Monday, March 1, 2010

Red Roses Won't Kill You

monday oh monday . how much I hate you ?
i actually didnt feel like posting something up this morning, but I feel like i'm owing you guys a post since the last time I posted something up was on Friday. So cheers ! it's a really simple post today.. not much of an outfit, but more of a close up photoshoot .

hope it wont bore you guys out !
this was the only full colored photo I used..
seriously love the acid-ish red edge in this picture !
topshop smock dress, tie dye investment piece, mix of necklaces.

no i dont drink ! that was just a prop..

... and some food porn to keep you guys awake on Monday morning (or Sunday night..) These were taken at Cork & Screw restaurant . my absolute place to dine for anytime of the day or week or year..
suppa soup
Zuppa Soup
calamari salad
Calamari Salad
duck confit salad
Duck Confit Salad
Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Bacon
the grand main course . forget what it was called, but sure it a DELICIOUS thing to keep in your mouth..

I've just realized that I've been doing a lot of red stuff lately.. hahaha.. these photos were actually taken 2 weeks ago, but I havent got the right mood to edit these photos . this morning I quickly thought of making these photos looking slightly dark since the set was kinda like dracula castle (that's what I like to call it..)
sorry if I'm not making any sense.. i'm just really tired and sleepy in this morning class..
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Jacqueline said...

I love the red and all the necklaces. You look great in red and you did a good job of editing these photos! xo

piping said...

foto dimana mich? keren tempatnya! tiap buka blog lu cuma bikin ngilerrr :PP. i love all ur necklaces, kerennn!!


Romany said...

Not boring at all, just lovely. There's something very classic about red roses, gives these pictures a vampy romantic vibe. (I agree the acid edge is incredibly cool, i love it when that sort of thing happens)
That calamari salad looks sooo yum!

Leah said...

Hahaha! Michelle, you are posting in class... bad bad bad! The teacher could be so boring. Anyway, I love the different effects you did. And you always have the best projection. You should be in a magazine spread.

Happy Monday! xoxo

mom & son said...

Where was this photo shoot taken, darling?
I love the setting and of you are beautiful in
that red dress!

dela said...

drooling.. yummy zoupa soup!! sluurp.. XD

fhen said...

loving these photoshoot series
ah i like cork and screw too! :D
have a great monday dear


Jen said...

i just have to say these photoshoots are so elegant and your hair looks absolutely beyond amazing. :)
and i love love love soup in bread bowls and spaghetti above all other things <3
and yes! the jasmine on my blog is the chictopia10 winner! :)

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Lovely photos! You have a really beautiful hair! That soup looks yummy! xoxoxooxxo

szela said...

ooooh it's my turn to get my fill of food on your blog now! hehe. the soup looks like so much fun to have! yum yum yummmmmm

ps. looking good girl (:

Nathalie said...

You always show us marvellous portraits: each time I come here I get hungry, that's not a great thing ;-) Of course I'm joiking! Just wanted to say that I'm spechless for how beautiful your hair is: which product do you use???

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

michelle... love your photos, where are you taking it?

love your necklace btw :)

and i like the zuppa soup yummy..!!

blackecstasy said...

oi honey! wkwkwkw
keren jg yah hasil jepretan gw jadinya.. hahhahha
lols :)

Lieke said...

The food looks lovely! &nd I also like you outfit :)

tarida girsang said...

cute :)

Brenda evans said...

di mana tuh? keren tempatnyaaa,haha.
soup nya bikin ngiler nihh :9



I think i can guess that your favorite colour nowadays is red isn't it? and I noticed that your phone is red as well. Is that your house? its so elegant and i like the photoshoots and of course the food that always make me feel hungry :)

gilbertganda from

Patricia S Boedidarmo said...

im gonna be 17 on the upcoming september :DD

thanks a are beautiful as well.

addicted banget with ur blog..since im following you on twitter, tiap kali ada new post pasti cepet" liat! hehe


Violet said...

you always look great no matter what color... i love the second photo the best...the spagetti look amazing!

are you sure that was really a prop?

Vi from Cali

Charmalade said...

I lovvve red (if you couldn't tell already, haha), and so I love the photos! Also, that calamari salad looks mouthwateringly good. :3

Toast with Charmalade

Anita Putri said...

you look so great michelle,makanannya dongg yummm .btw sorry gw ga ikutan giveawaynya..baru buka blog lagi :(

Schnappy said...

I hate monday, too! :(
Your top is cool, I love red! Have a nice week! :)

sharonlei said...

I love your hair Michelle!! it's still Sunday here in Hawaii... but I can't believe it's going to be March tomorrow!!

xx Love & Aloha

Tuesday said...

Morning Mich! the pictures are goth and red, I love it! I heart roses too!

You're very good in editing skills, check my tutorial about the lomo effect you were asking about :)

beingdena said...

fab photo shoot. how do you get your hair so amazing. Seriously do your use any curlers or?

The soup looks fab. I love soup in bread ;)

have a lovely day gorgeous

kot-itsa said...

oh please stop posting food on diet~~

belle in arms said...

I love your outfit, you look great.

Nora said...

the red dress is smoking HOT sweetheart. love it. =))
and the foods look yummy. you should be a food blogger too.

