Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Something to Think About..

This morning, while I don't have any classes. My boyfriend showed me this video of dogs having their fur taken out in China. I was totally shocked and sad when I played the video as the Chinese were so cruel to the animals! It really taught me to be careful when buying real animal fur products. I'm not an anti-fur person, I'm definitely anti-animal-cruelty. So next time you're buying that gorgeous fur vest, think twice before you hit the cashier.

Pledge to go fur-free at PETA.org.
let's spread the word and post this video up on fashion blogs to help these innocent animals !
check PETA's page on Chinese Fur here.


Ali said...

Oh my goshhh why did I watch that. :( That's terrible. I never even thought of buying fur things before, but this just gdhsgkdfg. I'll have to be careful about leather things I buy, though. This is very shocking and sad!

junghwa by Amy Stewart said...

Aww... poor animals!!!


u-ung said...

wah ganti layout lg ya chelle!!! so rock style!!!

V-6661 said...

geez, why do people do that?

t a l i s h a said...

gile gw serem bgt ntnnya.. omg T_T

yes let's stop animal cruelty!! animals are God's creations too.. untung gw takud bulu.. hiksss

Nathalie said...

I saw a video like this some times ago and felt really really bad.

Riumni Oolya said...

Oh gosh it's so terrible! I almost cry watch that! Luckily i don't like buy fur-stuffs,eventhou it's nice.
You've changed the layout i like it.it rocks!
Rainbows of Riumni
Thank you

Leah said...

That's so awful... I am an animal lover and I don't want to see them get hurt. I say NO to fur.

Have a great day Michelle! xoxo

Diane said...

Poor little thinks, I don't have the heart to watch the video...


INBERT StreetStyle said...

Sumpahhh video nya sereemmm.. Lebih serem liat video ini drpd gw liat cadaver yg ada di class Lab gw ahahaa... Gw emang gak suka Bulu2 jg sih hihii... By the way Nice layout chell....

God Bless You...

kot-itsa said...

you are so right michelle!!lets help the animals
----this is my favourite blog!you are amazing!!
wish we were in the same country so that i had the chance to meet you

lalita tian said...

omg they're so cruel!!!

Martwa Marta said...

my gran for example used to say that cows and pigs are killed, as we need to eat meat. but killing animals just for fur?! this issue is discusses so often, but i sometimes have the feeling that people don't do anything about that...

Vina Sagita said...

i'm not brave enough to watch the video. i could cry and i'm in my uni's library, everybody could look at me. hehe..

by the way, cool header!


they are too cruel
and I also kinda dislike fur made clothings
I never know that they even use dogs to make those clothes
those poor dogs they can't do anything to help themselves

you really show the world why should we all stop using real fur :)


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piping said...

i love this post SO MUCH mich!! i never do fur, even i try to avoid leather, almost my leather things is all fake. yes yes, i support you a lot!

PS: i can't stand to watch the video, so i choose no to nit the play button :(

anw, i love ur new blog looks, baby!
kiss&love *muach

¶ Michelle said...

I remember watching cruely to animals videos and I cried the whole way! I can't believe people do that, that's so horrific.

- Michelle

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

that's so terrible. i hate them. they musn't treat them like that even if they are animals. we are all God's creatures
by the way, i like your new header :)


Veren Lee said...

kasian bgt. kejem bgt. omg...
really cry watch this video... anjingny kasian bgt. hidup2 dikulitin. >.<

pensandlens said...

I should have warn myself not to watch it....it gives me the creeps especially I have a family of babies/my dogs....It made me cry...that is totally animal cruelty....whahahha!!!! You are right, we neeed to help these innocent animals!!!

Take Care always dear,

Juliet said...

I didn't watch this one, but I have watched few before so I know how disgusting and sad the content is. People who do that kind a thing should be locked up for the rest of their lives.

juliet xxx

ye55i said...

Can't stand for it! :'( never want to buy real fur things..

cameraholic said...

Hey michelle.
I appreciate the purpose of the post. I didn't watch the video, since I can never ever stand animal cruelty, especially to Dogs.
I am glad that you are sensitive at a young age of what is happening around, fashion should be happy, doing no harm to anybody else, in that case, the animals.

visit and follow

monica simbolon said...

omg i just watch the first seconds, it's too cruel :'(

Indy said...

Thank you for being aware!

Kalyana. said...

even me don't have a heart to watch that video .
i don't watch your video post, because i hace seen it in facebook, and i fell a tears after that .

yes, say no to the true fur . because animals are not a thing-they are also live and breathing :(

janettaylor said...


lovecoutureluxe said...


How are you dear? Sorry for not following your blog as often! Hope you've not forgotten about me! I've finally updated, HAHA I know! It's been so long! Hope to see you soon when you next come to Singapore! And btw, loving your JC gladiators *drools*!!!

Love, Adela

beingdena said...

I'm glad and proud of you for this post.



Jo said...

I've always stopped myself from clicking the play button when it comes to animal cruelty no matter how morbid I am coz animal cruelty is different from my morbid kinda style. I decided to click it this time and am realy horrified! The dog was still alive even rite up to the last part! It's realy cruel! I'll only wear fake fur.

That said, I'm not too sure if I can say no to leather. Is buying leather cruel too? At least the process of obtaining leather is not as cruel? How do we justify cruelty when it comes to fashion? Something to ponder about.


These always make me cry. I don't own any fur. xo


Fashion Wh0re said...

