Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Singapore Sling Part Deux .

okay part two : BLOGGER MEET UP OVERSEAS !
firstly, i cant believe that I actually got the chance to meet 3 other lovely girls [and plus 1 whom I've already met 2x!] i've only contacted through the WWW (world wide web). I've been planning to go to spore since like 2 months ago, and I was very excited that my trip was confirmed ! So right away when I knew I'm jetting off to spore on the 22nd, I arranged a meet up with the Valencia, Qin, Vheney, and Adela straightaway ! (well actually Valencia did most of the arrangement work.. thanks love !) Second.. it was great to actually meet up with other bloggers outside Indonesia !
these DSLRs peeps totally beat my tiny Canon Ixus..
i feel like im the most casual out of the crowd.. oh well . i cudnt carry my whole wardrobe for travelling.. and Valencia actually told me that she thought I'd be wearing heels.. turns out im not ! im anti heels when it comes to travelling ! these flower flats already got me blisters on my feet :( had to buy a pair of Havainas during the tripp.. heeee
wearing topshop blazer, Zara tunic, unbranded gray leggins, Hermes Cuffs, Forever21 cross pendant, Pedder Red flower jelly flats..
i love those funny lights at the back.. they'd be cute for my room :D
another lovely candid !
i love these Jumpshot gif images :D thanks to Joseph (a nice guy whom we encountered when we were taking photos infront of Ion. He was VERY NICE to take super duper lovely shots with his Pro 7D canon..) check more of the jumpshots below :D
pad thai
having pad thai at BaliThai restaurant, Ion .
this is how we get connected ! thanks to the lovely development in technology.. gtalk is one amazing thing for communication between blackberry and iPhones by the way.. right Qin & Valencia ? ;)
only had 1 photo with the adorable Adela ! :( I wished I could've talked and taken more photos with her.. sadly I had to leave for errands when she just came by from the bad traffic and tough parking-search.. I'm lusting over the Phillip Lim (yesh its Phillip Lim!) boyfriend blazer.. the fit is AMAZINGGG !
more jumpshots !


That Chelsea Girl™ said...

That is so awesome you got to meet some blog people, especially overseas! Love the animation pics.
Take care!

Shop T.O. Live said...

Wow. That's so great that you got to meet other bloggers. And thanks for sharing those 'action' shots.

A N A S T A S Y A said...

I totally love the jumpshots hahaha, the man is really talented, he could capture every scene perfectly, totally envious at your meeet up!!

Valencia Lia said...

Yayyyyy,I love love this post much more because I got to meet you gorgeous!

Aww,don't have to thank me for anything. You coming to Singapore was already more than enough to ask for,so happy I finally got to meet up with you:)

Yes for sure,gtalk is so so easy to chat with you too.
I want to get my Iphone soooo soon urghhhh.

And yayyy for the kind soul Joseph who took the photos for us!! I love the gif you made for the many jumpshots we tried ahaha
I'm going to use the ones you made on my upcoming post,I hope its okay with you heee

Will credit you of course<3 Cheers to more meet ups! said...

i love the jumping pic in the end!


ru.kurarin said...

These are all gorgeous, you guys look like you had so much fun!

Jacqueline said...

Awesome meet up photos! I love the jumping action shots =) xo

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Toni said...

adorable outfits! looks like u girls had so much fun!

btw, i gave u an award ;) see here!

have a pleasant day ahead!


hannah said...

chic and so much fun! cute gifs!

u-ung said...

so fun go to s'pore and met friends there!!!itu gambar g bisa gerak2 itu lucu bgt,chelle...gimana tuh cara buatnya??maklum..gaptek abis aku..hiahahaha

marionette comes alive said...

hey michelle glad ur back.. miss u! wooww such a blast there u have :)


FashionJazz said...

