Monday, February 22, 2010

Something to Cheer Up your Monday Morning ?

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Looking for a wardrobe revamp for spring ? take your chances in this Giveaway by Caroline !
you can a WHOPPING TOTAL OF 14 PIECES from H&M, Topshop, Zara, and many more altogether !

Here's my entry answer:
I wanna win this badly because the city slicker edgy look is one of my favorite trends for this season. Stripes are definitely in and I could totally wear that top at least 3x a week. It can be preppy with a boyfriend blazer but it's also edgy when paired with that leather skirt! I'm also an avid fan of leather jacket. They seriously jazz up the simplest outfits. Just take a look at model's streetstyle. Every other model seems to be wearing a leather jacket over their loose t-shirts and they look effortlessly chic. I currently have 3 but I'd like more in my wardrobe ! This studded version would be a great addition. and let's not forget the shoes ! They are to die for ! They're sorta like replicas of Alexander Wang's SS10 collection. Everything in this lookbook are pieces that are a dream for me. Couldn't think of a better collection for this spring ! Now i'm praying that I will win :D

Competition Ends on 22 Feb (aka today ! so better get posting !)
For further details check out this post on Caroline's blog.

My weekend highlights : AKA Food ! The Nanny's Pavillion has finally opened in Jakarta ! Those who aren't familiar, this cafe serves delicious simple comfort food such as pasta, baked rices, and of course PANCAKES ! it tastes sooooooo good (their specialty is the Blueberry Cheese one)!
spaghetti with tuna
the complementary chocolate pancake with peach filling and vanilla ice cream
salmon steak .
this walnut fetah cheese salad was from Pepenero :D i loved the honey glaze dressing very much !

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I WANT THIS HOODIE BLAZER from Shop PICNIC ! it's soooo cute :D
I'll resume regular outfit post tommorow :D I haven't got the chance to edit my outfit posts yet due to my school workload . I will also be starting my internship program. I'm hoping that I will still have time to blog once the schedule gets crazier.


Talita said...

you changed your blog layout! oh how cute! I like this kind of pink :D

♥TeE♥ said...

NIce new layout..soft pink I like it :)

Anita Putri said...

your new blog layout its so pinky style :)
yg lo maksud the nanny's yang ada dibandung?

Sarah said...

I love the new layout! I hope you win!
Best wishes xx

Jacqueline said...

Love the new layout Michelle! xo


sii miemi said...

the new layout is great chelle..
love it.

Ali said...

Those noodles like really good.. like, now I'm going to make noodles for breakfast tomorrow morning. I can't wait!!

Sounds like you had a fun (& delicious) weekend!

Tabitha said... your new layout chelle. I love pink too,hehe

Beauty Splashes

Mrs.Zeus said...

Making me hungry!!!

Love the new layout and the banner!

Pia said...

love the new banner :)

Charmalade said...

I'm really liking the new banner for the site, it shows your feminine, girly style. :)

And auughgh but I do have to reprimand you for posting food porn. Those photos look so delicious!

Toast with Charmalade

Lovely Curse said...

michelle, or sis, haha :))
i already followed you, so there, i told you .
and you're effing awesome. i totally like your style. :))

Eva Silviana said...

aaah i terribly miss you too mich! wohoho you're changing your blog's template? it's nice!
iya ntar yya mich abis gue pulang dari jogja kita ketemuan LOL

piping said...

wow! u changed ur blog header and colour, jadi bernuansa feminim yah? cuteee! hihihi :D

szela said...

love your new layout and header. really refreshing! (:

ps. the pancake looks so good!

u-ung said...

ganti header and background color ya chelle??wah jadi makin girly nih..hehehhe sute bgt lace skirtnya!!

Jane Reggievia said...

As I said before Chel, your blog's new look is so FRESH, and I love the pink colour for the layout :D

so you're gonna starting ur internship progam? good luck then!
semangat yea (:
I'll keep reading you blog :D
Have a nice day!


