Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to My Roots !

I guess I took a very long blog outfit hiatus ! Last week i was really busy with my boyfriend's sister's wedding (pictures will be coming as soon as i get the CD from the photography company since I couldn't take my camera down to the ballroom with me). I'll do a post on this later on :) One thing for sure is that after seeing the wedding, I totally wanted to get married straightaway. I want to be a princess for the day. and that princess day will be on my wedding day !

Anyway, enough blabbing about the wedding (I'm just too excited about it if you haven't noticed..) After almost-a-week of wearing fancy and feminine dresses, I'm going back to my roots (that's the title of the post by the way..) and my roots are my casual and comfy feminine-grunge looks. I didn't blow dry my hair at all in these pictures. I figured my hair needs rest as well after all the curling irons, hairsprays, and rollers-overload I had on Sunday. Hope you guy enjoy this layered look as much as I did !
love the color accenting here . there's this contrast vibe between the pink and black..
and yessshhh i did another DIY project here ! I'm becoming a DIY addict these days.. well at least it's good for my wallet.. Sad that I didn't get a chance to wear these tights because my dog peep on it overnight :(
Mulberry double-breasted vest, Anne Klein loose silk shirt, Bebe satin pleated skirt, DIY leggings/tights, Studded Heels from Hong Kong
tried editing my photo using Picnik . it was surprisingly fun and easy . now i understand why people no longer need Photoshop skills these days..
collage shots :D im trying to reduce the amount of images here.. (as said in my new year's resolution) Wore this outfit to school today.. I actually took these shots last night before I went to bed because I felt like I wanted the extra sleep in the morning. Just wondering, do you guys plan your outfit in the morning or the day before ?

my DIY leggings/tights (not sure what they are.. the material is in between leggings and tights)
trying to imitate playing cards.. i should've chosen a spade instead of hearts !
jewelry details : Topshop heart chain necklace, Forever21 art deco pin, Forever21 gemstone bangles, Moselle rings.

okay i cant resist it but here's a sneak preview of the bride and groom's pre-wedding photo shoot in Melbourne, Aussie . Photo Courtesy of Moreno & Co. Photography.
Now you understand how much I wanna do this photoshoot pre-wedding thingi right ? the photos are BREATHTAKING !


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

AM I THE FIRST COMMENT? (okay probably not, I always think I am. Then I'm not.)

Black looks great on you - you're super at layering your clothes so they always work!

I'll admit that I've never been one of for weddings (I've never had the princess fairy tale, what kind of child am I?!) - but I've recently got a little hooked from all these stupid wedding shows my sister forces me to watch! I'm glad you're excited about your wedding and that picture is gorgeous! POST MORE!


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

YESSSSSSSS. First comment = VICTORY!

novita irene said...

another diy creative. :))
anyway, i love the pre-wed photo, so mesmerizing, i can't wait to see all the photographs you got from the wedding.
keep blogging and keep inspiring,
let's keep in touch..:DD

cat said...

pink + black is top!!! xx cat
CiTiEs of B

betz said...

you really have the attitude to pull off that rock n' roll outfit Michelle. you look prettier and prettier each post. and ah, weddings. i love happily ever afters! who doesn't?!


Jen said...

i LOVE this all black look with the layering and such. you look great! i'm loving those diy tights of yours worn with those studded heels. they're gorgeous :)
can't wait to see more wedding pictures! that fuchsia dress the bride is wearing is stunning and i love the way it's photographed. i want to get married now too! haha

mom & son said...

you rock in that outfit, michelle!
i love your tights!

Dream Sequins said...

I love your DIY leggings! Thought I was over the shredded look, but it looks so sweet paired with that top! I totally understand what you mean about being a princess in a fairytale wedding. Love that dramatic engagement picture! I wish I had done that before my wedding ;)

Indy said...

Those leggings are aawesome... and I can't wait to see pics of the wedding!

