..beli dimana sih? very nice~ itu juga anak2nya gila yah minta dicubit2in hahaha.. eh btw,thanks for the comment yah. I'll try better and better mater :):)

blackecstasy said...

sayang gw cinta loub lu! :)
Big Kiss
yudia aiiu

Jessica Jeanne Simon said...

nice batik :)
youre looking awesome with every outfits.


Brenda evans said...

love ur dress ci michelleeee <3 <3


Eva Silviana said...

Oh mich, you are so so beautiful on batik. The chinese girl behind the batik hihi seems so nice~
I love the lace under the dress.
Annyways those little cuties, errrrgh love them :)

lolichocopop said...

cute batik and SUPERCUTE for those babies and children !! :D

stylechanges said...

cute kids i never heard this day your outfit is amazing i love it

OneCraftyFox said...

You look so gorgeous and your photos are so creative!

toxic disco boy said...

awwww... so cute! and the batik dress is nice. we have batik here too but it's mostly neglected. :( i think people should appreciate more local fashion than always going to Zara or H&M.

Aimee said...

the last picture is so cute!! and i love the pattern on your dress :)

Imogen said...

This is one of my favourite outfits that you have posted. The print is stunning and I love the lace at the bottom. Your so creative and lace is one of the things I like most on dresses. Your shoes are amazing too. I really liked this post, great pictures and outfits.

Fashion By He said...

awesome blog you have great style

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

CCWai said...

The batik is soooo beautiful! You should perhaps collect more.
The little kids are cute too.

A N A S T A S Y A said...

the batik pattern is beautiful and those children esp the last one makes me want to have one LOL!!

Jo said...


You're really great at piecing your outfits! I love how the tiered lace skirt is peeking out the batik hems. Really not bad at all.

My reply to you on my post:
I agree wholehartedly with you! People are always comparing themselves to the more fortunate ones, thinking that they have so little. We should be thankful for whatever we have now, for all the simple things, even to our very existence coz some people are just living a day fighting hard for their lives.

And yes, wishes are neverending. The trick is to set realistic goals.

Juliet said...

The baby is so cute!

juliet xxx

Anna-Lena said...

wonderful outfit!love your combination with the dress and the cardigan!wish you a wonderful evening!

Yary and Sary said...

i really love your dress and the belt is such amazing.
and all of these kids are beautiful!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

The pattern and blend of colours on the dress are truly exquisite.
The children reminds us of life's most precious gift. Here's wishing you a bundle of sunshine;-)

fashionist__ahead said...

i love kids..
and your dress by the way..

knk said...

great outfit , i like that animal prints shoes

cool post

hey these kids are so cute

what they are doing?

Naddy Sane said...

wowowowow! loving all the photos. Brillliant

nad xx

The Owl's Closet said...

ur batik dress is gorgeous, michelle! i love how u paired it with the leopard peep toes! too cute! thanks for sharing these pictures with us. they're adorable!:)

Mai said...

Love the dress so badly!

kirstyb said...

loving your dress xxxxxxx

Stephanie Alex said...

love all of the details in your outfit! looks so good!

E said...

That dress is sooo beautiful layered over the lace skirt! And I want your bag!

monica said...

fantastic outfit and such a great tribute to a wonderful woman

Liz said...

Love how you wear the batik with the lace skirt. and those kids are too cuteeeeeeee <3

dont forget to visit my blog MAJOR DISTRACTION

Stiene Saenen said...

that's such a cute dress and the shoes are so gorgeous! xo

Wiyoso said...

the second picture in preschool kartini day is my daughter friend checked out your blog and found my daughter's picture in your blogspot :)

she's wearing a traditional cloth from Aceh called Baju Bodo (I think so and I hope so) Cut Nyak Dien the female hero from Aceh..

Diane said...

That last little girl it's so amazingly cute!!!

I love her!!

And you look great too, it's a nice idea to be doing this kind of post!