Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It Ain't That Blue of a Day

If you're following my tweets (follow me if you haven't) then you'll notice that I'm very happy today ! some may know why and those who don't, I'll let you know later on during the month :D

I had quite a good day despite the lack of sleep I had. There was another power cut-off at around 12midnight (right the time i was about to doze off). If you haven't noticed, Jakarta is one of those cities where you can't sleep without Aircon or you'll sweat. Well, that's kinda what happened with me last night. I couldn't sleep because I was sweating -_-"

Here's what I wore today . I'm doing the denim-on-denim thing here . I've heard that it's a big no no but with the right combination of denims, the look can actually be amazing . I hope that I get this denim on denim thing correctly **cross-fingers**
Unbranded acid wash denim jacket, U2 black tank, Cotton.Ink scarf, Armani Exchange DIY distressed miniskirt, Forever21 bangle, random rings, Zara Ankle Boots, Rayban Wayfarers
my face was being camera-friendly today . :D
i love doing these slideshows on Adobe ImageReady ! they take up less space :)
face close-ups here . took the pictures in a total dark room to get the "flash effect".
I LOVE MY COTTON.INK SCARF VERY MUCH ! THE GRAY SHADE WITH THE NAVY THREAD IS SUCH A PERFECT FOR ME ! the brand also carries other uber-cool scarves in juicy colors . check their website out on http://www.cottonink.blogspot.com

As promised on the last post, I'll be posting on how I wear this "inVESTment piece" daily . here's the second issue of it worn as a triangle scarf.


Valencia Lia said...
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Valencia Lia said...

the denim on denim is really beautiful and you pulled it off so well :)
The jacket is huge love!

And I know what you're so happy about! Really so proud and happy for you!!!

Yea,I can't sleep without aircon here too if not I'll just dieeee.

Beautiful remix again of the new scarf you got <3

Jacqueline said...

you are definitely pulling off the denim on denim thing! Great job =) xoxo


Teresia Mega Oktafianti said...

miss you dear..
n i just missing some of your post,,:(
love your post always..
the blue jacket is great!

and hei,,congratulation for you,,because be the winner for fashion tag of the month from Gogirl! yaa..

visit my blog,, :)


Ann said...

very, very nice outfit darling !

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous, darling!
Love your jacket!


Keith said...

Great photos. You look fantastic. I really like your blog. This is my first time here. Cheers!

Nathalie said...

You're always amazing even with simple looks like this!

LumpexoHoliczka said...

your looks are so so so oryginal and beautiful, always!! You know, I love your styles. The jacket is great...


Taylor Sterling said...

nice look. So chic on you!

Isquisofrenia Style said...

i love love the denim on denim and those booties are so awesome.
ive been looking for one of those , you look great!!

E said...

I love the mix of grays in this look and how you draped the scarf in the last picture!

Tights Lover said...

Love that skirt. You look fab!

ko0ty said...

You look fabulous! Love the scarf as well!

Maria Confer said...

Love how you pulled off your denim on denim look!!


miss jordan. said...

J'adore your jacket! :)

all about the style said...

Love the denim outfit !

Dinda Puspita Sari said...

just found ur blog and i really love it! great style, great writings. :D :D :D

Teresia Mega Oktafianti said...

hei you are the winner dear,,
congratzz ya,, :)

devishanty said...

cool! and congrats for winning!

u-ung said...

nice style!!!love those ankle boots and your washed jacket!!!great!!

jay said...

i don't like it. i've never seen denim on denim done well. not even on hot supermodels/actresses/fashionistas.

but i really like the top part of the outfit though. :) it'll look awesome with a high waist tulip skirt, anything else just not another denim piece.


Annie Spandex said...

I'm crazy about your jacket and booties!

Lilee said...

i am loving the acid wash jacketttt!!!

the answer to your question, "just curious, why did u kick agyness off the list ? hehe ." is because she doesn't appear on runways as often as she used to like a year ago and yeah... i just don't see her in magazines and on the net as much so yeah... i'll always still love her though!


Eva Silviana said...

Wew michelle, you dress up nicely everyday! It seems that you are a very stylish person :)) i love your style!

Yofany said...

really lovely! love it! =D

Timeless Fashion... said...

