Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Singapore Sling Part 1 .

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decided to split my singapore trip blog post into TWO ! because i cant upload the huge amount of pictures up altogether . dont wanna make my readers spammed with pictures (esp when indonesia's internet is super slow..) so here's part one . which is basically a recap of my trip to singapore :D

BEWARE * LOTS OF FOOD PICTURES ! (im still drooling by the way..)

close upPhotobucket
makeup : sephore eye shadow from brown eyes, bobbi bornw concealer kit, clinique quickliner in roasted coffee, Shu Uemura tinted brow gel in bronze, Mac bluch in peaches, and Benefit High Blem highlighter..
wearing new contacts :D and experimented with the Sephora eye shadow set for Brown Eyes Talisha gave me for Christmas ! can't really the colors here though.. but the palette was really nice for day to day makeup (a good alternative to my usually beige and browns..)
not much outfit pics of me (i only packed 1 jeans, 1 leggings, and 3 tops by the way.. saving space for shopping..haha) but i though i'd share my bf's VERY WELL DRESSED tiny sister.. is it me, or does she seem to be chaneling Blair Waldorf with those bow headbands and preppy-girly vibe?
boon tongkee
first dinner at s'pore : BOON TONG KEE ! been craving for this since May 2009 !
boon tongkee2
the pyramid rice chicken rice :D
oyster omelette
Oyster Omellete at Serangoon Garden, the area where my boyfriend used to live at his guardian's house when he went to school in Singapore..
fried kwe tiau noodles..
Singapore Style Satay ..
fried mars bar
FRIED MARS BAR ! my boyfriend always talks how good these stuff are (and they're usually only available in Australia) Finally I got a chance to taste these at Far East Plaza basement ! They're soooooo effin' GOOOOODDD ! its the best combination : chocolate and flour batter deep friend in oil (urrgh.. fat alert though..)
simbashi tofu green tea
Green Tea Tofu Pudding at Simbashi Soba, Paragon :D i like to come here after a shopping trip.. they have a happy hour dessert set for SGD$5.00 for one dessert + green tea at 2pm-5pm . you should also try the Anmitsu (japanese jellies and mochis with red bean paste glazed with honey brown sugar)
my shopping highlights :D chain ankle strap Topshop heels (very comfortable despite the height!), unbranded black patent shoes for upcoming DIY project :D, chain link necklace from F21, rings from a stall at Vivo City, and I got one of my christmas wishlist ticked off : Mulberry Bayswater bag :D

i just realized that by the end of the trip, that I didn't take any shots of the bride and groom at the wedding ! hahahah.. and i didnt do any other shots during other normal days as well .. i was too concentrated with my shopping and food since i only had 3 full days to go around singapore (definitely NOT enough !)


Jane From The Blog said...

Hey there, Michelle :D
this is my first comment since I've stalked your blog for weeks :p (and I love your fashion blog. awesome <3)

your holiday was so fun!
so glad you met bloggers outside Indo :D
thanks for share a great holiday ^^


Valencia Lia said...

Michelle!!! Woooo I love love the overload of all the photos from your trip:)

I really love how you did your makeup which is really very natural. Awww,and your boyfriend's little sister is always so adorable.

Boon Tong Kee Chicken rice! Woooooo,yummy yum. Its going to be lunch time soon now so I'm drooling while looking at the photos here.

Stunning dress you wore with the simple black heels gorgeous!Everyone look so stunning.

Fried Marsbar?? yesss! 2 thumbs up to that,so yum!
aND WOOOO I really do love all the rings you got,esp the colorful turtle, I wanna steal it.

Ohhh surely I can bring you around for ring shopping,the best finds so far I got are from Fleas!!

Big hugssss

A N A S T A S Y A said...

Your sister is too cutee!!

btw, you look dazzling in that wedding party, as always :)

Talita said...

ah I'm so jealous at your rings!! they are just effin' cute!! Gosh! I've been looking for something like that! I envy yooooou !

Jacqueline said...

Great photos Michelle! You look absolutely stunning in that Marc Jacobs dress, glowing =) xo

ye55i said...

Hey, michelle.. welcome back!
aaa.. i love all your new things that you bought in Sg, esp the bag! you are so lucky.. and the pictures of the food make me hungry. T.Tv

u-ung said...

keren2 cincinnya!!!you look gorgeous in formal dress and curly hair..

FashionJazz said...

U look amazing, I luv all the new goodies u bought!! xxx

lalita tian said...

aaah i love this post, awesome!!
ahh hainan chicken rice & fried mars bar *im DROOLING*


Jen said...

you look gorgeous in that marc by marc jacobs silver dress! and you and your boyfriend are adorable. (his little sister has got to be the most fashionable child i've ever seen!)
and that food porn has definitely got me drooling.

beingdena said...

Michelle darling you look so beautiful. Love the dress. Very Gossip Girly ;) perfect!!!!


beingdena said...

Michelle darling you look so beautiful. Love the dress. Very Gossip Girly ;) perfect!!!!


beingdena said...

Michelle darling you look so beautiful. Love the dress. Very Gossip Girly ;) perfect!!!!


Betty Bake said...

hi michelle - thanks for following me on my blog and for commenting
:) your trip looks lovely and the food amazing!

Betty Bake

Andy Tan said...

oh food, food, food! It's all I'm thinking about, and now your blog!

How's your trip so far dear? and you look gorge as always!


Diane said...

I really enjoyed all the food pictures, they look great so yummy...and the rings in the last!they're really statements!


janet said...

glad to get to read your new posts, michelle!
U look gorgeous with that dress for the wedding
and ur bf's sister is really cuuuttee! :)

Kalyana. said...

hello ..
look like you had a great time there :)
I like you BF's li'l sist . she's cute and pretty, maybe indonesian suri cruise due to her fashionable style ? XOXO

AlvianaKalin said...

Michelleee, g suka bgt sm make up-mu.. so natural yet chic. :) the food photos are making me hungry rite now.. :'(


omg michelle
where is boon tong kee?
i never been there :(
seems to be so nice one
ur mbmj dress is so nice but then ur sister in law seems to more adorable ahaaa

FIAN said...

wohooo.. you are soo gorgeous dear!

love all of your family photos,,
and i like your new rings too,,
so cute...

oh ya, don't forget to check the tagging for you on my blog,, :D


djhanq said...

u look super-fab on that dress :)
and ur bf's youngest sister is so cute
reminds me of my cousin

blackecstasy said...

err shit men!!!!
michelle i know that mulberry bags lols! hmmhh.
you get it in hilton or taka? and our twins turtle look so lovely in ur post lols

and a glimpse of charlotte remind me about the kaleng lols!

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

I love everything in this post especially your dress! You look fab!

pensandlens said...

Hey Michelle,

Thank you for dropping by my blog. It seems that you had a great time during your Singapore Trip.

I love the jumpshots, saw it at Qin's facebook. It seems that you had a great time shopping as well.

Stay pretty as always dear.


daisymay said...

Seen many bloggers with that cute owl ring and I so want one now!! You look fab in the silver dress. The second photo of you BF's little sister is so so cute! In scotland deep fried marsbar is a traditional thing, I love it but you cant buy it anywhere in cardiff!

Mira said...

i simply love your bf's lil sister..!!!
she is ADORABLE!!!

Mira said...

owww...btw... nice mulberry bag ^.^