Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

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sooo its the holidays now . and im not really going anywhere . I just went to the autoshop to accompany my boyfriend to fix something in his car . Then we had lunch at a Dutch restaurant called Huize Trivelli (yes more bitterballens like the ones on yesterday's post!)..and I went home.

Here's what I wore . I had to take off the stockings throughout the day because it was like 38 degrees outside . and there weren't any AC at the autoshop . so yeah.. luckily the dress was very comfortable and breathable.. I finally got to wear my inVESTment piece also ! (click here for the blog post)
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J.Crew double pocket dress, inVESTment piece scarf, Forever21 necklaces (one is from Roll Up Your Sleeve !), random bangles, unbranded tights, Louboutin pumps, Chanel tote bag.
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this one above is my favorite picture .
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And guess what ? Remember that package swap I had with Valencia from Roll Up Your Sleeves ? If you're a follower of her blog (visit her if you havent ! she's freakin awesome!) then you'll notice that I've sent her the exact tie dye inVESTment piece in a blue color :) last night we were emailing each other and she told me she was gonna wear the scarf while I was also planning to wear it today (i swear this wasn't planned !) So now, we decided to do a "collaboration post" . Here's madame Valencia's beautiful take on the inVESTment piece..
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Here's the all sorts of ways you can wear your scarf : )
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I also happen to stumble upon this article in ELLE (UK - Dec 2009). the article was also talking about how different people have different takes on scarfs. Quite a similar thing I was doing above eigh ?? ; ) the only difference is that they're using a Hermes scarf (one total splurge I'd die to have!) Check the article shots below ! Click on it to read the tips from each person..
I planned to watch new moon today since I've heard from some of my friends that New Moon will no longer be playing after today ! they said the 'special screening will be over'.. and New Moon will be played again next month.. sadly, i couldnt get anymore tickets . all sold out :( GOD KNOWS WHY !?! Indonesia is being so weird lately.. First it was things with 2012 . Now it's New Moon too ??!

And here's my delicious lunch pictures ! Also took pictures of the restaurant's interior because I thought it was beautiful . Feels like as if I'm eating ages ago when Indonesia was conquered by the Dutch.. Oh and the restaurant's name is Huize Trivelli. It's located at central jakarta, Cideng/Tanah Abang area.. You can call them at (62-21) 3865803 :) i highly recommend this place!
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the overall restaurant interior
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some antique furniture and vintage photos
Turns out the chef of this restaurant is a 'solo chef' meaning that he cooks everything by himself. Assistants only do the chopping, washing, etc. And the owner IS the chef ! how cool is that ?
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my boyfriend's order : Beef Schnitzels
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my order : Beef Steak with Mushroom Ragout.. Did I mention that they're potatoes are SO GOOD ??
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A White upright piano as part of the interior and Klappertarts for dessert :) YUM !


Valencia Lia said...

Wooooohooooo !

The new post is up,yeahhh:) It was so much fun girl<3 We should have something like this soon again<3

I loved loved the way you did yours,keeps you warm and every so chic!
Gorgeous touch of purple and also you wore the necklace I got you. Awwwww,so happy you love it<3

Envious of your heels tooo,that ever famous red soles.

We really do have a lot of the same things going on at the same time. Funny huh

Loved all the ways you did the scarf. And yummy food tooooo,I'm so hungry now <3 big hugsssss

guess im the 1st comment tooo

Amy said...

Oh I LOVE this!! What a great collaboration (I love Valencia too!)!! You both look adorable in your tie dye scarves and I love how you both wore them in completely different ways. The way you wore yours with the purple dress is amazing!!

Ahh and thank you so much for all the different ways to wear a scarf- I am always looking for new ideas. This is great!! :)


Nathalie said...

Such a lucky girl, you're in holiday right now??? I'm envying you so much, you can't neither imagine that!!!
Can't wait to go on holiday too, have to wait until the 17th of December: then I'll go to my grandfather who lives in Sweden!

PS, I'm in love with your red soles!

Blue is in Fashion said...

Thank you! You have a cool blog, too!

Teresia Mega Oktafianti said...

heiii dear!
i just wanna love the place that you've the lunch!
sooo vintage!
like the vintage value too much...

dkt mana t4nya it mich?
hrs ksana kalo k jkt!

anyway..so gorgeous you are!
for the idea to all of ways to wear the scraft..

've a nice week to mich..

*anyway,,km komen k post ku 2 x dgn komen yg bda dkt lo,,it mang km ulang ato gm mich?
hehe,,just wanna to know it.. :)

Indy said...

I love those colors on you...and those necklaces look totally cool!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I die at your shoes and Chanel tote, Michelle! I simply die! You are too fabulous in terms of style! And the inVESTment piece - the amount of ways you can wear it is amazing! I want! I want! I want!

It's so funny that you mentioned that article in ELLE. I was just reading the same one in ELLE U.S., and thought of you! :)

novita irene said...

hey...love your louboutin pumps. it's so classy, and I totally in love..
by the way, i love your post, you posted about your outfit, food recommendation, and other blogger. great..:DDD

Leah said...

Love all the fabulous ways you wore the scarf... I'm obsessing over your Chanel tote, the perfect size for me.

First time here on your blog. I'll be following you.

Laetitia´s Comptoir said...

Great look!

Kallie said...

i LOVE that inVESTment thing!

Juliet said...

I love scarfs! I think it's the ultimate feminine accessories!

juliet xxx

Kristin said...

That scarf is just gorgeous!

Melissa said...

The food looks yummmm!
Love how you showed all those ways of wearing that tie dye scarf/top!

Awesome blog! I will def be back!

Chasing Cherries said...

Nice outfit, love your shirt!!

