Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Print Me Up !

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Woot! Finally I managed to smidge in a blog post today! I’ve got three outfits that I owe to you guys. Don’t think I have time to post all of them though. Well I can post everything, but I don’t have time to edit and choose the photos I like the most. So I’m just going to post one today. And I’ll try to post in more later (which I think is on Friday).

Firstly, would like to thank all of you readers. Many have commented or tweet me that they’re waiting for me to blog again. It’s really sweet that you all are saying this to me. Really motivates me to keep blogging despite these busy schedule. Cheers to this blog post for you all !
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Hat from Rumah Mode outlet, asymmetrical printed dress from online shop, unbranded black tights, Pedder Red jelly flats, Hermes bag
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I was inspired by many bloggers who were in the winter weather. So when I saw the cloudy weather right when I woke up, I decided to pull off a sorta-wintry look then :) Of course, the outfit was not too hot to wear, but at least many of my body parts were covered and I used a snuggly fur hat because I simply love the winter bunny effect. Hehehe..
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And I’d also like to thank Uniqua from The World is My Runway for this beautiful blogger award. It really is a great feeling to get these awards. As usual, the rules are...
1) thank & link the award giver
2) nominate 7 other bloggers
3) post 7 things interesting about you

So here comes the seven more facts about me.. I’m kinda confused on what topic to go for here.. I think I’ll just do “SEVEN MUST HAVES IN A GIRL’S CLOSET”
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1) A Chanel classic bag. I think everybody should really have this. The piece is staple in the past and in the years to come. It goes well for casual and for formal. What better bag can you splurge on?
2) A pair of great fitting jeans. Best to keep with classic styles like skinnies or boot-cut. Invest in a good one, wear it forever.
3) Plain white shirt. If you ask me, I prefer it in long sleeve. They look more polished than the short sleeved ones. Wear them with pretty much anything all year. They’re so great for pilling up accessories.
4) A pair of black pumps. From patent leather to velvet to leather, there’s the perfect one for everyone is all sorts of heights. They always make every look polished and chic.
5) And the cliché for this list : LITTLE BLACK DRESS. Oh yes, this has been in millions of must haves, but I do still agree that you can never go wrong with the perfect LBDs.
6) A good fitting blazer. Fit is everything is this piece. Spend some extra cash on a branded one and you’ll definitely wear this in the future. Get one in a shape that is young but still professional. That way you can wear it for work/interviews or even throw it over your dresses for a final touch.
7) Lastly, invest in a metal timeless watch. This season we love men’s size watches. I always wear my watch I got form my boyfriend for my 17th birthday. Get one in whatever size or shape you like. This really does work for ALL kinds of events. Bonus: helps you keep on time ;)

I would like to tag the award to Fashion Jazz, Addicted, HoneyBunny in Wonderland, Marley & Me, The Wardrobeland, Ribbony Boo, and In Bug's Drawers.

You all have something I couldn't resist in your blogs ! always excited to see these people post something up :D

And I’ve also been featured in Chicisimo three times in total. One of them is my DIY shredded tee edition :D thanks Maria ! She also dropped by my blog and commented by the way :D
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gotta get back to work now.. will do all the comment replies after exams finish :D please bear with the time . i will definately reply all of ur comments and follow you back if you follow me :)


Candy Kawaii Lover said...
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Candy Kawaii Lover said...
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Candy Kawaii Lover said...
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Candy Kawaii Lover said...
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Candy Kawaii Lover said...
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Candy Kawaii Lover said...
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Candy Kawaii Lover said...
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Valencia Lia said...

Woooohoooo ~

Yayyyy a blog post up!! heeee

Love love this winter inspired look you have here. That beret is really beautiful and it does look very comfy to wear.

And that top you're wearing,just peefect! I love all the magazine covers on that(hope I didn't get that wrong)
Is that Audrey Hepburn I see there too ?

Wowww,beautiful bubblegum like heels!

Congrats on your features and blog award too!

