Thursday, January 28, 2010

Prep Up

back to my usual outfit posts :D It's been long since the last time I wore flats in my usual outfit posts. I've become an-almost-full time heel person. I feel so much more confident with a pair of heels as opposed to flats. But still, as comfy as heels are, they're NEVER comfier than a pair of flats (or even better Havaianas flip flops) I still use flats for driving anyway :D

I finally got THE PERFECT boyfriend blazer ! I told Valencia & Qin (when i was at S'pore) that I was looking for a nice long bf blazer.. and I actually found this the day after the meetup at Warehouse, Ion :D its so comfy and roomy !
haven't worn this LV bag for ages. I was cleaning through my closet and I "found" it again. So i decided to give it a wear especially when it sorta matches my washed denim mini-skort :D
Warehouse Blazer, Uniqlo tank, Wishdrobe skort, unbranded ribbon back fishnet tights, Louis Vuitton bag, Forever21 necklace, random rings, Pedder Red flats
im still on the search for the comfiest flats on earth. these are pretty good. but as I walked through these in Singapore, turns out I still get blisters after like 4-5 hours of walking :| do u guys have any brand recommendations ? I heard Repetto flats are pretty good..
i cant get enough of chainlink necklaces.. they remind me of Chanel !

ps* i've gotten my hands on the rest of the wedding photos. the images were still unedited so I'll have to flip through the 4 DVDS (yesh all the pictures are worth 16GB !!) and edit them a bit and I'll post it up :D

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Emz said...

Love your blazer =) and really cute tights!

blackecstasy said...

ouw"! kek nika ni yeee! hahaahahah~
ud ketularan fishnet jg diaa~ =p~
love ur blazer darling :))

yudia aiiu

Jacqueline said...

I love your tights Michelle! You are looking so chic here =) xoxo

Miu Miu studded sandals at

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

I just got a blazer too,but I think yours is adorable and I love your tights. Also I too prefer heels, so much more confident in them!

dela said...

ahahaha.. you found perfect blazer! cute! :)

janettaylor said...

Great outfit, Michelle! Really great!


Jes said...

Great outfit! Love the blazer and that necklace!

FIAN said...

stiap km ngpost outfit post pke bow tights it,,aq jd kpengen tights nya,,huaa.. tp kn aq ga co2k pst make gt.. >.<

trully like your shoes and the skirt too, so cute,, :)


Julie said...

Cute outfit! I really love the necklace!

I LOVE wearing heels - I love the way it sounds when you're walking, especially power walking. :)

selena st.john said...

Those stockings and that skirt!

I'm in love. :)

Andy Tan said...

lovely! How come you always look so tall!! even with flats! and that's a cute pair of fishnets dear.

thanks for dropping by my blog today.


FashionJazz said...

Gorgeous outfit as always!! Lovely to have u back hun! xx

KEMY said...

hmm, well i'm those kinda guys that don't know the diffrence between highheels and hightops :P]
na i'm just playin, but i really don't know all that much about fashion.
but i love your outfits and your pics are always so nice.
so that's why i've decided to follow you

Violet said...

i really like that necklace but the tights have my attention from the first photo. The mix of blues in this outfit is wonderful

yeah all my flats fail me i thought they were my go to but not anymore

Vi from Cali

Elaine said...

So cute! Love the tights.

Toni said...

am still on the search for the perfect boyF blazer for me :s yours has the perfect fit and length. nice!

i like the pleat details on your skort :)

you look gorgeous, as always ;)

ye55i said...

That's a nice blazer, Michelle.. and i also love that kind of necklace. Can't wait to see the wedding photos! =D

marionette comes alive said...

love it, so preppy, cocok buat ngampus hehe :)
duh i have no idea about my commentbox.. mungkin lagi error. tapi komen kamu masuk kok :)


Sophie Carmo said...

So beautifullllll...Nice...Muaksss

marb said...


Diane said...

