Sunday, January 3, 2010

Better Late than Nothing ?

Since I was in Puncak for the past few days, I was kinda late on doing this new year blog post. I saw everyone made theirs right on the first. I wished that I could've done that, but I couldn't cus I don't have internet at Puncak.

Soooooo would love to wish you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 ! hope you all made your new year resolutions and I pray for you that they will come to reality.

robert rodriguez romper, guess tube top, topshop studded jacket, nillu dejalantik heels.
i didn't exactly start my 2010 with a good outfit.. I felt empty with only my watch and my 2 rings which i wear everyday. Here's the story. I thought when I reached Jakarta, I'll be staying at my boyfriends's house (my rents are currently away for some issues) and relaxing before I have to hit my project back on Sunday. Turns out I was wrong, and my friend from Singapore is back and we had to meet up or I won't have a chance to meet her up again. AND the problem is, I only packed oversize tees and leggings for Puncak. So what does Michelle wear on a Saturday Night when the only thing she has is some sleepwear ?

The answer is: RUMMAGE WHATEVER I CAN FIND TO WEAR. It really is not the best answer, but I'm left with nothing else right? So after searching, I found a black romper I left at my boyfriend's house. I decided to wear that with a red tube top I had from my Puncak baggage and a studded jacket I brought for vacation as well. Lucky, I brought a black tote for the trip because it matches everything! Lastly, I had trouble finding good shoes. I had black flats but it looked ugly with the romper. So I went to the trunk of my car, and voila ! I found my old-lost Chanel-inspired peep toes. The colors all kinda clash, but who cares. I think it's gonna be a 'thing' I'll try doing more often in 2010. Anyway, enough blabbing, it's not my best outfit but this blog is really all about reflecting my thoughts right ? ;)

lesson of the day :
bring semi-formal clothes (LBD is the best bet) wherever you go even if you think you don't need it. There's some events that might pop out of no where.

okay now am gonna tell you about my trip to Puncak :D firstly, THE TRAFFIC WAS SUPER BAD ! Took my boy's grandma 5 hour for a 100KM trip,, Lucky me and boyfriend got offered to be escorted with the police motorbikes (it's called 'kawal' in bahasa indo..) so we reached to the top of the mountains in 2 hours !

In puncak, there's nothing much to do. you pretty much eat and sleep all day long. but the weather is really good. not too cold not too hot :D perfect for that nice cup of ginger tea. Since I was bored, I practically took many shots of the beautiful green scenery over there. here are my favorites :
beautiful greens..
macro shot of cactus
left: used Canon's color select mode to pick up only red shades on the plant.
right : macro shot of mating ants
"Stepping Stones" - love how the tiny yellowish rock stood out from the others
My tiny Canon Ixus didn't disappoint me at all ! the macro mode was impressive !
lovely red cactus. this wasn't editted at all !

lastly, i gotta share some of the food highlights with you all :D
batagor (bakso tahu goreng) . its meatballs with tofu and it's fried with loads of peanut and sweet soy sauce over it .
the best and cheapest hot dog ! Cost me Rp30,000 ($3) for this large sized one.
okay these macaroons didn't come from the mountain trip. but I ate this during the friend meet at the Macaroon cafe at Plaza Indonesia.

fooling around with the camera on bed during the boring times. loved the expression on my face on this one :D
sorry for the lack of posts lately ! i've been kinda busy and I'll be busy for this week as well I guess. I promise to get back to your lovely comments really soon :D Thanks to those who followed me :D the increasing number of followers really mean alot to me! I'll follow you back once I go blog walking too .

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Veren Hendra Lie said...

wow. skrg fotonya dah ganti pake photobucket ya?
that's better than tinypic. soalnya biasanya kl ak buka blog cc fotonya lambat bgt keluarnya. :(

I love your outfit ;D

E said...

I love the studs on your gray blazer!

mom & son said...

Nice to hear and see photos from your trip.
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Sarah said...

Dude those macro shots are AWESOME. Love the red and gray leaf one especially. And I still think your outfit was cute!

Miss Vintage Vixen said...

