Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boon Tong Kee Here I Come !

I will be heading off to Singapore on Friday until Tuesday . So another hiatus for me I guess .. haha.. oh and if you're wondering what my post title is talking about , Boon Tong Kee is my favorite Singaporean Chicken Rice restaurant (and it's also a favorite for the locals and visitors too!).. Singapore really does have the best chicken rice ! I'll make sure to take lots of food porn when I'm there :D Meanwhile just before I jet off, I'll keep you busy with some portraits mini-photoshoot in my room today. Hope you enjoy these monochrome pictures !
sepia shots1
tousling my curly cues..
sepia shots2
trying out the center part hairstyle since I've been quite successful growing out my bangs :D since like september 2009.. what do you think of this center part look ?
sepia shot3
editted by my friend Ayu . She just started her fashion blog called Black Ecstasy by the way ! give her some comments on her first post :D
dari ayu
also editted and shot by Ayu.. i love how the skirt puffs up because of the wind here.. i look like I'm wearing an umbrella..
sepia shots4
the dancer's pose . i love this pose very much :D
same photo, different editing .

Bella from English Eccentric has been kind enough to draw an illustration of me ! She's such a multi-talented person . She has fabulous style AND great artistic skills at the same time !

here are some awards and tags I got from other bloggers :D Thanks you all !
First is the OVER THE TOP award from The Owl's Closet. With this award, the rules are that I have to fill the questions below with a one word answer.

1. Where is your cell phone? in my bag..
2. Your hair? unwashed
3. Your mother? irritating
4. Your father? ignorant
5. Your favorite food? ALOT
6. Your dream last night? blank
7. Your favorite drink? ocha (i cant write green tea because its 2 words)
8. Your dream/goal? Happy
9. What room are you in? Car
10. Your hobby? blogging
11. Your fear? loss
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? stable
13. Where were you last night? home
14. Something you aren't? flirty
15. Muffins? lovely..
16. Wish list item? Mulberry's Bayswater/Alexa
17. Where did you grow up? Jakarta
18. Last thing you did? tweeted
19. What are you wearing? minidress
20. Your TV? none
21. Your pets? Hugo (Shitzu dog)
22. Your friends? dunno
23. Your life? chaos
24. Your mood? sleepy
25. Missing someone? yes
26. Vehicle? Jaguar XF
27. Something you're not wearing? shoes
28. Your favorite store? Zara
29. Your favorite color? eggplant purple
30. When was the last time you laughed? hours ago
31. Last time you cried? This week
32. Your best friend? Ayu
33. One place that I go over and over? plaza indonesia
34. One person who emails me regularly? Karmila
35. Favorite place to eat? alot..

I will pass this tag to Couture Carrie Loves, Fashion Jazz, Quirky Explosions, Gilbert Ganda, and The F Word Online.

also received the One Lovely Blog Award from Miss Neira ! She's a fabulous girl hailing from Boston who has great style :D

last but not least, say hello to the newest baby of my shoe collection :D I just got it today while I visited Ayu over at On Pedder. And this masterpiece was standing there waiting to be bought. Turns out it was last piece and the shoe instantly felt it belong to me as I tried it on.
looks just like a regular peep toe..
but with just a little extra detail for that Ooomph !

I've also planned a blogger meet up with Valencia, Qin, Adela, and Vheney while I'm at Singapore. If you happen to be around Singapore, just tweet me or Valencia to hop in !


stellectism said...

i love your first shoot mich! it looks lovely when u're tousling with ur messy hair. and the shoes! i love the details on the heels. super fab! to wrap up, i love this post! <3


xoxo, michelle
thanks for the pass :)
u come to sg so early siaa??
i adore u since u can wake up that early just to take a flight
i could rather take a night flight so that i could have a good sleep
i like ur shoes its amazing
u should wear it here in boon tong kee :D

Kalyana. said...

like your third photo .lovely peep toe ci michelle

t a l i s h a said...

heart the shoesssss!! so cool, u could get to meet fhenny outside the city.. nobodyh's visiting me here in LA hahahaha..

beingdena said...

gorgeous shoot miss model. We will miss you. you better blog from Singapore ok?! xxxx

beingdena said...

gorgeous shoot miss model. We will miss you. you better blog from Singapore ok?! xxxx

Chasing Cherries said...

Love those heels!! Beautiful pictures too!!

Congrats on your awards darling and have fun in Singapore!!

Jacqueline said...

Awesome new heels! I love your hair with the center part too. xoxo

Leah said...

Have fun in Singapore Michelle. I love the chicken rice too. Now, I'm craving for some.

Your center-part hair looks fabulous on you. I love the soft curls too.