Beautiful collage of 7things a girl should have:D
I have everything now except the classic Chanel bag! It would take me awhile to save for that one. heeee and a good watch.

Not someone who loves to wear watches.I love to see the time from my mobile phone instead.

All the best for your exams again! And also telling you I love you girl ! oops ! heeee big hugsss

Style Bird said...

I love your beret! Congrats on the award and chicisimo! xo ava

GRICIA said...

hei..could u please reply my msg to my email at gricia.effendi@feminagroup.com,i would like to invites u to a party with other fashion blogger..thanks!

onic said...

you looking gorgeous. as always :]
love the beret!
and i just follow your tweeter.

Nathalie said...

I do also need a watch like that, maybe for Christmas!

Sher said...

Oh, what a lovely beret you have there! Berets are my weakness:)

Congrats on the feature!! I love your seven must haves, the only thing missing for me is the chanel bag boohoo!

janettaylor said...

Lovely jelly shoes, my dear! U are so beautiful on these photos. :-)


Indy said...

The print on that shirt is lovely! Love the color of the shoes, too!

devishanty said...

love the shoes!
thanks for sharing the must haves!

valncami said...

Love your shirt and beret! You look adorable as always:)
Congratulations on your award!


Amy said...

Lovin' this outfit from head to toe- including your lovely bag! You look so adorable and congratulations on being featured on Chicisimo!



LumpexoHoliczka said...

Girl, you look fantasic! as always:D
I love the boots and bag!
so nice...:D


Malu said...

Aww, great top!
Love the blog hun:D


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Megan said...

Love your wintry look, the hat is so cute and the top makes such a good statement! Your list of staples are so true as well! You have great style :)

kpeach said...

love the outfit post and your picks xo

Delmy said...

Love your gray fuzzy hat!

Jacqueline said...

wow, the hat is so so cute. I am in love with it. Your jelly flats are also adorable. I love this look. One of my favorites!



Tights Lover said...

Congrats on the blog award! I love your outfit...great hat!

Jasmine said...

I love your top and your bag!
I've added you to my blog roll and am following :)


Agree, I want this classic Chanel purse !

Bunnie said...

Congrats to you for being featured so many times! I checked out FabSugar's look of the day and made one post there. I don't have outfits to post... or nice pictures of outfits! But yooouuu doooo!


Riley said...

Love the beret!
It looks so cute on you.

Miss Red said...

love the print on the dress! so cool! and the bag and shoes are both really cute.

Phyllis said...

love the hat. such a fun outfit. good luck on your exams!!

Teresia Mega Oktafianti said...

hei dear!

great post as usual..
and congratz for the award again...

good luck for everything..

Fitri said...

as always love ur outfit,dear :)
congratz on the feature!

u-ung said...

thx for the award given to me...I'll publish it soon..hehhehe

Velo said...

i love ur hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you look so adorable, gurl..
XD bener2 suka... hehe.
great winter style.
thankie yaa award nya... =)

Melissa~ said...

Love your dress and handbag.
And the paperwall on your wall is amazing!!
cool blog!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

i want everyghing your wearing here, the top is so fun!!!

Juliet said...

Congrats for the features! I really envy that bag! It is gorgeous!

juliet xxx

t a l i s h a said...

thank you for the award dear.. love that hat! :)

lancelonie said...

You're a pretty cool fashionable girl!

Say hello to your new Blogger and Twitter follower! :)

Bella said...

congratulations! I love your jelly flats :) xxx

E said...

I love your big bag with this look! How fun! And congrats on your feature!

Valencia Lia said...

re:Ahhhh,you're so so adorable girl!! You went to see my very 1st post. ahahaha

I'm using a Nikon D60 now and I'm loving it so much! Its a entry level DSLR but its good enough for me now:)
What camera do you use ?