:/ I was so dissapointed with the first food picture. I thought it was chocolate granola with chocolate fudge...

LAWL xD yesh, those macro shots are amazing!

Urban Lullaby said...

lovely jackettt!!!

Jacqueline said...

Cute outfit Michelle! Miss your posts =) xoxo

CMA said...

gorgeous darling
love it as always, great inspiration
you have a refreshing blog, keep it up
thanks for sharing


Indy said...

You are a very talented photographer as well as being a chic fashionista!

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprsetya said...

Happy new year michelle :) wow it was wonderfull holiday... I love your studded jacket ;D

*jadi pengen jalan2 ke puncak hahaha

Dina (XYYan) said...

Happy New Year Michelle! you took great pictures! love all the pictures and the batagor. it's one of my fave foods :D

Mads said...

Hi Michelle, glad you ha a great time at puncak.. Love the macro shots, my faves are the ants pic and the red cactus.. I'm just wifi-ing through my foneAnd for some weird reasons I can't see your outfit pic! But I know you'll look great..=]

Jen said...

happy new year michelle! i'm loving all your pictures, and there's nothing better than eating and sleeping all day long.
and i love how you just scrambled together an outfit to wear and ended up with something quite fabulous :)

miss jordan. said...

I actually really like your outfit. That jacket is gorgeous.
Happy new year!

FIAN said...

happy new year too dear!!

great holiday!
great blazer studded too for the outfit,, :)

janet said...

happy new year, michelle!
hope u had a great new year eve :)

Sher said...

A very happy new year to you, Michelle!!

Gosh, I think you did pretty good considering you only brought sleepwear lol! That's the mark of a true fashionista:)

And your nature pics are so beautiful!!


Astérisque said...

great pictures!
happy new year!

ru.kurarin said...

happy new year to you! for myself, i always try to bring a nice blazer/ jacket that i can thrown over anything!

janettaylor said...

Happy New Year!

P.S.: ♥Fresh start of 2010? Oh yeah, don't forget to join the Curious Sparrow giveaway!♥

Good luck!


Melz said...

epi nu yeaer michelle :)
and those macro shots are awesome!!
i love all those pict
and that batagor... bikin gue ngiler beb... jadi pengen ><

pensandlens said...

Cool outfit, even though you were not prepared after all, you still look chic.

I love the pictures from your vacation and the macro shots looks amazing.

Have a great year ahead of you.

Take care


Fashion Pix said...

Great pictures and Puncak looks beautiful! And I do like your outfit, you look nice!

Happy new year :)

Merlyn Macella said...

Happy New Year =))

Style of a Fashionista said...

Happy New Year sounds like you have had an amazing time and well done on the last minute outfit you did well I would of had a major break down xoxo

Diane said...

Hy Michelle! Thanks for stopping by!

These pictures are amazing! Puncak seems like a lovely place to visit! And the food...I love Asian food generally but when I see pictures that you show, or that Valencia from Roll up your sleeve shows I just start drawling :)))

Have a Happy New Year!


Rory said...

happy new year!
love your blog, it's great and the pictures are beautiful.
your outfit is very cute :)

stellectism said...

thank you for your warm comment girl!(: i'm an indonesian, but i've been staying in spore for around 3 years. i never thought that my blog can be inspirational, thanks a bunch! look forward to your next posts <3

LumpexoHoliczka said...

What a cool pics!!
it was wonderfull holiday...:)

happy new year dear!
ps. you now, I love your blog:D

Aimee said...

love the outfit and beautiful pictures!

Talita said...

awesome pictures! wow they are great!
and your hot dog picture left me craving right now. haha it seems very very delicious !

and thanks for your comments michelle ! I'm very happy to read your comments to :D

Style Artisan said...

What a great blog! I'm glad you stopped by mine...I will definitely be following you.

Your header is so cool. Very clever the way you spelled out your name!

And those nature and macro shots reminded me of the botanical illustrations on my jacket that I just posted. So beautiful!

Leah said...