E said...

I love the contrast of your edgy outfit next to your girly and fun room!

stellectism said...

totally in love with this outfit mich! you layering skill is genius, and those DIY ripped legging is fierce. love it to the last bit <3 Very edgy!

lalita tian said...

I looooove your heels!
And the pre wedding photoshoot = fabulous!

xo, Alexi said...

i love the color contrast, too! and i love how you edited the pictures. i'm definitely a night-before person, just because i know i can never put a decent outfit together in the morning. if my clothes aren't laid out the night before, then i basically just look like a mess.
can't wait to see the wedding pics!!!

issa said...

great outfit!

ye55i said...

I love the outfit here, Michelle... love the all black outfit, especially your DIY leggings and shoes! And the pre-wed picture is great. Make me wanna do the pre wed too.. hahaha.. =D

The F Word Online said...

haha i remember when i tried finding slashed leggings i realized i could just do it myself. i love this outfit ! those shoes are bangin. i wanna try this outfit out !

and of course you can put me into the amazing asians blog roll : ) im so flattered. can i see this blog?

i just use a regular canon camera. nothing special. i just edit the exposure on photoshop cause i dont use a professional camera. and yes i use a self timer : )

xx lue

Phyllis said...

love the first photo too! you look great michelle, nice job!

CMA said...

i love the look
especially the chain details on the shoes
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for your lovely comments, i appreciate it


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Wow!! Those leggings rock!! I love the black top too!! So chic! xoxoxoxo

StuddedLilly said...

wow i love those leggings!!!! i was very tempted to put on a pair but was worry would look funny, but i think you totally ROCKED it :)


Kalyana. said...

your photos are amazing and adorable.
and your DIY tight is very cool . thanks for your comment in mine, very appreciate that

lorenabr said...

Cool tights:)

Nathalie said...

I know what you mean talking about weddigns...I want to get married early too, at least before my 25 birthday! Have always wished to marry young!
Love your rock inspired roots, these leggings with cuts looks great, love them!

Astérisque said...

omg, I love the first picture. great effect with girly pink and rocker black. love, love, love!

marionette comes alive said...

yeahh love the contrast in pic. 1!
love the studded heel and your overall look! :)
congrats for your bf's sister :)


Libby said...

Oh, I love love love your tights, really must shredd a pair. And whenever I go to weddings I too want to get married right away!

Etrapar said...

I love the contrast from first's cute stunning ^.^

RiaTii said...

i love ur diy legging. i tried editing some pic with flickr too (picnik) sooo fun. hahhaha.
the pre wedding pic is totally rock !!!! love it !!!
iya nih lg sibuk bgt gw, byk tugas, presentasi, kuis2. dohhh.
jd sebisanya juga gw kl online. hehehe.

A N A S T A S Y A said...

The pre-wed photo is so lovely, and the bride fuchsia dress is pretty as well.

Post your event outfit please,,been curious, coz the tweet photos you've uploaded indicate that your looking glam that night :)

6o4honey said...

i love wedding shooots!! they're my absolute favorite to shoot. haha and regarding your favorite city.. glad you said singapore. i sadly don't live there anymore :( i miss the place.

Diane said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment. It would be so fun to have a youtube channel...
I absolutely love your tights! The idea of cutting them like this is amazing, makes me want to cut mine just like that :D

And thanks for the wedding photo, can't wait to see where that came from :P

Have a fun day!

Style of a Fashionista said...

Wow hun fab back to your roots outfit loving the DIY leggings and the pictures are so cool I might try out picnik.
Can't wait to see the wedding photos that last picture is stunning xoxo

GWYN said...

love the DIY leggings, and i have to agree that the photos are breathtaking!


Velire said...