I love your illustration. Great job Bella.

xo, Alexi said...

i just went to singapore for the first time last summer. SOOOO MUCH FUN SHOPPING THERE! i hope you have lots of fun. your pictures are so great, i don't even know where to start! and your new shoes? killer!!! i love them- they're absolutely glamorous!

yejades said...

why dont you try to make curled hair? İ think it will nice for you =)

keep love...

Toni said...

you have such gorgeous hair!
and the peep-toe shoes are love!

iheartvintagex said...

Oh my those shoes!!! ♥

MalibuMara said...

those shoes are love!!

Nathalie said...

Uh, all these pictures are so lovely! Really!
And those heels??? I love all these stones on it!

Nathalie said...

Wow, gorgeous shoes. Great buy. And the pictures are really cool

Isquisofrenia said...

so many awesome stuff in one post

sharonlei said...

Love your hair Michelle! The center part is great too. :) Congrats on the awards and hope you have tons of fun in Singapore.

Take care sweetie!!
Love & Aloha,

sharonlei said...

Oh, one more thing... the shoes are gorgeous!! Awesome find.

Love & Aloha,

janettaylor said...

Beautiful shoes!


Indy said... are too cute! I love your portrait shots and your lovely one word answers!

Petra said...

Oh! Those heels r fantastic, pretty close to perfect! :>

Diane said...

Wow, I loved finding out all these things about you..You drive Jaguar XF?That must be cool...

Anyway, those shoes are crazy beautiful!

Have a fun day!


Jen said...

i love the first few pictures you posted. your hair looks gorgeous with a center part and i'm really loving the stripes you're wearing with the sepia.
and your shoes are stunning! i love the jewel detailing on the heel.

have fun in Singapore. i'll be here waiting for some food porn! :P

Panda said...

Ohmygod, u are stunning. Such amazing pair of shoes too, that studs are awesome! :-)
Love your blog!
Panda xxx
Thank you for your comment too! It made me smile

Panda said...

Ohmygod, u are stunning. Such amazing pair of shoes too, that studs are awesome! :-)
Love your blog!
Panda xxx
Thank you for your comment too! It made me smile

Velvet Rose said...

nice shoes and hair! =)


I love the shoes!

Marla Singer said...

wow you look gorgeous on the second pictures! love your center part hairstyle! and the shots are awesome too!
okay, i'd kill for the shoes! hahaha.

oh and i'd love to meet you too. i'll try so hard to be in jakarta on february. have a safe flight <3

Ilse said...

love the editing of the pictures!! your friend did such a great job and the outfit is adorable ;) too cool you're planning on a meetup!

Pia said...

your center part looks so good! i love your curls :)

Anna-Lena said...

i love your curls and your shoes...fantastic!!!gorgeous!!

Taylor Sterling said...

love the stripes, you look beautiful!

Taylor Sterling said...

love the stripes, you look beautiful!

lancelonie said...

so pretty photos . . . and those shoes - ooh-la-lahhh! :)

The F Word Online said...

mich ! (this one might be a long one)

1. those shoes ! omg ... im so jealous you have those, but i absolutely love them ! i love how its jeweled on the heel, sooo pretty !

2. thanks for the award : ) i'll post about it on my next post

3. a blogger meetup is so cute. its too bad you're not nearby ! :(

4. have fun in singapore ! im so jealous. singapore has amazinggg food (i hear) and the nightlife is amazing. will def miss u while you're gone

xx lue

Clara said...

gosh! i love those shoes!!

Yuka said...

you hair looks really good!

C. said...

Love all these photos so much! congrats on the awards, and great shoes :)


Bug said...

Have a safe and fun trip. Enjoy the tasty food :) Love your pics, you are so cute.

Christen said...

Oh my goodness, your hair looks AMAAAAAZING in those first pictures! I have total hair envy right now! :)

Eva Silviana said...

Grrrrr freakingly envy to you mich :( I wanna do the meet up too. If only i could be there too tomorrow. Really curious want to meet valencia hehehe. Hope you safely be there mich.

volverhank said...

bisa bahasa indonesia gak?

ni tak kasih bilingual yah :

bagus postnya, heeueh

:> Nice POST and Blog !

weblog :

Sher said...

The monochrome pics look fab, dear! And I love the waves in your hair!! Omg, those shoes are fantastic, you will look so gorgeous in them!!

Oh, I LOVE BOON TONG KEE too!!!!!!!! It's my must go whenever I visit Singapore:P I wish I can have a plate of that chicken rice too!!


Raez said...

cute first picture:) teh shoes are fantastic as well:)

xx raez

Style Artisan said...

You are one busy girl!

Those shoes are absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see them in a future post.