Cookie said... did you do the mute coloured photos...they look really cool ^^ looks really good on you ^^

ok anyway about the lenses...check these links out, these are where I found lower water content was apparently better:
(around the "aren't these lenses really damaging to your eyes?" question"

and then:

so it's right? ~_~

dea beatrice said...

cool.. i love your style :)

oh yaa i have just made a blog for long time
but i never publish ><

i just addin' your blog to my blog and be your followers..
do u mind to addin me to your blog and be my followers?
thankss :D

janettaylor said...

Ur hair is fantastic, Michelle!

Valencia Lia said...


It surely seemed like you had the monday blues this morning heeee I hope you weren't too late for your class today,

Love love how you edited the photos and the acid red effect is beautiful:)
SO MUCH FOOD! Ahhhh,everything seems super yummy! I am so hungry now.

And I'm glad you liked the tutorial because it was my 1st time doing a makeup one heeee

Big hugsss

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

love your necklace ci
and the food really make me hungry
yummy :)

xoxo nathalie

Veren Lee said...

love how u edit those photos..
i'm so-gaptek-with photoshop ==


MELISSA Z. said...

Love your cross necklace!

Melissa said...

I love the red and all the necklaces!!
buka blog lu bikin gue ngler aja deh :p

visit my blog ya :)
mwach mwach

RiaTii said...

si non cantik. aku suka kalung nya (:
duh gila tuh makanan di c&s bikin ngiler banget. apa lagi zuppa soup ama the grand main course yg lo lupa namanya. hahaha. sial tu tempat selalu ramai. wkwkwk.

Diane said...

Nevermind the clothes, the background it's great! Anyway, I don't like Cointreau either! It's suppose to be a drink for women , but it's too heavy...

Yummy food pics...:X


sii miemi said...

michelle!! i always love ur style..
the efeect and ur pose is perfeto combination..
damn ur soooo awsome!!

Karobaro said...

I really like your vest (?). Where's it from?

Diya said...

OMG that spaghetti looks DIVINE. I love how you edited the colors in your outfit shots... very pretty.

Tysha Alya Lukman said...

i loveeee zupa soup. and no doubt, you always looks great. nice necklace btw :))

Marcell-a said...

no prob :)
aw aw. you make me starving. haha cc;

Shop T.O. Live said...

Not boring at all, in fact the pictures are very cool. I like the cointreau prop, especially the last picture - looks artsy, and maybe just a tad booze-y :)

Hope your teacher doesn't catch you blogging.

Maria G. said...

Hello!! I didnt know yout blog but I really like it! i love your style! kisses!

Anna-Lena said...

hello!!!i just wanna say that your pics are look very beautiful and the pics of the food...delicious...:o)..wish you a nice evening!

Juliet said...

The food looks delicious! Red really suits you!

juliet xxx

yejades said...

your best pictures, i think =) ... wonderfull

Gabby said...

i loveeee ur hair! looks very healthy n shiny (:
anw, red looks good on u! recently i'm also into the striking colours! said...

that zuppa soup looks so cute! lovely post

nonayck said...

nice picts :) u look vry sexy ! stunning...

Krimly said...

lovely photos! I love roses so much!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Gorgeous photos!! You are so beautiful in them. And all that food looks absolutely DELICIOUS! xoxo

myedit said...

I love the tie-dye piece... on the one hand tie-dye is trendy but yet, it is almost a classic now...

Ladyulia said...

I thx for visiting my blog,,,

is that ur room???
its adorable...!

Loving Chiaradeanna said...

Nice pics my dear! the firs one is stunning ;)

Indy said...

Pretty outfit!

ANN said...

I looove these pictures and your hair is beautiful!

CMA said...

love this!
gorgeous photos, beautiful detail
love your blog, keep it up!
as always, thanks for sharing
and thank you so so much for the lovely comments


Christen said...

Love the cross pendant you're wearing! So great!

michellehendra said...

awww.. super pretttyyyy i miss u babe.. a lot! and i MEAN IT! gila.. gw sibuk bnget.. no time to online.. even to chat.. :( bb gw mati kalo gak ada wifi.. aaaa


CDG said...

Love these pictures. They're gorgeous!

Raez said...

gorgeous! your look great in that shade of red, and holy cow all that food looks so good!

xx raez

Fenny said...

Zuppa soup is my fav'
you're picture made me craving now!

Riumni Oolya said...

Helo kak Michelle...i adore your style :)
btw i want to join your giveaway,but it's so hard for me coz I don't know how to do.
Reply my comment ya kak.

Nina said...

Love ALL your accessories, Michelle!

marionettecomesalive said...

love all the pictures!

Imogen said...

This is a beautiful photo shoot. I love the background and the rose and your outfit is amazing as always. I love the bright red colour. I also like your new blog header and layout, its the first time I have seen it.

Veronica said...

hey :)
always love your blog :D

the food looks extreemly delicious, di mana sih tu?

diana! said...

i love your style!hhha
photo2na keren

btw ambil fas marketing lasalle?

Marla Singer said...

nice shots, michelle!
just wish we could see your shoes, though. i'm a fan of your shoes collection ;D

KEMY said...

the rose photos look really really cool.
the food porn makes me really really hungry.

pensandlens said...

you simply look gorgeous and hot in RED. you should wear something red that often. Love the necklace dear.

Take Care


Sandra said...

Haha, you dont drink? haha funny.
Love the new background colour on your blog. And congrats with the mag!


emily viveur said...

i love the red with the tie dye, great combination!
all that food looks delicious too, it's making me hungry.