Friday, November 27, 2009

Through the Light from the Sky

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Don't ask me why i put that as the title . i just though that represents the first picture very much . I'm doing a quick post before I head out for dinner and/or movie tonight. I've been busy again lately even though im on holiday. I'm also busy prepping for the blog giveaway :)
I got out my ruffled knit sweater i got in Macau like 2 years ago . It's one of those pieces that you still love even years after purchasing it . the cut and color is very one of a kind .
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i love it when my bangs are covering my eyes.
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Sisley ruffled knit sweater, Bebe gray silk tank top, bejeweled statement necklace from Bebe, alice+olivia knit skirt jumper, Louis Vuitton cup postman bag, fringe wedges - 17th bday gift
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love this pose . my forehead is sooooooooo damn high . my grandma says its 'good luck' forehead . duno if that's true .
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i had real fun with these super close up photos angled from the top..
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my assorted jewelry . my favorite ? the cross beaded one from Valencia at Roll Up Your Sleeves. It's a necklace but i like to wear it as a 'drop charm' bracelet. I've got another cross as my earrings too :)
studded band (DIY-ed), white band (gift from Valencia too!), flower ring (mom's), ring on right hand (left: from boyfriend - i wear this one everyday ! right: mood ring - wear it everyday too)

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excuse my horrible face . this is the best photo for you to see the ruffled jacket .
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isnt that cross necklace/bracelet gorgeous ? ;)


Leah said...

You are so fab... I know how you got that title, it's the stream of light coming from the outside in the first image.

Malu said...

Wow, amazing outfit!
You're blog is really going great, isnt it?!


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C'est Laura said...

wow! great outfit!! xo

chocandcinnamon said...

Oh u have a great style, I really like that tank top ♥

Little Monarch said...

your so very cute! I work in an office block with a lot of muslims so i am the only one in the office today while the rest of them are out celebrating EID!

Sher said...

You look adorable dear, the fringed wedges and LV bag makes the outfit so special!!

Oh and you got some great stuff from Valencia! I love the cross necklace and how you wore is as a bracelet, very pretty:)

Kallie said...

so there's a lot going on in this outfit and it ALL works. wow, you should be a stylist or something!!

Style Bird said...

Great shoes..always love your pics!

Indy said...

I really love the drop neckline of that's so unusual!

GRICIA said...

michelle..loovvee those sweater..stylish and looks comfy as well..and i like "from d top" pic u had..anyway r u using tripod to took ur pics??i had trouble to took full body pic wit digicam..maybe i shud buy SLR camera..btw bout d scarf from which shop?? =)

JINX said...

Hey, Love hoped you had a blessed Holiday... from Jinx and the Evans family... God bless you...

yiqin; said...

THe necklace is way too amazing

Ayse said...

thanks for your very nice comment.
yes i items this clothes :)

of course, i follow you back :=)

loves you


devishanty said...

love the first pic, yes it really does reflect the title :D
anyway, would you like to exchange link? ;)

Juliet said...

That outfit has so many lovely details in it! You really know how to pull off a look!

juliet xxx

Cafe Fashionista said...

Love the mood ring! I thought I was the only one who still wore them - they're so kitschy and fun!

Ooh, I just bought a similar top from Charlotte Russe las night (Online) - you have given me styling inspiration! Love this post, as per usual! You always look fabulous, Michelle! :)

Panda said...

I LOVE THESE PICTURES! They are so gorgeous. This outfit is deffo one of my favorites. I LOVE LOVE IT =) Oh and thanks so much for your lovely comment, i really appreciate it!

Panda xx

LumpexoHoliczka said...

Michelle, fantastic look :D as always...

the boots and necklace are so so cute;)
ps. beautiful pfotos, you look like a model !!

Jacqueline said...

Wow michelle! I love the shoes and the sweater. Cute photos.


Ann said...

hahha. certainly for you I will do how you will give me your address number!

wonderful look.

i lov, lovv, looooov youu! your style and your blog!

secondskins said...

i love the outfit. you look so gorgeous in that one photo where you're sitting on the bed. :)

and sure, definitely. i followed you with bloglovin'!