And congratulations on the awards. You deserve them!

marionette comes alive said...

love the pictures' colors!
have fun in singapore :)


Jessica said...

The back of the top in the second outfit is divine! You are so beautiful!

Andy Tan said...

I'm loving your hair michelle! How'd you keep it that way?

Oh, and have fun in Singapore! I'm heading there and Hong Kong end of feb i hope.

Congratulations for those awards! totally deserved it.


Gizelle said...

i love your center part hair..way to go for having the patience to grow it out! totally paid off!

and i'm so jealous of your shoes...hehe.

have fun in singapore!
i love it there!

Valencia Lia said...


Ahhh,you must be enjoying yourself somewhere now in Singapore heeee. Can't wait to meet you up tomorrow:DD

You look really beautiful with curls in your hair,surely should wear this look more often. Black and white photos are my favorite too.

You have such beautiful poses too always.Congrats on your awards and those studded new heels you got,so so envious!

FashionJazz said...

STunning pics hun!! Luv ur shoes and hope u have a fabulous time! Chat soon xxx

6o4honey said...

have fun in sing!!!! i miss it there :( and shop lots :P

Closet Full of Nothing said...

Love your hair curled! it's so pretty :)

I'm doing my first giveaway, make sure to check it out!



Muhammad. Ersa Adiprsetya said...

michelle, wish you enjoy your days in singapore.. make photoshoots in SG yaa...

btw kewl peep toes! :)

Bunnie said...

Pictures of that outfit I love so much again. :)

If you think I'm an amazing Asian, I'm not going to argue! haha :) Thanks darling!


CDG said...

Those are great pictures. And those shoes. omg those shoes! They are amazing! ugh I so want to steal them

Talita said...

awesome pictures editing! wow your hair is awesome! perfect curls!
and I envyyyy your peep toe. it's just, oh over the top! gorgeous!

djhanq said...

kewl shoes,
ow, so the next meet up is in singapore,
i thought it's in indo :P

new post
tattoo freak

Nemerae said...

You look amazing in every pic!! ;) and wooow, you're hair is so gorgeous, girl!! love that curls. It's so damn sexy!
The shoes are also great.
And yes, I follow your blog =)

toxic disco boy said...

ur gorgeous! and love that dress on you. ^^ those shoes in the end are wicked!

RiaTii said...

girl ! i really envy ur miu miu shoes. the details on that shoes looks stunning !!!
u look awesome with that center hairstyle. loves it.
and congratz for the award. happy holiday for u n dont forget to buy me something from spore :P
oia chell, u said u already follow my blog, but i don't see it yah ? or my followers blog itu error ?

agathaversatileavenue said...

yes u do look pretty in middle parted hair :D

AlvianaKalin said...

Have a great holiday at spore michelle! :) I always love ur shots. post more please!! :D
btw followed ur blog, follow back if u dnt mind? :) :)

Sioux-Chan said...

Hi Michelle, you coming to Singapore? That's really cool! Yay, it'll be nice to meet up with you. Oh, I really love your curls!


LumpexoHoliczka said...

What a beautiful pics!!You hav gorgeous face, you knoow that? :D
and I love your black hills!

Michelle big kiss 4 you

chocandcinnamon said...

That skirt is amazing (and also the shoes, love them!!!). Great pieces :)

ariyani sukma said...

Hai michelle, thank u for (always) leave comment and support for me :)
I love ur shoes ! Look so stunning!
Gorgeous, huhu want it!
I really boring wth my hair,
I want to extend it wht do you think ?

Kiss kiss arin,
From strawberry and banana pancake

The Owl Diary said...

amazing, amazing photographs. happy weekend! xx

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

OH MY GODDDD - those shoes! AMAZING :)

♥ Hannah



Polished Sense said...

The best statement shoes ever! Love em :D

Happy Friday!


Winnie said...

Your friend has taken some amazing photos of you. Heading over to her blog now :)

janet said...

i like ur portrait photos with ur curly hair! so cute!
have a nice day overseas, michelle! :)

Alita Claudia said...

I really really LOVE ur dance pose <3 <3 I LOVE IT

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Oooh, awesome post!

Your hair looks AMAZING curled. I always have trouble KEEPING my hair curled (grr, you Asian hair!).

And your friend did an AWESOME job editting the photo. That's so cool.

And I LOVE THOSE SHOES. The amazing heel detail is fabuuulousss. You're such a shoe girl ;)

Have fun in Signapore! I'm go there this March - so excited. You must post pictures.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I love reading your posts!

The Owl's Closet said...

love ur mini photo shoot, michelle:) i love ur hair!! gorgeous waves and the center part suits u. have lots of fun in singapore! i'm so envious of the good eats hehe

candybox said...

