Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Mighty Mini

Soo, around 2 weeks ago I received myself an N97 mini from WOM Nokia for trial and review!
Right now the trial period is done and I'm sharing you guys this review :)
Here's a video recording I did from the camera phone below :

So my verdict of the N97 mini is quite good ! I was highly surprised that the touch screen was very finger friendly (a nokia 7100 touchscreen was so not friendly). Now my mind really changed about the new generation of touchscreens. Plus I could type with my long nails :)
touchscreen typing

Check out the tiny size as well ! I was actually looking for a deck of cards to compare it with, but i couldnt find one.. so i guess a retro floppy disk would do . or not ?
size comparison
ps* i cant believe these big discs can only hold 1.44MB of stuff ?1 tiny memory cards hold like 8GB nowadays.. technology moves faster than the amount of time you blink !

Another thing I like is the camera. As a camera whore, the 5.4 MP Carl Seizz lense camera is superb ! The respond is also pretty quick which gives me good shots of candid stuff. I also like the high amount of camera settings available (eg ISO, contrast, color mode,etc) so that I could get the best shots.
camera settings

with flash
macro mode with flash..
wo flash
and that's a macro mode without flash..

Next is the internet service. The sim card I put into this phone was actually not working. So I had to use the wifi to get connected. And from that, I learned the wifi connection is the BEST I've ever tried on a mobile device (eg . BlackBerry Bold+Onyx, iTouch). It connects to the wifi server extra fast and the internet browsing is fast as well.

One bonus : I can finally reply embed under post blogger comment forms on this N97 mini ! I can never do this on my blackberry. That would be very helpful if I need to do blog work during my traffic hours in the car.
blogger comment
So that's all I have for the review !

Next I'd like to share you guys some more nice news :)
firstly, I got a LOOK10 Best Selection Award ! Check out my feature here..
and second.. A while ago I got contacted my Style Sample magazine for a contribution article on "Style in My City". Obviously I wrote about Jakarta ! Anyhow, please have a look at the article I wrote in the online zine ! I'm really grateful for the contribution work ! Especially that the deadline given was super tight and I somehow managed to take the time to write this up during my mid-terms .. I can't describe how happy I am for this article :D
StyleSample Article
Here's a print screen of my article on page 15 .. you can click for a bigger view of it..

and if you wanna read the whole zine (which is amazing by the way ! it really is like a Vogue made by bloggers all over the world) click here.
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stellectism said...

first to comment, and is that my name?? hahaha ! yes yes i see my name on your blog! lols.

this Nokia97 mini is definitely a good one. and the wifi is unbelievably better than itouch? wow.

lalita tian said...

whaa congratz for the article yaa, chelle. kewl!


c mic, your article rocks!
and that phone is adorable
I want it as well :D

Crystal said...

Congrats on all the features! I definitely feel like I need a new phones now, haha.

thetragicallychic said...

i LOVE your blog! definitely following! ;D

Jacqueline said...

Congrats on the article Michelle! xo

Jen said...

this phone looks awesome! i'm really loving the camera most of all. those macro shots are fantastic! :)
and congrats on the feature and the article! i'm on my way to check it out now, it looks awesome.
and by the way, those clip-in bangs you had on (twitter) are amazing :D i had no idea they were clip-ins.

Violet said...

did i mention i loved the last outfit post girly?

the phone is so cute.. im at work right now but ill check the video a little later love

Vi from Cali

Elaine said...

That's so cool!

Don't forget to enter my tights giveaway!

dressed to please said...

hey honey, i love your mobilphone...GREAT!!! i follow you, i hope you follow me tooo???kiss from germany ;*)

Anita Putri said...

wow..congrats michelle on the article :)

princesspolitico said...

what a fabulous feature! its nice to get to know the girl behind the blog :)


Ilse said...

so cool you got into the mag!! congratulations!! looks gooodddd

BTW I have added you to my blogroll for the link exchange you asked for!!!! ^^

Nathalie said...

That sounds good about the mobile phone. Still, I am such an iphone addict- but I think the other companies are catching up.
Oooh, I also contributed to Style Sample Mag, it is really gorgeous

beingdena said...

Gorgeous Michelle, really enjoyed the video of you. you are adorable.