- jen

Annie said...

I am in love with your jumper. It's so sixties London!

Nathalie said...

I love so much these shots and your fringe sandals are simply amazing.
Hope you're going to have a great week-end, I'm going to go to Toscany with my b-friend!

Ashley said...

I love the fringe detail on the wedges..amazing.

Georgie said...

Love the ruffle sweater!

Bella said...

love those wedges and the cross necklace/bracelet thing :) xxx

Cindy Whitehead said...

Great post - love your sense of style.

Following you now - let me know if you would like to foloow and exchange links (-:


Style of a Fashionista said...

I love all the detail in this outfit. Love you style xx

novita irene said...

great them all..:DD
you seems had so much fun in taking photos, wondering who took your picture.
overall, love your outfit, and can't wait for the giveaway..:))

Carolyn @ The Daydreamer said...

I love your entire outfit, but that sweater is just amazing! I realllllly like it :)

Couture Carrie said...

Really gorgeous look, darling!
Especially loving those booties!


Phyllis said...

i LOVE this outfit - you're right. that sweater is so unique... and your jewelry is sick!

yejades said...

hey.. i like your shoes... have you ever been Turkey?

Ashley said...

I kind of love your jewellery collection!!!!!

Barbro Andersen said...

WOW, girl! Just.. WOW!

Oh my, thank you so much! Wow, that's really, really nice of you :D

Clara said...

amaziing look.
i love all the pieces!

Mads said...

Love the knitted shrug! your forehead is actually very flattering because your hairstyle compliments it..=) I'm posting your tag in a few minutes..

Join my Perricone MD Giveaway!

Winnie said...

Wow you look absolutely amazing. Love that knitted skirt-dress thing!

ko0ty said...

Gorgeous as always.. love the fringe on your shoes!

Jessica said...

soooo cool!! ~~ top top ^^

la petite fashionista said...

i love that sweater dress paired with that bejeweled necklace! you look so lovely!

Urban Lullaby said...

great outfit!
you actually look like one of my asian friends :P

djhanq said...

like ur cross necklace/bracelet
very creative

just click at my name if u want to visit my blog ^^

Violet said...

i die and come back to comment because i love everything about this outfit... im saving as inspiration

Vi from Cali

Sasha Sharma said...

that outfit is adorable, especially how you accessorized it, so pretty (:

Jordan said...

Fashionista! Cute outfit!

Have a great day! :)

FIAN said...

it's the great outfit dear,,
i just love so much your fringe it like it!!
and i agree with your style to use the cross necklace for bracelet too,,
like it!
aq ppna liat ad model yg pke gt..

i just always try to do my best for my blog post,,

okaii,,i'll give you mail soon..
love,, <3

Fenny said...

ooh lu utara dimananya? gue di Pluit..oh,kul dimana?
ada, aku udah follow kamu kok, yang greenmintFenny itu aku =]
kutunggu resep bitterbalennya

CMA said...

gorgeous darling
love it
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

Yofany said...

so cute as alwayss <3

Alita Claudia said...

i love love love all the photos, your necklace is too awesome baby :D and thank you for kindly following my blog !! kissess ..

anyway, i need your help on my blog, thanks !

SweetGirl ♡ said...

I love ur wedges and accessories! :))
I love ur blog! I'm following ur blog.. :))

Valencia Lia said...


This is one of my favorite outfit of yours right now:) You look so so gorgeous and everything fits so perfectly here.

the ruffles and volume on your knit sweater,I'm so speechless as its just stunning and your bib necklace,I'm so jealous!

I remember those fringe wedges,beautiful! Awwwww,and you made me blush girl.
I'm really glad you loved the cross necklace I got you. I actually loved it myself too,might go back and get it too.

Beautiful accessories tooo ! ohhh what movie did you watch??

love you lotsssss gorgeous <3

Mel. said...

I love the tassels!

looking for some tassel boots at the moment.


cla-sib said...

gorgeous outfit.. amazing!!


Nerdic.. said...