I love this outfit, if only I could go around looking like that here.. :| sigh but anyways yes anything with black just looks amazing..Im a fan of black & red. :D

Adore your heels and jewelry!! :D nice job on the DIY, thanks for sharing..

like you, Im plannign on having a pre-wedding photoshoot and I know its gonna look amazing..please put up pics soon (excited already :D)


blackecstasy said...

i really love ur mulberry double-breasted vest =P~

o ia bebi! buatin gw DIY nyaa!! keren bgt
and i love ur sist pre-wedd! amazing beb !!! and moreno photography too :)

btw i followed ur blog and i've linked it =p~


Great outfit! & gorgeous photo!

beingdena said...

love love love your tights and that pre-shoot is amazing. Her dress is heavenly. Looking forward to the photos from the wedding sweetie


yurieca garnis said...

hi, michelle..
thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. appreciate it.. :)

love your style, i think i can use it as inspiration..hehe..
i do love editing picts using photoshop, haven't heard about picnik.. is it a software ?


AudreyAllure said...

such stunning tights!

Toni said...

hi michelle! thank u so much for the lovely comments :)

all comments in my blog are moderated and needs my approval before posting. wasn't able to go online this morning hence the delay in comment approval. your 2 comments are already posted :) thanks!

to answer your question posted on my blog, im not from Indonesia.. am from the Philippines. born and raised here ;)

i love the layered look and your DIY is just awesome! ima give it a try one of these days ;)

michellehendra said...

self timer sayang.. :) aduu.. thanks for the compliments.. you're just so kind to me.. :D you look pretty yourself darla.. i love your DIY ripped legging.. i torn my legging when i fell down and i still haven't got anytime to turn it to ripped legging! :D



pensandlens said...

great contrast against black and pink.

SERIOUSLY, seeing all these wedding blogs and photos makes me plan for my wedding ahead of time hahaha!

You really have an amazing taste in fashion, keep it up gorgeous!


Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

The shoes! WOW! :D

nice blog!

lilylove said...

Wah they did their pre-wedding photo with kay kay? yeah he is so good, i always want to cry after i see his photos :)

Btw, LOVE your vest!


princesspolitico said...

you are a diy genius! those leggings... tights..?... are absolutely AMAZING! and the wedding photos are too cute!


Nina said...

Michelle! This is my most favorite outfit on you! The layering is just soooo perfect and that DIY is genius as always! Guess, what? I just discovered that I'm too chicken to DIY anything. How loony is that?

FIAN said...

well done dear!!!


Noelle Chantal said...

haha yes, i can really tell that you are really excited to share the photos of the boyf's sis wedding. wow, the wedding photo is very well taken! and i love the color of the brides gown there. :)

and as usual you rock the best DIY! that tights is super nice on you! i like that you slashed the sides not the front -very fresh to see! :)

Sher said...

Sweetie, you're the queen of DIYs! I love how you can go back and forth from sweet and girlie to rock and roll with such ease! Love the rock chick poses too!!

And my gosh, that pre wedding pic is breathtakingly gorgeous! I definitely want something like that for my wedding! like you, I can't wait for the day I become a princess too:P


pRizciLLia bLog said...

ouch !
what a great DIY project :D

Tysha Alya Lukman said...

i love your every look ka, especially this! u are inspiring :))
new post on my blog, check and comment please :D


Shop T.O. Live said...

I really want to learn how to cut up my tights like that - is it literally just 'snip snip'?


xoxo, michelle
i adore u so much
thanks for linking me back
yeah i am indonesian chinese studying in singapore now :D
come do visit me sometimes
actually the girl in my blog is not me
she is my sister :)
btw i like ur tights its just like the one from topshop :)

chaoskontrolowany said...

Wow great vest! So amazing! <3

G.lam said...

luvs the leggings ~~ :)


t a l i s h a said...

love the leggings/tights. we should meet up after you're back from singapore.. i actually planned to go to sing for a short trip with my dad too but my dad can't leave his job.. and i'll only have 3 weeks or so in jkt.. we gotta discuss the bloggers meet up towards the end of this month okay. hehehehe

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous, darling!
Looooove your leggings!