Nice to see daily outfits again! This look is very nice on you, very romantic and you look great in flats too! Especially because you're pretty tall...:P

If you have problems with blisters just put some alcohol on the area os the shoe that hurt and let it dry, it will soften it. That available for leather shoes ;)


Nemerae said...

Your tights are really original, and the shorts are sooo cute!! :)

Style of a Fashionista said...

I love your outfit posts. Cute outfit and those tights are gorgeous and sooo unique and I love your skirt.
How can you forget about a LV bag lol :) xoxo

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

I like the outfit esp the tights!!!


Omg michellle
i love ur outfit
u are so stylish :D
river valley? where? is it near Irvin crab there?
I stay at river valley also
cant wait to go there :O

lalita tian said...

hi michelle! :)
i love your skort! btw itu sebenernya shorts ya? :D)

selly octavia said...

I love that skort.. It's funny when I say skort.. Haha.. A new cool word I think.. Love this style especially with the fishnet ribbon back tights.. It makes the so perfectly stylish.. :))

Pia said...

i want those tights! though i don't know if i would be brave enough to wear them myself!

Brenda evans said...

love your blazer :)
and yeah, i agree, no shoes are more comfier than flats XD.
i've followed u:) comment back yaa, i'm still an amateur at blogging xp

Velvet Rose said...

fantastic skirt! I want it! *____*

F i K a said... got a perfect blazer!! I like it :)

and the necklace..soo cute!! love it..thinking of buy something like that ;)..hihi

janet said...

that tights is very cute!

Victoria Lorraine said...

tights <3

Tysha Alya Lukman said...

lovely tights kaak!
saw ur comment, yeaaah i am a former cheerleading captain, but because of UAN i have to retire huhu wish i can cheer again on senior high :)

Tysha Lukman's Mannequin

grizelda said...

yey michelle!!! thanks :)

so love ur outfit here :)


stellectism said...

mich, i wore a very similiar outfit with u yesterday! <3 love your tights and the skirt! i'm always a big fan for this kind of outfit. and your blazer is fab1

ru.kurarin said...

what a gorgeous blazer! too bad warehouse is out of my budget.

michellehendra said...

badanmu bagus sekali darloo! :D hihhi. cantikk!!

xx said...

cute skirt tight and necklace! haha ;; <3

pensandlens said...

love the combination dear and the's simply chic. PERFECT 10!


djhanq said...

cool tights :)
it yg blogger meetupny kpan ci?

follow my tweet

Veren Hendra Lie said...

you look very adorable with the tights :)

.a little princess.

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprsetya said...

aww you always adorable michelle...

love your bag!

devishanty said...

hi michelle it's me devishanty. karna dari kemaren blog gw error terus, akhirnya gw pindah url.. relink pleeease if u don't mind? thank you ;)

djhanq said...

ci, kan u say u've followed my tweet
but i haven't received the req. yet

and i've add u on fb

Audrey Allure said...

beautiful outfit! love the skirt :)

Clara said...

amazing look
i love your bag

NoViTaRisTiaNa said...

haaai michelle,i miss u're blog...
luv u're stocking..
btw,i gave u an award.. check out in my blog :)

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

loveeee your tights! this outfit is so perfect, the blazer is adorable!

♥ Hannah



Sher said...

aww, your skort is so adorable!! And I really love the back seam tights too!!

Glad you got the blazer you wanted:)


The Trendy Fashionista said...

I love the bag! Nice thights

-The Trendy Fashionista

This comment has been removed by the author.

thank youuuuu:)
and this is so cute!!
i love the necklace.

toxic disco boy said...

hey, i would definitely love to be in your blog roll. i'll link you too. ^^

so anyway, am jealous of your bag!

ariyani sukma said...

Love ur fishnet tight michele :)

Makasih yaaaa bwt masukanya :)
I really stuck wth my hair
Pendek mw kepanjang gitu ga bangeeet -___-
Waaahhhh aseeeknya spore :)
Psti dpt "many kewl stuff ya"

Oiyaaa, aku follow twitter kamu
Follow me back if u like ya :)

LumpexoHoliczka said...