Congrats to article ....AND you made me want that phone. I was devoted to my iphone before this.


kirstyb said...

great review! but i still think i love my iphone xxxxxxx

Nabila RH said...

Wow wow wow.. The article's rock chell!!!:D

Devon said...

Congrats on the article! Awesome post x

Leah said...

Thanks for the review. I think I'll shift to N97 now, I'm currently using a Blackberry. And congrats on the article. xoxo

Sher said...

Ahh, you made me crave for a new phone now! Naughty you!

Congrats on the article and feature, so awesome:)

Livioso said...

whoaaaa!lucky you!
I'm so jealous ;)

michellehendra said...

congratulations baby! you deserve it :D me lovey.. good for you! :D

grizelda said...

woah! i want to get my hands off that phone :) and congrats on your article :)


Susan said...

aww congratz ya ci, udah aku baca, nice article too!
next time, we should meet again ci :] it was so fun to meet you!!

5 minutes of fame

Valencia Lia said...

I do love love the review you did! Ahaha I didn't really had time to test out the video function ahaha But yeahhh,miss hearing your voice:)

Anyhow,I did love the camera,its so clear. Ahhh,I better do my N97 review later tonight when I get home before I forget again. heee

Ohhh yea,canvas slip ons are good to match so get them! I'm going to get my pair in a few more colors. The acorn necklace is frm Ion,remember the accessories I showed you to? Yup that store!
And Anna Sui gave hers to Agyness Deyn wowww

Part of the SG casino is open already. But the 1st phrase of the opens on April 27. But full Marina Bays IR will open year end:)

Awww,but do come back to Singapore soon if you can heeee. Or if I have the time and money,I can fly over to visit.

Valencia Lia said...

Oops forgot to add,well written article too! Yayyy

monica said...

that phone is sooo cute!!! although im a loyal blackberry addict

congrats on the fashion feature babe! good job!

Nathalie said...

You look so pretty in this video ^__^

Veren Lee said...

enak bs comment2 d blog... pk bb lemot banget. ahh mauuuu

veren .a little princess.

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

congratz c michelle for your article. you rocks
i'd rather the pict without flash

xoxo nathalie

Ladyulia said...

congrats girl!!

I always heart ur style,,,

Yulia Rahmawati

Fenny said...

congrats girl!
anyway, i love n97 mini! cute

pensandlens said...

The phone looks interesting hehehe...

Congratulations again for the feature...take care always...


Dian Prad said...

wow, congrats ya michelle,

mind exchange link?

Dian Prad~

Eudora said...

Cool! Another phone I might consider getting! I like the reply feature on blogger comment forms.:)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

The phone looks super cool and how lucky you got to test it out! Also, congrats on the magazine article.

PS. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. It has been a miserable week but it is friends like you who are helping me get through it! xoxo

apparellel said...

that is so awesome that you got a feature. what amazing style you have!


Diane said...

Hy! Lately you've been all over the place! That's great! I was shocked as how mature your voice sounds, I thought it would be more childish, don't know why :))

Anyway, have a super fun weekend!


Kendra said...

I really want that phone!
Please come visit my blog,

Anna-Lena said...

wonderful post...i love that mobile phone...looks so beautiful...
i wish you a nice weekend!

hiewman said...

for the review
I was doubting about the N97 mini and blackberry and your review helped me alot :D
I follow you ^^ !!

Tori said...

Lucky! That phone is awesome, I want it now...(:

Ansley said...

Wow the macro mode is amazing! that phone looks really cool, I might just have to look into it now... haha
& cute pig in the background of the video :)

wulanasihsetyarini said...

hi chelle, wow congrats about the article u look great on there..
thax for u comment on my blog, u wont believe that my hometown is Tegal, such a small and edgy town. but i live in Semarang for working.
nice to know u dear. u're tallented!


Tuesday said...

I was a Nokia-fan-forever until I had the iPhone, it all suddenly change my ''world''

Congrats on the feature, you really rock!!!

Micaela said...

greeeat post!!!
love your blog girl...
i'm following you, follow me please!!


Tabitha said...

that phone very helpful, esp for blogger. anw, congrats for the future :)

LOVE, beauty splashes

RicAdeMus said...

Very cool phone!

BTW, you look nice in glasses.