Thursday, December 17, 2009

World Traveller Wannabe

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I don't really have much to say for today's post . The day wasnt bad at all ! No classes, did some little exciting project in the morning (will share about this later on NEXT YEAR !), and spending the rest of the afternoon getting a good sleep after I only have 5 hours sleep last night. I feel like I'm a multi-cultural with the beret, printed tunic, and the beaded bracelets.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
beret from mom's closet, Kenzo tunic, Country Road knit sweater, random belt, bracelets from Bali, Cross necklace from Valencia, Kate Spade nylon bag, Pedder Red pink jelly flats.
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nails by OPI :D i love the fierce red color very much !

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3 new addition to the pinky pig family ! if you remember, i have quite a number of pig plush toys in my room . Natalie actually asked to post up more piggy stuff from my room back then ;)

okay . your favorite part . FOOD PORN ! and you all might now, satisfying my taste buds is second to buying perfect shoes for me. All this was eaten at Cozi at Pluit (a Hong Kong Chinese food restaurant)
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baked chicken with Portuguese sauce
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
the 3 kind eggs sauteed vegetables
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and for desserts, Gelare's famous baked waffles with double Banana Walnut ice cream!

and my boyfriend's champion Golden Retriever just gave birth to EIGHT cute puppies !
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
my boyfriend took my pic on the left . its one of those better ones he took .hehe
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
the one on the right is my boyfriend's youngest siblings . she loves posing very much.

last chance to ask questions for the Question & Answer post ! If you want to know more about me, then simply ask a question in the comment form :D

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janettaylor said...

I love hot pink...great bag, my dear...


Valencia Lia said...

Bonjour Michelle !

I adore your frenchy look,you look so beautiful. I adore the beret with the flutter sleeves cardigan with that dress:)
You look chic at all times and I love that about you. You go my girl<3

Drool drools* with all those food porn again! Woooo Ice cream with waffles
And awwww,I love Golden Retriever pups! Can I have one please ?? heeeee

Your boyfriend's youngest sister is so adorable too.


Dina (XYYan) said...

love your outfit! and the food porn! OMG, i'm drooling now. i want those puppies!!

Leah said...

Michelle, love your look and the red nails are gorgeous. I really love that close-up photo with your face and your nails.

Sher said...

So sweet, I love your French outfit!! I really adore berets, they're my favourite kind of hats!!

And yay, our nails matched! Haha, I love red nail polish!! And bright red lipsticks too!!

Gosh, you do have a lot of piggies in your room! I only have one:P

Oh the puppies look so adorable and so is the little cutie posing!!


Indy said...

You are so cute with that little fluffy puppy!

I love your multicultural look!

Merlyn Macella said...

love your pink flat shoes. so cute dogs ...i want ><

Nina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jacqueline said...

Wow, I love those plush piggies, so cute. Your boyfriend's puppies are adorable as well. I think your flats are cute! I love the colors in the dress mixed with that beige sweater and funky beret. Great outfit Michelle! xoxo

Nina said...

Hi Michelle!

I love how you can raid your Mom's closet for a fab beret!


Gabby said...

one question,michelle..
out of curiosity, what does ur dad do for a living? since u get all those fab shoes, bags, clothes, and all great stuff ;p u're so lucky!!

Mads said...

The BF's doggies are super adorable! You look very cute with the giant bow..=) you pull off the look very well..=) your blog is always an enjoyable read.

djhanq said...

yes it's djhanq, like this on twitter

thanks for dropping by :)

lalita tian said...

OMG! what a cute puppy!!!
i really like gelare's waffle, hemmm u should try the honeymalt ice cream @ gelare, thats also nyummy! ;)
oh yaa, i've follow u, michelle! :D)

Susan said...

aww, I ate there too and I really love your outfit :] btw, can u give me more information for the blogger meet up? I've added your FB too :]


ye55i said...

What a cute puppies! =D
love the pink shoes too.. you look so pretty! =)

ru.kurarin said...

i'm loving the bright colours and mix! your posts are truly a joy.

Diane said...

1.I think this might me your best outfit since I'm following you :D

2.Love the little girl, she is so sweet!

And 3. LOVE YOUR PIGS! F***ing super pinky sweet!


Taylor Sterling said...

so so cute! love it!

betz said...

i really love your stye!!! i love your tunic, bag, shoes, everything! ad how cute are those dogs!

Keith said...

Great photos. You look fantastic from head to toe. That food looks delicious. Cheers!

F i K a said...

akhirnya setelah ga kebuka2,aq nyoba lewat bb&kebuka..hahaha

itu sepatu yg dipake ke brightspot kaan? I love the color!! :D..

and the fierce red nail polish is soo great!!love it too :)

Jen said...

such a gorgeous outfit, i'm loving the beret, it adds a nice touch!

and i love your food porn. i'm drooling just looking at it, i think i'm going to go get some lunch now.

p.s. send me over a puppy :)

Pia said...

that dessert looks so amazing!

Savvy Gal said...

ah... that pup is totally smiling. link up to you today. it's been crazy this few days.

Elizabeth said...

your shoes are amazing! so is that beret!

that food looks absolutly delicious!

those puppies are the most adorable thing ever!

i love your fashion sense, whos your inspiration?

Winnie said...

Oh how gorgeous are those puppies? So cute!! I love them :)

Love the shoes and the banana walnut ice cream sounds like heaven!!

Kassie said...

Love the outfit!! Super cute.
Those puppies. Everyone seems to be posting adorable little animas today. So precious.