Hello hun, wow, u guys sure had a fantastic time!! Luv all ur pics and ur outfit! xxx

monica w said...

it's awesome that you got to meet up with them!

you guys alll look fabulous!!!

and im totally envious that you get to live in spring/summer weather year round

lalita tian said...

i like the jumpshots. :D
i use nikon D80 dear. you guys looks stunning, btw. :)

please follow my blog if you like it, dear. :)

Sher said...

Oh you're so lucky to have met up with so many gorgeous bloggers! Looks like such a fun, happy time too!!

I truly love your jumping gifs, I can't help but smile looking at them, you guys are the cutest:)


Jen said...

awww i love all those animated jump shots. and i also love all those silly candids you took of you guys, they made me smile. it must have been amazing to finally meet these girls in real life! :)
and yumm, i love pad thai haha

Crystal said...

You guys look like you had such a good time together! Absolutely adorable.

Astérisque said...

gorgous pictures. seems like you have a lot of fun in singapore! Loe to see you so happy.

Diane said...

Wow, you guys really had a super fun time together, that's so great!

You look great as great in flats as you do in heels :D
And I love your cuffs!

Thanks for the comment :)

Have a fun day


Treacle said...

You look like you had a great time! I love the jump shots.

By the way, thanks for visiting my blog. I'd really appreciate it if you'd stop by again to vote in my poll. I'm thinking of making some changes. :-)

Confessions of Lingerie Addict

stellectism said...

aaaw i'm sure you had an awesome and pleasant trip in spore mich! so sorry i couldn't join that day. crossing my finger that we'll meet up one day! <3 i totally agree with you that flat shoes are the best to walk around here. hv a good day! btw, may i ask you how much does the hermes enamel bangles cost? thank you! <3

♥Sisterhood♣ said...

the trip looks really fun:)
i love the last jumpshot!

LumpexoHoliczka said...

Wow I love the animation pics:D It's so fun !!
You and your friend looks amaizing
Lovely post!

LumpexoHoliczka said...

Wow I love the animation pics:D It's so fun !!
You and your friend looks amaizing
Lovely post!

janet said...

u guys look so great!!
The pictures are greatt too!! I enjoyed reading this post!
love ur blazerr! :)

AlvianaKalin said...

G dari jakarta nhi hehe. thanks comment nya yahh. :) love ur blog! followed ur blog & twitter. hope you can follow back :D --> @alvianakalin

Btw, love these photos! enaknya bisa blogger meet up disana. hihi.

Kalyana. said...

i love this post, love at all .
and i like the jump shoots, very nice .


6o4honey said...

Commented back on my entry! but again, gotta say i love your pics. makes me miss sg even more now :( i haven't even been to ion!!

btw we should totally exchange links babe :)

Eudora said...

glad you enjoy your short trip to singapore babe! awesome jumpshots! :D

BadRomance said...

Awwwwww the pictures looks so fun :D especially the jump-pictures

FIAN said...

heiii dear!! very AWEESOMEEE post!
omg.. love the gif for jumpshot too much! so much fun dear... :)))

haa... wanna meet you too michelle... hope oneday yaa,,

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprsetya said...

michelle, i love your post, i think you enjoyed the day in singapore!


szela said...

aww you girls look like y'all had so much fun. that's great! (: i can't wait to get back to Singapore after being away from home for a year. so much has changed. i don't even know what's that place your photos are taken at.

you've got great style and a lovely blog! absolutely following you. (:

Jane From The Blog said...

I love your holiday post! Have such a great times with fellas :D
love your blazer anyway <3

oh, I just followed you ^^

michellehendra said...

sabar ya jeng.. :D 3 hari lagi ku balik.. aduuu.. enak banget yang ke spore.. irii iriii.. tsk tsk tsk.. sabar ya.. ketemu ntar kita! :D


Birgit said...

Oh my gosh it looks like so much fun! & the weather seems an amazing . I love your outfits/technology haha. So cool post :)

Love Birgit, Oh since this sunday I opened my own webshop, I would really appreciate it if you would visit it :)

you can find it here :

toxic disco boy said...

wow. looks like you had fun! ^^

Phyllis said...

so cute!!! i love the animated photos, how fun!

