Friday, October 2, 2009

Working on a Friday .

Yeah ! first week of mid-term nightmares is over ~ i rewarded myself with quality foods today (turkey panini, 2 cups of fro-yos, lottss of chocolate -mars bars!-, cold stone ice cream cake, pork satay, and bakmi goreng).. But i need to get back to studying for next week's mid terms tests.. this also means that I might be on a hiatus next week . :'(

today we had 'interviews' and presentations for 2 subjects so we all had to dress up office-style! thank god both of the mid-term evaluations went quite well .
Here's my and my bestie partner in crime wearing office wear.. Love that candid picture on the left taken by Kanty.

what I'm wearing: Raoul shirt, modified pencil skirt, sheer stockings, Zara heels, Hermes bag.

Some additional pictures of my pals .
just realized that we're all wearing gray and black . why is that so ? is it the effect of these dark and depressing days?

ohhh last but not least, one of my treats:
A Turkey Panini completed with Cranberry Sauce ! mhhhhmpphhhm .. soo good !


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

Hi! Thank You for your sweet comment, and we've already linked you :) You and your friends are looking great and stylish :) and haha that turkey panini makes me hungry !!

Valencia Lia said...

I love love your office wear with the pop if red on your shoesss !! Lookng so beautiful as always. heeee

Black gray whit combination is always fun and you can never go wrong with thos choices. And you got a Hermes bag ?! Ahhh,so so envious of you. I'll nver be able to buy something like that.

And the last photo got me drooling :))

yiqin; said...

Awesome red bag & food <3

valonia irene said...

hey love your outfit!
by the way you've got an award from me.please check my blog if u don't mind ok?

F i K a said...

the red shoes just brighten up your day :D..hehe

black, white, and grey are the most favourite color for office attire I think..that's why most of you wore that color :D..hehe

lilylove said...
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lilylove said...

So you know the label FHL? Didn't know that it's kinda famous already. Nice skirt you got there :)
and to be honest, I love garden party bag more more more than birkin!

Nicci said...

awesome shots you have there. looks like fun!

Vicki said...

hi there!! sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Love your blog and id be happy to exchange links :)
adding you now!
much love, xx

michelle_ said...

thanks for the comment peeps :)
will reply soon after examination period is over !
I'll keep you guys posted .