Thanks for following me :) I'm following you back now!!


Ann said...

łoo.! nice photos and great outfit.

Melissa~ said...

I love that scarf so much!
love your pumps, louboutin's my god!!
great outfit.
thanks for your comment! <3

hannah said...

love the outfits and yummy food! you're such a QT!

hannah said...

love the outfits and yummy food! you're such a QT!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

awesome so many ways to wear it!!!
love the food too!
im hungry now!!

t a l i s h a said...

you update pretty often! i've followed your blog iah mich.. btw do u like chelle/mich better (random, i know). love love love your bb case/ silicon.. *i saw u holding it up there hahaha). and your room looks pretty and neat!! hahahaha.. gorgeous as ever!!

Sophie said...

Oh I love your outfit darling, The Investment is gorgeous, I love all the different ways you have worn it. And it sounds like you had a lovely day.
Thanks so much for tagging me in the post below, I will be sure to post it soon. xo

Violet said...

oh wow so many ways to use that piece too cool

the outfit is so cool my fave pic is the one of you sitting the 3rd one.

Vi from Cali

valncami said...

THAT SCARF IS SO COOL!! i love it, and the way you presented it is so adorable :) also love that necklace youre wearing in the first couple of photos!


xo, camilla

Tights Lover said...

That food looks so good!

I love your dress...you look great. And now you have me intrigued about tights off of facebook. I'm going to see if I can find out more!

Style Bird said...

Love your outfit and Valencias. Great scarf! xo ava

Phoebe Rose said...

I love how you styled the scarf! Amazing! Gorgeous louboutins too!!


all about the style said...

Lovely post again !
I like what you do whit the scarf !

Jasmine said...

Your shoes are beautiful :) and that food looks absolutely amazing mmmm!

Bug said...

Hey there!! I really like that dress montage - I WANT ONE!!!! You are adorable, and great post!


CharmaineLi said...

i love the layering of the cropped top! Very creative and chic!

Valencia Lia said...

Re:I was so tired last night,I didn't reply to your comment. ahahaha

Ohhhh I'm a Taurus,what's yours ?? heeee

And yeaaa man,Honeypot is really the place to go.I do it for free though each time as I'm like their regular model for new staff in training. So I get free waxing!

I don't quite like Strip,I mean I heard from some people its more painful than Honeypot.
And I like Honeypot stuff,they're friendly.
And the lady boss,she's the nicest!

Jacqueline said...

You look so beautiful in these photos!


Annie said...

Of course I don't mind following you back! I will do so immediately. I love that scarf so much.

Carolyn @ The Daydreamer said...

I really like that scarf, and I agree with you that Hermes scarves are amazing. They're a classic that can be used forever!

GRICIA said...

whoaaa i want those multi function scarf!!its not from cotton ink rite?coz looks like the material is different..btw dat huize restaurant's,i've often pass that rest couple times,me and bf quite curious of it..sumtimes they open and sumtimes they not..so d food is recommended ha?then i should go there one day..

dotie said...

sure no problem..
I'll link you also :)

I love your take on the scarf thing..
never knew there were so many ways to wear them..;D

Valeriesoh said...

hey darling!!!

my dad and my bf don't get along at all!!! you and Valencia are tooo cute for words.. love that investment scard action!!!

wowowoowow I am not creative enough for that.

xx val

Eva Silviana said...

hoho i really love this post! the way you wore your scraf, those're just cool! i like it :)) by the way, i just wanna know. who did take all of your pictures? i think you take a lot of pictures each days haha :))

Imogen said...

I really love what you are wearing in this post. Especially the purple dress and my favourite is definately your shoes. We are having really hot weather here too.

FashionJazz said...

Hey sweets!! I tried to comment yesterday, but I had trouble with my google : ( I am going to do your blogger award on my next post on Fri/sat I have had a deadline this week workwise, so I have been super busy!! Hope u well and I adore ur post, u look super stylish as always!!! : ) xx

Marta Represa said...

Those are really cute outfits!

Love from Paris

Megan said...

Wow, love the versatility of that scarf! The print is to die for too! And I saw New moon, it was good, although slightly more cheesey than the first, definitely reccommend it though :)

LF said...

Beautiful outfits!
You've totally made me want one!
Btw That picture on my blog is not me haha!

Rebecca said...

Hello dear,

Thank you for your comment on my blog, that was very nice of you. I follow your blog & I'm going to set up a link of your blog in my list of fashion blogs!

Love your outfit & scarf!

x Rebecca

Ashley said...

Love your rosary-esque necklace.
That restaurant looks so amazing!!


Andie said...

love that scarf. and that restaraunt looks too cute!
anddddd ofcourse ill follow your blog, followin.....nnnnnNOW


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous and delicious post, darling! Fabulous pics!
Love your shoes :)


F i K a said...

another great post from you!! love it!! both of you looks great wearing the inVESTment piece :)

I love the part of you showing some ways of wearing that piece!! great great great!!
now, I'm obviously sure that you'll gonna be a great indo fashion blogger like what we talked via bbm :p..

keep posting something great like this chelle!!

anw,,really can't wait for your giveaways!!! I hope it was a tie dye inVESTment piece..hahahaha ;p

Zarna said...

love the louboutins!

and you have fabulous hair!


yejades said...

you are wonderfull :) ... i love ya babe! :) want one? is super! :)...

atha said...

love purple !!
n so yummy :)

Toothfairy said...

I love my 2.55, but I freakin died seeing this outfit of yours... love the tote, and your CL pumps! and well... the whole outfit rocks!


Monica Priscilla Tanzil said...

ur louboutin is gorgeous. hahaha. is that rolando type? anyway, I love ur style :)