Cute jewellery!
X, fashion-nerdic.

janettaylor said...

Lovely sweater, darling Michelle...

and yes, yes I'm following Ur blog...

Have a lovely weekend, my dear!

lorenabr said...

Love the knit ;)

F i K a said...

owww..I just realized that I don't give any comment yet to this post..I thought I already commented on this post yesterday :(

those jumper is really really great michelle!! I love it..great outfit!!
those accessorizes are great!! :D
and your shoes,,I think it's quite long since the last time you wore it..if I'm not mistaken, you wore it when you were went to bali..I remembered that you were not confident enough with the fringe shoes :D..but,it's a great shoes chelle..just wear it more often ;)..

and this is a reply of your comment in my blog ;): itu kmrn chelle nntn new moonnya..klo yg 6 jam 1 menit itu hr ini pas nntn 2012..hahaha
don't worry, we will meet asap :D..hihihi

yeaaaah,,yesterday is a super super hot, it's no way I can wear the blazer all the time..hahaha

thankss for your wish to my aunt :)'s a very nice of you dear..

Tori said...

Love those shoes! =)

Vanity- The Chic-Geek said...

Oeehhh i really like ur outfit (L)Especially the jumper skirt, i think i'm in love with it :P hahaha j0king.
Hehehe thQ for ur comment :$ Yeah drawing people isn't always easy... i find it difficult myself!
You've got a new folower <3
Hugs, Vanity

Raez said...

so pretty:) loving the photos and fringey shoes:)

xx raez

un petit lapin said...

Every single piece of this outfit is amaaazing! I especially love the SHOES.

Kristiana V said...

Wooooow, amazing outfit! love everything, especially the accessories and shoes!;)

flashingfashionx said...

The outfit so cute! LOVE IT

I would really appreciate if you visit my site and consider becoming a follower.

miss_vogue said...

i love your jewelry!

Mamushka Marie said...

this is perfection lady! the collar on your dress is sooo cool, and your cardi, those sleeves are amazing!

christina said...

adorable necklace! I'm absolutely in love with it!

Melissa~ said...

great outfit!
Love your t-shirt!
thanks for your comment.

Kristin said...

Love the whole look. I'm especially diggin' the sweater!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

OH MY GOSH. I absoluetly love this post - the photos and the outfit is so amazing. I LOVE IT. And I can't get over that sweater - the shape is so fantabulous :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Walk The Sand said...

Love the wedges and vest.

Valencia Lia said...

Re:Ohhhhh,do email me your wishlist soon. Got to go shopping for gifts very very soon now:)

And on what you said on the blogging experience,yeahhhh! Its so amazing yea? I didn't expect any of this and even though I started not long ago,so many people and new friends I've made:) Meeting up would be totally awesome as well<3

I need to do my wishlist up on the blog soon tooo.
And do the one photo an hour post tooo! Always much fun. and yeahhh,we're both people who wakes up early. My family and friends are just the opposite! heee

big hugsssss

Serg Riva said...

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Chelle said...

Hey, check out my blog, you've been tagged. :)

bisou-joue said...

i love your outfit ! those big sleeves are great as you wear them ! and your accessoirizes are perfection ( love your shoes ) !!

Crystal said...

AH the sweater! I once saw something similar and to this day still regret not buying it! This post definitely reminds me of that regret. Also love the detailing on the shirt.

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

Love the outfit esp the necklace. Would love to have one of those shoes! I love fringes.

Emilia said...

i love the whole outfit, the skirt jumper is amazing :D

freyja björk said...

amazing ! :D

Dane said...

Those wedges are so pretty, love the first photo!

J'aime said...

Like many, I love what your wearing in this post. The overly studded items, and the shoes of course. Nice fringing.
Great :D


michelle_ said...

thanks for all of the comments peeps :) have replied to all of ur blogs !

Rosa said...

I love your outfits!!! you have a super nice blog !!



monica w said...

freakin adore your outfit!!!!

Arwa said...

I really love your blog..
You should come and see my blog..

Thank you..

P.S: I'm one of your fans..;D