Michelle, I really love those macro shots and you used only a point and shoot camera. It's not really about the camera but the person behind the lens. Amazing shots.

PS...You were asking me about the comments, I accept comments one at a time so that I can go and check the commenter's blog and comment back properly. I do read the blog and not just post random comments just to be able to do so.

LF said...

Happy new year girl!


A N A S T A S Y A said...

hey the outfit is fab actually..maybe it was running in your blood, you know becoming fab in every outfit you wear :)

have a great year in front of us!!

cat said...

happy new year to you!!! i have not recived all my nye-pics yet, so mine will be posted even later hehe...come visit CiTiEs of B! i already follow you! great blog!
xx cat
CiTiEs of B

Shop T.O. Live said...

I love the idea of rummaging, and piecing together an outfit out of nothing - it's fun to be creative, and you look great!

Naddy Sane said...

WOW! stunning photos. :D AMAZING!!!

happy new year .

nad xx

Tori said...

Wow! These are GREAT pictures!! I like the pic with the leaves with only the red shades in it. Very cool!

marionette comes alive said...

happy new year! wish u'll have a great year ahead!
u took beautiful photos!
and eh, how can you "got offered to be escorted with the police motorbikes"?


Vinda Sonata said...

hi there, thank you for the comment you left in my blog. you have such an interesting blog yourself, michelle :)

i love this entry. looks like your new year had been lots of fun. i want the hotdog (you made me hungry just by seeing that delicious thing!). nice pictures too. thank you for sharing dear :)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous look and pics, darling!!

And yes let's exchange links ~ I've just added you to my new blogroll!


deiiby said...

happy new year :) btw , i love the pictures you took ! you definitely have a talent in photography :)

Nathalie said...

Yes, I totally agree!

Better later than never!

I really like your new year eve outfit, beautiful as always I have to say!

Love the macro shots to nature!

Have a nice evening,


..::ramonies said...

Pictures of scenery are amazing, I'm delighted!! Your blog is great, i follow you of course!!

Margherita&Eleonora said...

Hey dear, thanks so much for your comment!!! too sweet.
however, love all of these pics...amazing!!!
happy new year to you too :)))
lot of kisses, M&E

MissNeira said...

Great photos! that hot dog looks so yummy!!

F i K a said...

Happy New Year mich!!

why did you still looks great although you're lack of outfit!! *you make me envy :p* hahaha

and the photos you took on puncak are great!! love them :)

anw..gmn siy mich caranya kasih link kayak 'glisters blisters' loe di stiap akhir comment?hihi..thx before yaa :)

yiqin; said...

The greens are indeed beautiful :)

Erika said...

You look stunning as always!!

Happy, Happy New Year my love!! :)

chocandcinnamon said...

happy new year!
Oh! and nice pictures :)

Thu Hien Nguyen said...

the pumps are so cute!

xoxo, thn

Toothfairy said...

happy new year love! and I love the pictures... btw.. that hotdog, Boyfriend would love to take a bite! :P


Tysha Alya Lukman said...

happy new year ka.
may i ask u something? i changed my blog name into 'Tysha Lukman's Mannequin' will you relink me as my new blog name? thanks before:D


Friend in Fashion said...

I think your outfit looks lovely! Love the romper & adore the detail on your jacket too :)

Happy new year


Chicago City Girl said...

These images are perfection!

cara @ City Girl Chicago

Vanity- The Chic-Geek said...

I kinda disappeared for a while hihi
A bit late but...;
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I wish you and ur family and friends a fantastic 2010! May all ur dreams and wishes c0me true! I really like ur pictures.
Peace and love, Vanity

Melissa said...

those photos are awesome! thanks for the comments, and sorry for keeping you waiting for a post, but i have finally returned to the blogging world! looooove that studded jacket! :)

happy new year!!


MalibuMara said...

nice, well happy new year as well lol

MalibuMara said...

nice, well happy new year as well lol

Clochette said...

You're so beautiful on the last photo!!! Your hot dog seems to have been DELICIOUS and the photos you made are pretty good! ;)

Closet Full of Nothing said...