Stunning !!!
I really love the necklace! This outfit is a perfect!!
You looks so chic:)


Juliet said...

I love the tights! So gorgeous!

juliet xxx

Taylor Sterling said...

michelle you look adorable!! love it and great bag!! how do you and those other blogger girls get your still pictures to move (roll up your sleeves? It is so fun!! xx

Indy said...

Those tights are fierce! You look so casual chic - I love it!

amalie said...

cute! love your tights!

Isquisofrenia said...

i love those tights so much!!
and your skirt is adorable!

mom & son said...

you look so chic, girl!
i love it so much esp the soft color
of your skirt!

Shop T.O. Live said...

The whole outfit is fantastic but my favorite is the tights - so cute!

<a HREF="></a>

Tuesday said...

I love your tights, should be one of my list!

Seen your posts about Singapore, I truly miss that country, I'm flying there soon :))))

I've followed you by the way, cheers!

Carmen said...

Your skirt is so cute and the blazer is lovely.


Nathalie said...

Those tights are so adorable. And I like how you put the outfit together.
Have a good day

lancelonie said...

Ooooh! Fabulous! Your rockin' it, girl! Awwwwwww! :)

the style spotter said...

love the necklace

Erika said...

Not fair Michelle! I am still looking for the perfect boyfriend blazer - this one is A-MA-ZING!! :)

cat said...

it was his final study project, don´t think it´s out on the market. pretty wired skincare no? hahha
thanxx for the comment and come back soon.
xx cat
CiTiEs of B

Valencia Lia said...

Michelle gorgeous!

Ohhh yayy,I'm so happy you managed to find the boyfriend blazer you want! And the day after our meetup,so funny~

I really love the cut and structure of the blazer,its perfect. Ohhh,and pssst I love wearing skorts even though I don't have one now in my closet.

Those little bow puffs are so adorable with your tights!! And I'm not a lover of fishnet tights,but I do love yours alot.

Yes,Repetto flats are really comfy. Adela has a pair of two and she loves them.
Cheers to digging up forgotten pieces in our closet.

I've got another velvet blazer I bought from Topshop on sales. But I'm keeping it for CNY~

big hugssss. Oops.long comment heee

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

love your tights

Gizelle said...

i can't believe that's a skort! it's soooo cute!

and i love the boyfriend do look so comfy in em'...

t a l i s h a said...

love love love the necklace and the tights dear! can't wait to see you soon. please remind me to bring ur f21 package to the event or otherwis i'll pretty much forget bout it hahaha.


Nubia said...

I love your stocking and the skirt is so cute also

Bug said...

This outfit is also very cute!! You are adorable!

Nadia Kamballa said...

Cute!! I love your tights..

Rebecca said...

cute detailing on the tights

daisymay said...

love those tight!!!

Jen said...

oooh i love your skirt so much here, you styled it perfectly.
and i can't wait to see wedding photos!!! :)

Fashion is a Playground said...

Lovely tight !

A N A S T A S Y A said...

the tights detail is lovely, and the blazer is to-die-for, it looks gorgeous on you!!

dareczka. said...

i love your tight!

your every photo is amazing!

The Haute Bitch said...

your bag = amaze.

un petit lapin said...

Can't decide what I like the best; tights, blazer, necklace or the SKIRT <3

Sandra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandra said...

wow, girl! I love this outfit! I admire people who know how use details! And you do! The tights, the colours, the bag! All in all really cool outfit!


Ellyn Lee said...

Hi Michelle,

I am really into your blog lately. I stumbled upon it when I was reading G.Lam's blog. I must say, you make Indonesians proud! (I am Indonesian, too)

Keep up the good work!


Ps. I have followed yer blog.

Steve Cooper said...

wow I love your tights, and cute skirt
Have a good day
Fishnet Tights