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

I love all your outfits! Hope to meet you someday too Michelle!

blackecstasy said...

o my!! love ur jumpshoot photos !!
caranya gmanaaaa bebii!!
keren deh gerak gtu~ huhuhuhuhu
anjrid hepi abis keknya lu di sing! groarrr!! iriii!! pengen ikud dehh :((

welcome back to WTF routines !
=p~ lols

Kallie said...

that looks like so much fun!

Nina said...

Another bloggers' meet up. How fantastic! You all look soooo chic!

StuddedLilly said...

this is such a crazy fun post! its really awesome you could meet up other bloggers oversea and it sure looked like you guys had tons of fun!


Couture Carrie said...

Sooooo fun, darling M!
I love it when bloggers meet up IRL!

Those jumpshots are amazing ~ you all look fabulous!


yejades said...

you look like my cousin :D

Carissa said...

michelle dear! how are you? duh. enak ya liburan ke singapur. hahaha

Audrey Allure said...

such cute photos!

Sarah said...

wow, looks like u girls had fun! loving all the outfits and the jumping gifs are so cute!! xxx

Style Bird said...

I love the jump shots! Looks like you had fun!

Missy said...

wow it's so amazing you got to meet up with other bloggers plus you all look adorable! looks like you had a great time x

For all things fashion:

Indy said...

You guys are so cute! And so stylish! That food looks scrummy!

Amy said...

How amazingly adorable are you girls?! Oh I love ALL your outfits and I love ALl these photos (especially the jumping ones).

Hope you are having the BEST time!

Much love,

Fashion Wh0re said...

Love the pics and the jumpshots are Amazing..

Have yet to try an iphone..Blackberry all the way btw what kinda phone is that glitter one??

Sarah said...

I love your "jump-shots" it looks like you had so much fun! And I agree, I want those lights in my room too!

Diya said...

lol you gals are so fun. love the candids!

I've recently started a blog and would love it if you dropped by/exchanged links with me. :)

lorenabr said...

Cool, looks like you had a great time

Anna-Lena said...

wonderful pics of you...i absolutely adore the pic from you yesterday!!!you are very beautiful!

Patty Ann said...

omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg this looks like so much fun. i cant stop laughing at those jumping pictures. cute cute cute

Patty Ann

Zanah said...

Funny post!! :) Mon Mode Blog

HARAJUKU on SPOT said...

michele,. i hate when u not come to B'girl event :p jadii ke singapore yaa booo seruuu dehh kayanyaaa

inget yaaa kalo ada bloger met up undang kitaa

majalahnya udahh terbitttt B'girl

Marla Singer said...

you must be had lots of fun on your trip! and the blogger meet-up make me jealous xD
love the jumpshots so much <3

Marla Singer said...

you must be had lots of fun on your trip! and the blogger meet-up make me jealous xD
love the jumpshots so much <3

Flashes of Style said...

Woww! What a chic group of ladies. You all look adorable :)

yiqin; said...

I was casual that day too! Hahah it was great seeing you, next time I'll go over :D

Loving Chiaradeanna said...

you and your friends are A-DO-RA-BLE!! Kiss ;)

Victoria-H said...

Oooo, How Fun ! You guys look great, and looks like you had a great time !! Love the last jumping picture !! :)
I have an orange cover for my blackberry- I loove the colored ones ! :D

daisymay said...

You look like you had lots of fun! Wish I could do a blogger meet up! You girls all look so stylish!

Christina said...

VERY cool!

Blackberry Sherbet

Mycha said...

love all photos !

novita irene said...

hi hi,,,i'm sorry for the late comment, you know, i thought i have posted my comment, but I haven't.
it seems that you had a good time in singapore. anyway, i adore your bf blazer, looks classy..:DD
and your gif...just great. love them all.
i'll comment later.
keep blogging and keep inspiring,
let's keep in touch..:DD

Sandra said...

Hehe, you guys rock!

Danist des DarÇon said...

Very nice.