Happy New Year hun!! Hope you had a great Christmas too :)



Elizabeth said...

happy new year!
your outfit turned out great! i really loved it! that food looks quite scrumptious!

Nadia Kamballa said...

Hmmm... I knew Puncak was going to be like hell, that's why I stayed at home during NYE. Hehe...

Your outfit is still adorable, dear.. Anyway, you can follow my twitter @nadiakamballa.. I've followed yours :P

Jessica said...

heppi new yearrrr :)
btw, a little game giveaway on my blog :D
mind take a visit and join ? :D

The Owl Diary said...

oh, it looks so beautiful & the food so yummy! happy new year! xx

meg c turley said...

wow these pictures are great! just found your blog - i love!

what camera(s) do you use?

love your style!

Julia said...

For coming up with the outfit last minute I think it looks preety good! The pictures from your trip are beautiful.


Noelle Chantal said...

i know! next time you should be more clothes! this happened to me once. but you sill look fab in this outfit. love the romper! happy new year to you! :)

love the photo too! and those foods look so yummy! looks like you had so much fun with friends and with the boyf during holidays! :)

Fitri said...

Untung aku ga jadi jalan" ke puncak xp
anyway, kamu pake camera canon ixus berapa? hasil fokusnya bagus juga :D

indigotangerine said...

great studding on the coat. That is an excellent outfit, especially considering the circumstances. Happy new year!

Valencia Lia said...


You're never too late for a New Year post! Glad you had so much fun on your trip:)

And you look stunning in your romper and jacket! For someone who didn't really bring much clothes for a trip,you did perfect in creating an outfit~

Beatiful up close shots of those nature and huge ants! Ahhhhh heeeee

And the food looks so so yummy too:)
Girl,I'm really so proud of you for reaching such a high number of followers in such a short period of time. You deserve it!

Yeaaa,we will sure stay blogging buddies!

Fenny said...

i'm craving for hotdog!
and batagor also...
thanks for your advise =]

Posh said...

Happy 2010, nice shots!

Nerdic.. said...

Gorgeous photos!!
Happy new year dearr!
X, fashionnerdic.

vanessa anatasya said...

happy new year ! :)
i love your picts! btw, i'm using canon ixus too. which ixus is yours?

AudreyAllure said...

beautiful photos! :)

Velo said...

haha "reach at least 500 followers" pasti bisa... blogmu kan update terus, jd pada gak bosen liatnya hehe.
mich, gue mau liat poto2 di blogmu, tapi semuanya gak kebuka, berat banget nih. ;(

toxic disco boy said...

happy new year!!!

i esp like ur blazer... are those studs? ^^

simplenotch said...

Happy new year dear !!!

great pics too...and yes Canon is awesome !!! proud owner of Canon since like hmmm...10 years ago, when still using manual SLR.

And wow you went to Puncak ? on New Year too ? brave...brave girl !!! hahahaha


Chasing Cherries said...

Beautiful pictures!! That last one of you is soo cute :)

monica w said...

love you jkt!!!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Awesome New Year's Picture and outfit!! I can't believe that huge hotdog only costs $3.00!! I would have paid double for that size and amount! Yum!! xoxoxoxo

Style Bird said...

Happy New Year to you!!! xo ava

Dejana • said...

hey sweetie, happy new year!!

kpeach said...

happy new year lovely! xo

Tights Lover said...

Happy New Year to you too! That was a cool picture...I love your outfit!

Pop Champagne said...

aw you're so cute! And your camera is pretty damn good to be able to capture tiny close ups like that! :D Looks like you had a great time as well!

novita irene said...

hey, michelle. i'm sorry for the late comment. you seriously got a wonderful camera. i mean it. some people got a high tech camera but have no idea how to use them all, but you can maximize your camera, and it's really awesome.
i adore your photos, anyway, all your photos always come out good..:DD
ow ya, i wonder how you keep replying tons of comment on your blog. you are a good blogger I must say.
keep blogging and keep inspiring..:DD

prashant said...

love the studs on your gray blazer!

eminem video

Patty Ann said...

happy new year to you too!!