And I really can't wait for your package to reach you,I really hope its safe and gets to you soon.
Jkt has dead grass ?? Is it really ? ahahaa

And my recent headband,yeaaa ! I love love it so so much tooo:) Do you want me to ask the person to make one for you too? She's the only one I order my chains work from.
Any idea I have I just email her with photos and she does it exactly! The headpiece is the 3rd item I've ordered from her. heeee

Ohhhhh,do try the headpiece tooo. I know you'll rock it out so well!

And yeaa,I realized my nails kinda blended in with my blazer. ahahaha

Have you tried the OPI nail colors yet ? They really don't chip as fast.

big hugsssssss

Arielle said...

love you blog!


hannah elizabeth said...

that hat is so rad!


Michelle Yue said...

I love your top! :)

Alita Claudia said...

nice dress !!

lavender summer said...

I love your hair! The bangs is awesom.
And grat top.

Fenny said...

love your beret <3
anyway, gue setuju banget 2012 itu just movie..and just for fun..

Valeriesoh said...

hey darling.....

thanks for the award............

love youuuuuuuu

back to work!! :)

Sushi said...

Love your beret and congrats on being featured! x Sushi

Couture Carrie said...

Wow, darling M!
What a fabulous post!
First, I love your outfit, especially the hat!
Second, congrats on your award and features!!



Hi, this is crazy here! lol
now following you on twitter too! :)


Imogen said...

Cute top and I love your shoes. They are a lovely splash of colour.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Chicismo should just start featuring you everyday - your style is too good to resist. Congratulations on the award, darling! Loving the seven must-haves you selected. Reminds me that I need to find the perfect blazer ASAP!

Loving your asymmetrical printed dress - reminds me of a newspaper (something I am incapable of resisting!).

By the way, I'm following you on Twitter - follow me @Cafe Fashionista!

yejades said...

oww... i like yor shoes... :):) so sweety.. i wanna it :)

Andie said...

congrats on the award :)
that tunic is too cute! lovin the outfit :)


Taylor Sterling said...

love the outfit girl! You look adorable!

Sophie said...

Love this outfit, The dress is amazing and oh my goodness I love your shoes! Congratulations on your award darling you deserve it! Loved reading your 7 things a girl must have, I have to say I agree with them. I could not live without my watch! xo

Christina said...

such a cute outfit!
i love the shirt, where did you get it?

Winnie said...

I love so many things about this outfit. Your printed top...your shoes! Love it all!

Maria said...

how much does the bag cost? do you have a classic chanel yourself? :]

Nubiasnonsense said...

I love your tee its awesome.

Congrats for your award and Maria over a Chicisimo is awesome

(always)alanna said...

great beret- love it!
and love the "must haves"- i totally agree girl!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i love your must-have list...it really is right on the mark! i love that blazer!

beckyxoxo said...

hi dear ! what a great outfit ! totally love the dress and the hat is so cute ! love love . :D congrats for the award and chicisimo that's so cool ! good luck for all everything you're busy with :)

oh and yup i'm 14 ! how old are you ? haha . d jubilee school ne grade 10 hehe . ahh i love sushi ! i will try them some time soon . hihi . yess maybe we can get some sushi together ! haha .

Wynne Prasetyo said...

nah, i go to uph, first year law student. which school do you go to?
yeah we really should, not in these time around though, i've been keeping my head above the water adjusting with my new tight schedule ):
nah i don't know her, but i'd surely love to (:

Teresia Mega Oktafianti said...

your welcome dear :)
thank you so much to the exchanged link dear

just wait for your post.. :)
visit my blog,,i have new post dear

djhanq said...

mine to exchange link
btw, love your hat


djhanq said...
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Fenny said...
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Adri said...

I totally agree on your must haves..they are the basics and you can just dress your outfit up by layering & accessorizing.


Your outfit is adorable

Fenny said...

heloww =]
gue tag lu yah di color tag :)

Pop Champagne said...

congrats on being featured! I love the top you're wearing in these pics. heehee I just bought my New Moon ticket for tomorrow, I can't wait, hope you enjoy the movie as well! :D

bryna said...

great outfit!

Ann said...

i lov your style!

monica w said...

love the outfit!

ur hair is perfect