I love the shoes! :) Soo cute! And completely jealous that you get to hang in Singapore with Qin and Valencia!


FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Ah, have sooo muxh fun! Loved reading the tag, very amusing answers!

beckyxoxo said...

Ohhh dear your hair looks amazing ! Love it ! You look so beautiful , love all of the photos :) Congrats for the awards ! The shoes really make me jealous haha ! Have a nice time in Singapore ! Have fun ! :D

Fenny said...

wow! nice curly hair!
I love your flower skirt anyway ;)
oh, ke S'pore toh! Have fun!

Treacle said...

Great photos...have a safe trip!

Velire said...

the photo editing is well done n i love your curly hair. makes me miss my curly hair. :( Hahaha.

Have a safe trip n have fun! :D

The shoes, are amazing! *drooling* over them. Hahaha

Ainhoa said...

The pictures look reealy nice !

Rory said...

love all photos , you look very cute :) and your hair looks great like that

pensandlens said...

I love the it love it super love it. That's a lot of LOVE to give.

Your hair is amazing, I love your dancer pose and the dress, I still love the dress.

Have fun in Singapore, just saw your picture with Qin, I guess you girls are really having fun.


Talita said...

Hi michelle! I got an award for you!
check out my blog :)

MissNeira said...

Aw thank you for the mention!

Those are hot shoes!!

p.s enter my jewelry giveaway!

Krimly said...

you're so pretty!!
I lov your blog & style!!

ok. We'll follow each other :)
I'm adding you now!


AudreyAllure said...

i hope you have a fun trip! love your hair, and those shoes are amazing!

Lexi Colby said...

youre so pretty! love your hair and those shoes are amazing!

Style Bird said...

Love the photos of you..have fun on your trip!

Jeje said...

Awesome shoes!!! I want :| Lol

Jess said...

How cool that you're visiting Singapore! And I like the monochrome in those pictures.

ANN said...

Your hair looks so pretty! & those shoes are awesome.

marb said...

love everything about this post!!!the hair looks amazing

Clochette said...

Lovely award darling! I love those poses of you, especially the one with the "fake" ombrella. And those pumps are marvelous! ^^

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Have fun in Singapore! Orchard Rd is so great for shopping. Basically spent my whole day there a couple of years ago

Juliet said...

Have great time at there and take lots of photos!

juliet xxx

The Trendy Fashionista said...

Amazing hair. Congratulations on your awards!!!

-The Trendy Fashionista

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

hellaaaaw michelle! :D
i always loooove "details", a surprise detail.
the point is i love that shoes.

ye55i said...

Love the heels, michelle! =)
The photos are great, esp the dancer pose with the second editing. =D
Can't wait to see your post about your trip in Sg! Have a nice day..

F i K a said...'s been quite long since the last time I visit your blog!! you look great in the curly hair mich :)
I like it!!

congratulations for the awards!! you do really deserved them all!!

and the illustrations!! it's awesome!! I really hope that one day I got someone illustrated me too :p

miss youu mich!! :)

Mrs. M. said...


betz said...

MIchelle, you are sooo gorgeous. i know you know that, i just have to say it. that lacey top is my fave. you look absolutely stunning. have a great and safe trip!

and oh, that shoes...*faint*


E said...

Those photos that your friend took are totally gorgeous. I love your skirt so much! I'm also drooling over those heels!

Zanah said...

Have fun in Singapore!! :) Mon Mode Blog

CMA said...

love it
so chic
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for your sweet comment, i really do appreciate it!


Imogen said...

I hope you have a fun time while you are away. I adore your shoes they are stunning and the detailing is beautiful. I also really like your hair curly you have the best hair.

Valencia Lia said...

Michelle !!

I'm so so happy you'e back safely in Jakarta:) Yayyy,awww you're always so sweet and supportive with the blog. Thanks so much,does mean alot to me that for now I've been behind with blogs and comments heeee

Yeahhh,we will surely meet up again. Those few hours on Saturday wasn't even enough:(

Ohhh,no worries on blogging the photos you took. Better go study for your test now and all the best!!

Big hugsssss love <3

Mira said...

I'll be eating there this coming weekend :p can't wait

i ur hair curl natural? or did u do something to it? it looks nice :)


La Mimi said...

Hey darling!
Have fun in Singapore! I'd never been there, but I'm sure it's pretty awesome. Those beautiful peep toes look amazing! Great buy:)


MELISSA Z. said...

I've just discovered your blog and I love it! You've a great style!

If you want check out my blog and leave a comment! Thanks!

grizelda said...

hey michelle :) super nice post :) gudluck on your trip to singapore :)

can we exchange links??please?:)