I like your Gucci bag :)

Carrie said...
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Carrie said...

I hate not being able to sleep because of the heat. I hope you get the aircon fixed soon. - I think you did a great job with the denim on denim look. I really like your jacket and your booties are so nice.

I don't really have a secret to my skin care. I was hardly wearing any makeup in those pictures because I knew it would wash off. I use mineral make-up as a foundation, so that helps. I wash my face immediately after I come home, instead of waiting until night time. And I drink lots of water. I break out as well, so my skin isn't always nice. I hope this information helps.

vicen said...

Amazing blog, very soon look10.

onic said...

haha i know right! power out is the worse thing happened. but too bad it happened for many times lately. sigh. i was asleep when the power was out and woke up cause the room suddenly getting hotter. i tho we have heater, instead of air cond haha enough personal rambling ;]
you looking fabolous! maybe we should meep up someday ;]

indigotangerine said...

cool scarf! paired with the acid wash and glasses this look is very rock and roll

CMA said...

LOVE the first look darling
i dont ever wear jean skirts, but you definitely rocked it!
love it!
thanks for sharing
and thanks for the sweet comments

check out my blog @

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Isquisofrenia Style said...

yes, she looks really cool ha!

Cafe Fashionista said...

That acid wash denim jacket is truly the epitome of fabulous!

Sorry that you were unable to get much sleep. Where I live in Southern California, in the summer it reaches over 100*, and if you don't have air conditioning on, you just feel like you're going to die as you attempt to go to sleep in a sweat bath. Hopefully the weather cools down for you! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Love the double denim, darling ~ you look fabulous!


Juliet said...

I can't believe it's that hot anywhere! We just had snow and even though it's gone now temperature is still around freezing!

juliet xxx

Pop Champagne said...

first of all, CONGRATS ON GETTING FEATURED ON FAB SUGAR!!! And I love that first picture of you, that can be an editorial piece right there "the funky 'I don't give a damn' street wear look" :D I'm totally envious of your Gucci purse!

I agree that all barbies should be priced around the same LOL! But I guess some have more gadget than others... but they shouldn't be 2X the difference!

Phyllis said...

Looking hot!! Love the acid washed denim, esp with the ankle boots!

Tori said...

Love the first outfit. Denim on denim is the best. haha. =D

Sophie said...

Nice outfit, I think you have got the denim on denim right for sure!Love the jacket and those shoes! Your hair looks lovely in these photos as well.xo

Girl Next Blog said...

You're soo cute!

And I love the scarf!


Uniqua said...

Love the outfit,once again :)

Thanks for the sweet comment, but I'm okay now :) I had to start collecting all of my pictures again and I got alot of pictures of me and my friends back from my friends.. It really was horrible when it happend, but it's okay now :) I've got most of my inspiration folder pictures back too :))

Bunnie said...

cool!!! how'd you get on fabsugar?? That's awesome! :)

I love your accessories in this look.

BTW, eyelashes. I've got those short Asian ones too. I'm wearing false lashes in my picture! They do wonders. :)


Valencia Lia said...

Re:Yeaaa,I do wear such outfits to work everyday! heeee

Even though I work as a receptionist(office work),I'm lucky I get to wear what I want still! No uniforms or attire restriction:) heeee

And I love that freedom of choice. So far,all my different office jobs I worked before.
I dress like that tooo. So far didn't get fired because of what I wore. LOL

Ohhhh,and on your previous commenting not appearing,I think I actually got it. heee <3

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Laura said...

absolutely love the triangle scarf!! x


Hi, thanks for the comment, your post just woke me up.. Lol
Check out my blog, I may take you to the next Paris Fashion Week ;)

@ MaisonChaplin.blogspot.com

Valeriesoh said...

yay!!! for photogenic days!!! love it... love how you look!!

Urban Lullaby said...

Really cute, i love the scarf :]

check out my blog?

Kallie said...

the inVestment piece is awesome

[v.Ni] said...

i love your scarfs =)))
and i love your style

Patty Ann said...

so cute, i love the shoes
and the closeup pics
are really really cute!!!
love the glasses


Style Bird said...

Love your outfit..love your jacket and I love all the pics.

ani said...

i love the pictures of this blog so much. you are really beautiful.
check out my new blog.