Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reminiscenes Before Blogger .

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I thought that I'd share you some of my older photos today . I didn't have the right mood to edit all of the photos I took of yesterday's outfit . So i think it's better to save that for a better time :)

The photos below are some of my favorites taken waaayyyy before I started blogging. As you can tell, I have always been camera-friendly :)
All taken using Sony DSC T-100 pocket camera. unless otherwise stated :)
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this is my absolute favorite . I didnt even intend to make the results end up like that . It was an 'happy mistake' as my GCSE art teacher would say it.
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i miss my old wavy hair .
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another favorite !
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that's the title of my favorite song during that moment..
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i love the black and white very much :D
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with my dog Hugo when I just bought him :) isnt he cuteee ? taken from Mac Photo Booth..
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Taken by my old mobile phone (Nokia N73 - first 3.2MP phone camera)

Remember those days when people had their versions of the 'See, Hear, and Speak No Evil' photos ? Well, here's my version :D
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BEFORE EDITING (Raw image straight from the camera)
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Say hellow to my old camera :) *cheese*


Valencia Lia said...

Loved loved all these old photos !! Your hair then and now looks so beautiful too:D

The 2nd photo is a favorite of mine too,and so cool it turned out so perfectly without any editing.

And Hugo looked so adorable too when he was love the mini heart necklace you're wearing in most photos too,where did you get it from?

I do miss my old camera now,I've sold it away to someone awhile back.So now its left with my Nikon D60 which I adore so much.

big hugsssss <3 <3 I guess I may dig up my old photos too !

F i K a said...

Those are great photos!! You look so beatiful my dear michelle :D..

Anw,what a great post..different from mainstream fashion blog but still got really great wonder now you are such a great fashion blogger :)..


Pretty pics, the black & white are the best.

Chasing Cherries said...

Nice pictures!! Can't even choose a favorite.. they're all so gorgeous!! :)

devishanty said...

lovely pic!
u look so different on the pic wearing sunglasses, is that really u?

onic said...

you are really beautifull :D:D

Kallie said...

cutest puppy ever!

Leah said...

I am a camera whore too. Hahaha! Love these images. I especially like the b/w shots and that sepia shot where you look so mischievous.

Jacqueline said...

Loved all the old shots. You look beautiful. I love the photo of Hugo when he was a puppy! awww.


Diane said...

Love your dog! He's so fluffy and cute ! Anyway, the nicest picture is the first one. It's just very interesting. :)


indigotangerine said...

that first picture is fantastic!Happy accident indeed!

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

Love these photos pretty!!!

vinh! said...

These look p awesome. Makes me wanna break out my cameras.

Indy said...

You are soooo photogenic! Great pics, girl!

Oh, and your puppy is totally adorable!

Taylor Sterling said...

so cute! You are darling!

LumpexoHoliczka said...

Michelle,you are so so beautiful girl!!

the pic are so so sweet

viou said...

the first pix is sooo beautiful !

Juliet said...

Those pics are wonderful! That puppy is so cute!

juliet xxx

Laura @ effluvia said...

Your pictures turn out really nice :) I like your self portraits.

Bella said...

How nostalgic :) I love the black and white one! xxx

iheartvintagex said...

Aww love all the photos! :) x

Violet said...

i love the photos my favorite is the see/hear/speak great editing... ahh how i wish i had my cam cam lol

cant wait for your outfit pictures

Vi from Cali

Nathalie said...

Very fast visit to your blog: I'm soon going to bed, had a LONG day!
Hope you've had a great week-end! good night!

Lissa said...

You are so gorgeous, dear :]
And I love your header; it is so creative!

E said...

What stunning shots! i love how these turned out!

Phyllis said...

these are gorgeous photos michelle! i love the camera phone one especially

Claradevi said...

You're such a doll michelle!
Somehow I love the nostalgic feelings I got from seeing those photos - you're really good on the editing process... And how pretty you are on every shots!
It's been awhile since I visit your blog, due to you-know-what-my0sucks-routines, but I find it always amusing to be here. Wish we're living in the same town so things will be easier for us to a meet-up... But anyhow, I'll just send you big big big hugs meanwhile! Take care there always!


Mads said...

Love the sepia print pic with the wispy hair the most! I too have a lot of self taken pics. Once a camhore, forever a camwhore haha.. Not it's nicer because we can share our camwhore craziness to everyone through our blogs..=)Hugo's adorable!

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Fashion Chalet said...

You're so cute. LOove your images!!

Your comment was so beautiful, thank you. Wish I could meet you too.


Cindy Whitehead said...

Your pictures are gorgeous. and your puppy is so cute. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

Absolutely will follow you too! (-:

Nubiasnonsense said...

Awesome pics, Your pup is sooooo cute omg.. Love the wavy hair

agathaversatileavenue said...

ur doggggggggg is so adoreable!!

The F Word Online said...

cute photos ! I'm loving the outfits. It's always nice to find inspiration from one asian girl to another.


June Paski said...

sorry for reply late ur comments
Im bit bussy with uni stuff >.<

love ur photos, Im always adore to people who can do self portrait, cuz I can't do it, I more like people take a photos for me :)


lorenabr said...

Cool pictures and i love the black n white.I follow you already just have a look at the pink flower:)

djhanq said...

sure, follow you already

Carrie said...

All these pictures of you are so lovely and fabulous, Michelle. I esp like the last one. You sure know how to pose for the camera and the dress is beautiful on you :) Hope you had a good weekend.

P.S. Feel free to follow my blog as I am following yours, thanks :)

Fenny said...

anjingnya lucuuu banget XD
iya, gue tinggal di Pluit deket gereja Stella Maris di deket Pantai Mutiara dimana?

Imogen said...

Great pictures. I especially love the first one because its so dreamy and mysterious. In response to your last comment, my heart pillow is from Ikea! I bought it a few years ago but they are still selling them now. I like it there too, such a fun place. I live in Australia.

Little Monarch said...

your puppy is adorable. and yep im following you now :-)

Yofany said...

hello :)
can u join the ugg boots giveaways comp? just click at the icon on my blog(just in case you want)-thanks before.


FashionJazz said...

Wow, ur pics are amazing my dear!! I added you on CHictopia, welcome : ) Your puppy is sooo cute!! Hope u well hun and have a stuning day! : ) xx

Ann said...

you are lovely. marvellous photographs! what for the smile! what by the mouth!:D
you have of sweet doggy. (^^)
tomorrow I will write you email!

xoxo. :*

Style Bird said...

Beautiful!! I love these...also love the dress you are wearing.

Treacle said...

Oh my gosh...I know you must hear this all the time, but you're so pretty! Thanks for sharing those great photos. :-)

Merlyn Macella said...

your dog is cutee <333