Stolen Stiletto

Patty Ann said...

omggg you totally have the model stare down!!! you are hot hot hot! and the puppy is wayyyyyyyy cute!!! i want to petttt so soft and fuzzy!

also my questions are, i have a ton!!
what is your easy, dont have to think about it too long, go-to outfit??
how old are you?
how tall are you?
favorite item in your closet and why???
thing you wear most often???
favorite pair of shoes and why?
do your friends know about your blog??
do your friends like fashion too?

Style Bird said...

I love your outfit! The beret is perfect.

Devi Yolanda said...

ohh noo, food porn? you describe it best! hahaha, makes me miss indo even moree! haha. love what you wore darlingg!

Devi Yolanda said...

ohh noo, food porn? you describe it best! hahaha, makes me miss indo even moree! haha. love what you wore darlingg!

Raez said...

cuteness everywhereeeeee. loving your worldly outfit right down to the beret and your cute dogs as well!

xx raez

heart charlie said...

This little outfit is so cute, love the hat!

lilylove said...

Really like the tunic, dear!

Valeriesoh said...

I want a puppy! NOW!

s said...

wow, that beret is so cute :) and your shoes & color scheme too!

the pigs are adorableee...

and I love food porn *_* looks delicious :)

Jess said...

that puppy is ADORABLE! so are those pigs and well, so are you :) love the print of your dress

Phyllis said...

beautiful!! love all the colors - and the food looks so yummy

RiaTii said...

always love ur look (:
ahh what a delicious food. im drooling chel. wkwkwk.

.mck said...

you do look very cultural! i love it =)

oh, why must you tease with that wonderful looking food. gosh, i look at food pictures at much as i look at outfit pictures.. hahaha. i love them both.

Diane said...

Hey! Thanks for the comments!

Follow me on twitter if you want, I'm already following you ;)


beckyxoxo said...

What a nice outfit dear ! Love the dress and the hat :D The puppy is so cute awwwww . Haha . Oohh and I haven't asked . What's your favorite store ? And why ? :)

Jessica said...

the puppies are super cuteeee :)
btw i've heard about the bloggers gathering from your twitterrr haha
too bad keknya ga bisa join niiii T.T
tapi jadinya kepstian di mana tempatnya? hahaha
ada kak diana rikasari yaaa? wow.

FashionJazz said...

This is a awesome look, really different and chic! : ) xx

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

I love your outfit! Your outfit makes me feel like an awesome traveller who's picked up bits and pieces from everywhere. I love it :)

Nerdic.. said...

Great splash of colors, love your nailpolish so much!
Yummie food too!
X, fashionnerdic.

NoViTaRisTiaNa said...

haaai michelle....ho are u?? i love u're shoes...its so cute...
i'm so sory...i forgot to follow u back. and now i've follow u...

Laura said...

beautiful necklace and the girl and the dog are cutee!!

marionette comes alive said...

kok jadi ga ada buat url lagi isiannya.. huhuhu.
oh well, anyway, suka banget foto yg nonjolin kukunya.. how did you get that from ur camera? ato pake photoshop?


Tzoules said...


& please read my post about the carerras gala!

greetings from good old germany.
have a nice christmas time.

Tzoules K.

Lovelyladyjb said...

Love your outfit. BTW I'm following your blog now :)

The photos of the food made me incredibly hungry. (thx a lot j/k)


Pop Champagne said...

aww you look like a walking candy cane - too cute! And man those puppies are adorable <3 sorry I got no Twitter haha -_- I figure my life is pretty dull to be tweeting even every day! Perhaps one day I will break and get it...

Fenny said...

hello =]
Cozi enak gak sih ci?
selalu pingin coba tapi takut ga enak..I love your pig stuffs! Cute!

That Chelsea Girl™ said...

What a great look!

Erika said...

Your frock is absolutely stunning, Michelle - and paired with that cross necklace you look like a superstar!! Loving all the pink - the little pink pig plushies are tres adorable!!

And those pups...I want to hug one of them!! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Adorable post, darling!
Love your beret!


Kristin said...

A beret, puppy, waffles and an adorable bambino all in one post??? Killer!

oddfashionist said...

the meals look delicious! :d

mom & son said...

hello. thank you so much for the comments.
i hope you can find transparent umbrella there.
i;m sure you can.

sure, i just added you to my blogroll my dear.
see you around!

mom & son said...

hello. thank you so much for the comments.
i hope you can find transparent umbrella there.
i;m sure you can.

sure, i just added you to my blogroll my dear.
see you around!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

OOOH. I so love your pink shoes! And the print of your dress is so much fun; it reminds me of the Groovy Girls I used to play with!

ALSO. that puppy is SO adorable! Aren't puppies the best? (Why, yes, they are!)

-- Would you really be able to invite me to Lookbook?! :)

Tights Lover said...

You look great, I love your tunic! That food all looks delicious!


Hiiio! thanks for your sweet words, your blog is always on top!

The fashionart blog,

Isquisofrenia Style said...

you look adorable as always
that dress is so vintage looking
suits you very nice
and those flats made my day
i wanna wear flats too
ok im gonna post a flat outfit photo soon


CG *FreeLoader* said...

That beret and that necklace are wayyyy too cute!
MMMM Thank you for the food porn. It totally got me off. TMI?

punk9url said...

Nice Style!
I'll Follow ur blog for sure ;)

if u have time have a visit to my blog too

Imogen said...

I love the colours in this oufit especially the hot pink.

FIAN said...

like the blazer dear! love it!!