Jasmine said...

aww your blog is cute! :) that food looks so amazing! especially that chocolate pancake thing!

Nathalie said...

Hope you'll win the competition, you would deserve it!

janettaylor said...

Great new layout!

P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Schnappy Jewelry giveaway!♥

Good luck!

Schnappy said...

oh, very delicious! I would eat these food! Nyam! :)

onic said...

mich, i love the new layout and the banner *hearts*
and wow much delish looking foods *drooling*

Leah said...

I want that hoodie blazer and dotted tights. xoxo

sharonlei said...

I just entered Caroline's contest too! :)

Holy moly food porn! ha ha... and good luck with the intership program... :) Hope you're well Michelle!

xx Love & Aloha.

Cookie said...

ohhh my face outfit is ur banner ^^ yay!! good luck with the giveaway!!^^ oohhh that hoodie blazer...WANT!...omg...

food porn makes me hungry >_<

beingdena said...

darling I really love the changes on the blog. Hope you win this outfit. x

Yona Ajeng said...

you're entry answer is nice, hope you'll win the competition! :D
aaargh, the complementary chocolate pancake make me hungry! It look so delicious!

tarida girsang said...

wowh , your new layout and header is girly ...

Romany said...

Chocolate pancake with ice cream?? Oh my god, I could not be more jealous right now.
Oh congrats on the internship, where are you interning?

Nadia Kamballa said...

I love your new layout! And those food posts really make me hungry.. *_*

Alicia said...

thanks for comment, girrrl:D
amazing pic, love blazer too

RiaTii said...

hope u can win tht giveaway (:
nanny's pavilion dimana ?? saya mau salmon steak nya !!
ckckck bikin laper aja deh lu =P
aku suka headernya. hihi. anyway background kt jg agak sama warnanya. hihihi. cerah cerah :D

Sher said...

I'm loving the new girly layout, Michelle! It's sweet:)

Good luck with the contest!!


Castor Pollux said...

thanks for commenting back :)
those food make me hungry ..

and yup, i've linked u, link me back . hehe


Martwa Marta said...

like the new layout!

i'm a great spagetti fan. can't wait to eat some... mmm...

i like the spotted leggins - they're so cute!

Hannah said...

wow that is one big haul of clothes! exciting about your internship, i'm starting work soon too and worried i won't have time to blog either!


c mic,
your blog colour now is so feminime :)
and now I am trying my luck to win the whole set for my sister as well
caroline is such a fabolous who giveaways that cool set of looks
aren't you going to make a giveaway as well? can't wait for yours too

- t h a m i a - said...

wow header sm layoutnya lucu bangett! <3 matching warna pastel. cute headernya :)

Diane said...

Stop it with the food porn, you're killing me and I should be on a diet!:))

I love what you've done with your layout, it's much more relaxing to read than the black one.

Good luck with that givaway and hope your internship it's fashion related so that you can share some knowledge with us!


marionettecomesalive said...

love love love your new layout!

sam. said...

hi, thanks for the comment on my blog :) best of luck on the h&m competition, i hope you win!

Juliet said...

I like the new layout!

juliet xxx

Bella said...

oh! New layout! I like it :) That hoodie blazer is fantastic as well :) xxx

Viva La Fashion said...

that chocolate pancake looks sooo good. :)

Jess said...

Oh how fabulous would it be to have that skirt. good luck with the giveaway.

ARANXA. said...

did i mention how much I LOVE YOUR BLOG?? haha
anyways i am in love with those polka dot leggings!!ahh they are adorable

Valencia Lia said...

That's an awesome entry and I do hope you'll win too! Ohhh darn it,I've missed the dateline so I can't enter the contest too.

Anyway,I want that blazer from Picnic ! Ahhhhh you've introduced to me such an awesome store. Now I do hope they ship internationally to SG ahaha

Vina Sagita said...

where is it? the nanny's pavilion i mean..