WTF this just made me want to cry i couldn't even get pass the first few seconds this is why i don't wear fur this is sooo sad i don't know why people do this type of shit i'm sure they have feelings too..i'm with PETA say NO to Fur..

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-Fashion Wh0re

Lusty said...

Thanks for being sensitive and sharing this!



Sherlyn Lavenia said...

oh my gosh, the expensive fur things are doesn't worth it! It's fabulous but it's cruel!

fhen said...

oh my super cruel! :((
yes i agree with you mich
anti animal cruelty

love the new layout :)
hope you are doing great mich
miss you mucchhh


beckyxoxo said...

Oh my . Ampun ci itu kejam bgd diinjek-injek gitu hue . Mereka msh hidup yah udah dikulitin gitu ;( Kasian . Hue . Anyway , thank you for sharing ci ! I won't buy any real furs , just fake ones . Ever .

JOWY said...


One Love,

- t h a m i a - said...

hoaa seremm T.T pdhal muka anjingnya lucu. thats just too bad :(

Mia Hyoosuke said...

I don't ant to watch this video because I know I will cry so loud, since I'm an animal lover. I never want to use real fur on my body and I've supporting PETA!!!

In addition so far, I don't wanna eat 'strange' meat such as rabbit's meat, shark's fin (in hisit soup), monkey's meat, camel's, deer's etc. I only eat beef (cow's meat), chicken, fish and maybe goat's sometimes.

michellehendra said...

they look really fragile and brittle.. :( they're cute. so cruel! grrr..

btw, kamera lo gimana? :(

Marcell-a said...

kerenn :)
kasian juga .

keep posting something like this :)

follow? click here
thanks :D

marionettecomesalive said...

ga brani liat2.. mudah2an cuman hoax :(
say kok ganti jadi item lagi leotnyaa..

yiqin; said...

This is sad :(

A N A S T A S Y A said...

sadly, I'm too weak to just hit the play button!! huks T_T hope the rest of them get rescued in a right time!!!

Patricia S Boedidarmo said...

ZOMGWTH serem banget liat nyaa :( no more fur!


Julia said...

I know not to watch videos like that because this just make me really upset, but thanks for posting about this important issue. Hopefully it will help raise awareness about animal cruelty.


liyana said...

omg! sedih nyer!!!
omf.... i have went peta before and bought their badges to stop animal cruelty. last year... omg, sad


Cookie said...

omg first 10 seconds and I already feel sick...THAT'S HORRIBLE!...I couldn't watch past the 10 seconds...The slaughterers should be skinned alive...see how they like it ~_~...I say VINTAGE fur if you need it real bad...otherwise...things like this will keep happening while there is a market for it :(

I'm not going to lie, I eat beef, pork chicken and fish but this isn't the way they should do things :( makes me so sad

blackecstasy said...

omg beb! parahh gilaa! sumpahh yahh! mana anjing lagi!OMFG!!!! hell no.. terkutuklah.. parahhh..

Tysha Alya Lukman said...

my teacher at school show us this video, and then I cried. im not being over-reacting or anything, but its so cruel and animals shouldn't be treated like that!!
anyways, check and comment my latest post ya ka mich :D

the gorgeous said...

I have no stomach to watch this.. Poor animals! World is getting crazy..
thanks for sharing.

Ash Fox said...

this breaks my heart. i couldn't even watch the vid. too upsetting.


Holly Sanders said...

I completely agree with you Id rather go naked FAUX ALL THE WAY!! thanks for this post!

betz said...

hi michelle! how are you?! wow, i missed a lot. anyways, that video is heart breaking... all for fashion? c'mon... it's horrible. how could one wear mink coat and feel better?


Juliet said...

hi, I hate to spam, but I wanted to tell you that my blog birthday party continues with second giveaway. Come try your luck!

juliet xxx

FIAN said...

great post dear!


Zhazha savira said...

i know that for ages. that's always make me wanna cry.
maybe you should cosmetic animal testing. that's so terible. just googling that and you'll find so many blind-bloody rabbits (dont you think rabbits is cute?)
i hate animal testing whatever the purpose are!
even they used for our cosmetic

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprasetya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Muhammad. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

hey michelle how are you?, long time not visit your blog :)

and the videos ooh so poor animal..

i like your new layouts btw! :D


djhanq said...

they use dogs too? that's not cool :(
poor little doggies :((

p.s :
i email u something, hope u reply it

ko0ty said...

I've seen that video a while back and it's soooo sad. It's the harsh reality of life though and I don't think stuff like that can ever be stopped. =(

My puppy is asleep on my lap right now... breaks my heart thinking about it.

Stace said...

Oh my gosh I know, it's terrible. It's the reason I pledged to veg as well.


CMA said...

GLAD someone is preaching about this
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments, so sweet of you!


怡如 said...


FashionJazz said...

Hey hun! Ok, I cant watch things like that I am a HUGE animal lover, I have never worn real fur, for the reason of ur video. I know what they do, but I cant watch it : ( But thank you for posting it. Mwah xxx

V-6661 said...

miss your post !
haha x)

Robyn said...

:( I seriously can't even watch it. I just saw one about cruelty against lizards and snakes and crocodiles in the exotic skins market, and THAT was horrifying. Little furbabies-- too horrifying for words! I never wear real fur, but I do still buy leather, which I feel bad about... on that PETA page it says you could be wearing a dog on your feet. A DOG! That's just awful!

Thanks for posting this. It's an uncomfortable aspect of the fashion industry, but it's important not to look away because it MATTERS. Thanks for being braver than I!