Sunday, October 11, 2009

Word Graffiti

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So I went blog walking today and came across La Petite Fashionista . She had this wordle application that allows making a word collage. It's kinda cute . you guys should try it ! give me a link to ur blog if you make one and I'll surely visit your site !

I'll be making another outfit blog post tonight ! stay tuned :D
gotta jet off to granny's house for dinner first..


Nathalie said...

I'll try to do one myself!
Have a nice Sunday.

devishanty said...

I tried it but it's not working :(
anyway, love your blog and your style..

Carrie said...

This is pretty cool. What are the words made up of?

Sophie said...

This looks so cool. I love your new blog header by the way. Its so cute and looks like it would have been a lot of fun to make! xo

FashionJazz said...

Hi there : )
Thank you so much for all the really sweet comments u made on my blog, it was such a nice surprise! Of course we can exchange links, urs is already done : ) Luv ur style too and its always so nice finding different blogs to follow and meeting new people. Hope u have a lovely weekend!



Girl With The Bow Tie said...

"Blog Walking" - I love that term! And I love your outfit, a few posts down - fantastic tights!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Of course I'll exchange links!

yiqin; said...

Super cool!

Claradevi said...

Kewl. I should go out and try making one :)
Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog. It's been always nice to have a boyfriend who can help me with the photos, indeed! But I've broke up with him (I wrote about it in one of my post! scroll down and see the 'bleak road intersection' post.. oh well) and lately I take my own photos by using my forever friend, Mr.Tripod :) It's also fun though, to try on some tripod shoots!

Jacqueline said...


Thanks for visiting my blog! I will add you to my blog roll too. Your blog looks pretty neat. Thanks for all the sweet comments =)