Jacqueline said...

I love your leggings Michelle! xoxo

..::ramonies said...

Colors in the first picture are very nice, I like mixin' black and pink!!

Love the shoes and tights!! You rock!


Anna-Lena said...

wonderful pics!!loev them all!!looks amazing!yeah of course i will follow you...could you follow me as well??:o)

Missy said...

Love your pics! especially the black and pink one!

For all things fashion:

Bug said...

I think its cute that you are excited about the wedding. Love your grungy outfit, so inspiring! The wedding pics is wonderful!

Elaine said...

Great pictures!!! You look awesome! I love the leggings. And yes.. that picture is just beautiful!

Sarah said...

love the black "grunge" look. And I totally agree with you about the getting married thing ever since my sister's wedding.

Bella said...

your drawing is DONEE :D
I'm the opposite. I don't actually plan to get married >_> haha, I'm a bit of a freak, though :p
love yur DIY leggings btw :) xxx

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Seriously great shoes! xo

dareczka. said...

i like your blog, and your room!


Erika said...

I have never been a huge fan of the shredded look but your SIY leggings have completely changed my mind, Michelle. Love!! :)

JINX said...

i've gotta get some of those tights...

marion said...

i love this outfit!So cute!

daisymay said...

Love the leggings, Maybe a tutorial please??

ko0ty said...

Loveee the DIY leggings. Post instructions!

ARANXA. said...

i love your shoes too

Taylor Sterling said...

you look amazing! LOVE the tights!!

Andy Tan said...

Your outfit rocks! I think that's the best way to describe it!


Matt D. said...

These leggings are to die for!


Julie said...

Okay, the picture with the pink and black contrast is awesome!

The vest is fabulous.

I think it's fun when you have a chance to get all dolled up in fancy clothes and then go back to more casual, comfy outfits.

I've gotten bad about it, but I used to plan pretty much all my outfits out the night before (if not at the beginning of the week, lol). said...

want to share the wisdom of how you did those tights?: )

i saw in one of your pictures earlier on that you did something simlar to the back of a shirt;I was about to do that but chickened out; I'm scared it wont be straight or it's the wrong material

This comment has been removed by the author.

xoxo michelle,
is there any local bloggers in sg too?
so are u coming on friday morning?

Nahna said...

Oh wow, I love this - so cool and easy <3

FIAN said...

oh ya,,'ve you already check my blog?
your tagging for me is done,, ^^


wreckedstellar said...

Looove your vest!! Woww, the photo of the bride and groom is stunning- love the color of her dress and how it flows! Can't wait to see the wedding photos! xo, mel

Queen of Mayhem said...

Shoe jealousy! And I love the tights. :)

amalie said...

thanks! i love when people like my blog - i from now on following your blog as well! love the contrast on the first picture, and you're rockin those tights and those shoes.

Jeje said...

Nice DIY and awesome shoes :)

Christen said...

I absolutely love how you styled those leggings - you pull them off flawlessly. And I plan all of my outfits for the week on Sunday afternoon. I just can't be creative first thing in the morning :)

Valencia Lia said...

Michelle !!!

Yeahhh,back to the roots babe. I really love this all black outfit you wore here. Love the mix of girly grunge vibe to it.

And those DIY leggings! Girl,what can I say?? You're so so good with DIYs. I want a pair too for myself haaaha

The last photo I have to agree is breathtaking!! Ahhhh

Ullalala said...

I did once the same leggings, but it didn't look good on me.
you look AMAZING, great outfit!


i heart your hair so much :)

janet said...

you look so gorgeous michelle! In all black. COOL! love ur style so much!

ru.kurarin said...

gorgeous outfit my dear, i hope the wedding goes well!

FIAN said...

your hair is soo loveable dear!
wohoo.. i give you something on my blog,, check it ya dear!